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[ whether you know her or not, there's a loli looking horrified when she spots you.

Possibly because she can't seem to shut herself up. ]

T-there's something I've been hiding from you for a very long time and I actually wasn't going to say anything and I don't really want to say it, but I do, and so this is the one big secret I haven't told too many p--

[ ... This is followed by her clapping her own hands over her mouth. ]

((So who wants to find out that Amu's a magical girl :D))
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Ikutooooooooooooooooooo! Hey!! It's been days already, this isn't funny!! This... this isn't...

Did he really go home...? Then it's just three of us in the church again-- unless he really is hiding, but even he wouldn't keep this up for this long, right?

Ah, my feet hurt. My head, too...

((One tired and sick loli has just stumbled in your vicinity and looks about ready to drop. She's been looking for Ikuto for a few days now.))
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Isn't this kind of crazy to even do in the first place...? It's not like they'll get it.

... Right, maybe I should just draw something on it for Ami. She's not old enough to read. Let's see...

Stupid island, if it hadn't done that-- wah, don't shake, I'm sorry--!

((found a postcard with her family on the front with LOLOL WISH YOU WERE HERE, courtesy of the island and she's homesick. :( And writing them a letter just because))
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[ should you enter the church, you will see a broom propped in a corner, a dirty rag on one of the benches, and a pink-haired loli currently engrossed in whacking her fingers with a hammer more than the confessional she's trying to fix. ]

Let Bishop-san fix it...? Like any of the adults ever come back here-- aaah, that was a close one! And who does he think it was who even put holes in the church first place?? If you break something, you should fix-- OW!


I'm not good at this at all.
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[ After play announcements and dealing with the island as usual, one loli is trotting back to the church with her script in hand ]

I can't just say I won't do it, even if I didn't sign up for it or anything like that, so I'll just have to give it my best shot. I don't think I have a lot of lines, anyw-- why'd it get dark all of a sudden?

[ wait, why is the ground shaking. wait, where did the sun go. WAIT, WHAT IS THIS HUGE COLOSSAL THING WITH A BEARD LOOMING OVER ME. CLEARLY there is only one thing to do. Other than run like hell. ]


((yeah, guess who just met Barba.))
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[ Just when you think you haven't seen weirder-- One Chii is mounted upon Flay's shoulders, and gesturing to the pink-haired loli handcuffed to Flay's other arm. ]

So high from up here! Chii can see really far!

... Amu! Sit on Chii's shoulders so Amu can see from up high too!

[ ooc; Chii and Amu are both handcuffed to Flay ): I assume they shall be tagging separately as well! ]
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I-it's not scary, it's not scary, it's not scary, it's not--

If I stay here, they'll find me. M-Mama and Papa are probably looking real hard, so I have to...

I wanna go home.

((Chibi chibi Amu has been here since yesterday and is currently scared to death and huddled under a tree. Have fun with that.))
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H-hey, Kukai? Does the church seem... kind of creepy to you? It wasn't so bad when Bishop-san and the others were here, but now that it's just us, it's... Not that I'm scared or anything, it's just at night I thought I saw--

... Is someone there?

((Demonic churches can only be ignored for so long. So Amu's been hearing noises and seeing the occasional thing out of the corner of her eye, and she's pretty jumpy. Do you make it worse or help her out?))
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Why... can't I do anything? If they were here, could I actually do something??


Is it over yet?

((Teary/upset loli ahooooy.))
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I-I didn't think I'd be wearing something like this for a really long time. And Papa said not ever, if he had a say in it. It looks like I'm not the only one missing my shoe, either. Miki wouldn't be too happy about that if she was here.

But this clue is a little... "You won't have to stand on your toes for him"?

Somehow... I'm getting a bad feeling about this.
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I don't know where these came from, but sparkling...? That can't be normal. And what's with this tag?

"Happy White Day"...

.... Eeeeeeeeeh?! It's already--?!

((Happy White Day! And yes, Amu has a bag of sparkling cookies. Totally safe to eat, but will make you sparkle like a magical girl for the rest of the day. :|b))
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You've got to be kidding. It's really been a year? A whole year that I've been stuck here?? It's a good thing time doesn't pass, or Mama and Papa would probably still be worrying, and Ami... well, that's also a good thing that she isn't here, I guess.

I didn't need the cake, though. Or this outfit. Especially this outfit.

((Giant cake that reads "Happy First Year of Captivity!" and stuck in this. Yes, the wings are real. Yes, Amu is not happy. Yes, you can drag her into your Masquerades today.))
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Another lock?

... Locket. I guess it's pretty much the same thing, anyway. And it's sort of pretty, so--

Wait a minute, does that mean I'm stuck for this event, too?! Ugh, this means anything could happen--!! At least this one doesn't glow...

((Yeeaaah just got her locket.))
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This is kind of a weird way to get it... couldn't the wind have just blown it to someone else instead of me? This was lucky. And whoever sent this is a lot better at making paper airplanes than I am. Miki'd be impressed.

So this is who I'm supposed to be giving a gift to?


... Seriously???

((Yaaaaay got her Secret Santa note /o/))
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Ahahaha~ You should really stop trying to hide them, that's just making it even more obvious, you know. They're actually pretty cute if you ask me-- ow, that doesn't mean you can hit me!


Since there's so many animals around, maybe you can go find some cats to hang out with? It'll be fu-- ow. No kicking either.

[DOUBLE NEKOMIMI POST with Amu and Ikuto. Both will be tagging!!]
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I don't care what anyone else says, there's no way I'm going in that place again. Ever again.

T-that was awful...

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Maybe if I start bathing early, it won't get so crowded the next time... geez, it's a pain.

But I can think about that later. Right now, I-- .... huh? Who put a banner up? Is there some kind of--


What?!? It's not my-- is it?! I mean, I remember I was here for Valentines Day, and a lot of time passed, but I must've lost track or-- anyway, it's not a big deal, but I should take this down before anyone notices.

... How do I get this thing down?

((Giant banner hanging from the church all HAPPY BIRTHDAY, AMU. Enjoy your flustered birthday girl.))
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What's with this thing? There shouldn't be anything it's reacting to, so why is it--

Ow... this has definitely gotten annoying now. Stop glowing already! Was it always this blinding??

((Amu's pretty shiny Humpty Lock has decided to cause epilepsy, and is now flashing all sorts of colors like in a bad Magical Girl transformation sequence oops.))
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That cover... no way, it can't be, but.... wait, that's my dad's handwriting.

... What is this doing here, of all things?? If it's still got all of the pictures... geez, it does. I didn't really smile that much, did I? But ugh, that dress...

There's a bunch of pictures of Ami, too-- wasn't this the time when she went through that fairy phase?-- and the entire family, and... the Guardians.

... I guess it wouldn't hurt to flip through it. It's been awhile.

((Sitting on the church steps with a giant photo album filled with tons of pictures, since Amu's parents are total fags for their kids... and miiiight be a little homesick.))
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*if you go out in the woods today you're in for a big surprise!

There you will find one(1) Hinamori Amu tied to a large tree, while one(1) giant bear wielding a sword looms over her! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to calm, defeat, or otherwise distract the Flay inna bear suit from his lolinapping!*


((Protip: The loli can talk to/yell at people, but saving her requires FlayBear removal. ))


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