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[Katara can be seen near the inn, with what appears to be a lemur aka Momo. She's feeding him some fruit.]

You're really hungry today, aren't you? It's weird, I haven't seen that many people around. I guess nothing's happening for once.

I think Appa's cuter than you.

[Now Katara can be seen chasing after a rather insulted looking lemur, while yelling apologies after him.]
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[There are two things that one might notice. The first is Katara, obviously. The second is what she's sitting on the trunk of: A rather banged up car that people who know Edgeworth might recognize.]

So we're entertaining guests again, I take it? I wonder if anyone from back home is here-- well, I guess I should be happy that I got to at least see Ryoji again.

Okay then! If any newcomers want a tour of the island, I'll be happy to give you one. We can walk or we can take the car, it's your choice.

[ooc: Protip she's a bad driver. COME TO ME JET AVATAR PEOPLE or anyone else really.]
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[Outside, there is a girl that is sitting on a TV. Or at least, what's left of a TV-- it obviously has seen much better days.

And so has she.]

Just wait until I get my hands on that dirty, lying...
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[Near the inn, there is a girl sitting in one red car. Both her hands are planted firmly on the wheel, and she seems to be concentrating on something very intently.]


... ...

Why isn't it moving?

[... it ran out of gas. ):]
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This is the same one from last time, isn't it? The inside looks kind of different though-- ah, well. I doubt anyone is crazy enough to go back in after before.

... unless they weren't here then, and went in without knowing.

Well, I guess a quick look wouldn't hurt.

[she was staring into the haunted house through a window, and is about to go in 'A']
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... I don't see what everyone else is complaining about, do you? Then again, not everyone lucked out like I did, so.

Hey Katara, can anyone in your world do chainbending?

[ ooc; Katara and Ryoji cuffpost! They will be tagging separately I assume \o\ ]
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Of all the people who could have showed up it had to be her! Oh, why not just kidnap Fire Lord Ozai too! And then invite Combustion Man for kicks, but why stop there? While we're at it the island should bring Zhao along for the ride. Because we can never have enough of him. I mean, it doesn't even have to bring Aang or Toph or one of them! I'd be okay with like... like Haru!

... deep breaths, Katara. Deep breaths.

Hey, guys? I was wondering, but is there anyone from your world who you would rather not be brought here for whatever reason?
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... ... well, if that event wasn't a giant waste of time and energy then I don't know what is. At least it wasn't, "drain all of the spring water and throw it into the ocean!" or something stupid like that.

Well, we should enjoy ourselves now, shouldn't we?

[HOT SPRING POST. Please spam away, etc. etc. and threadhop. \o/]
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[If you're near the beach, you may notice that there are geysers popping up in a small area of the ocean. If you're on the beach, you may also notice A LOT of fish flying out of the sky from the geysers towards the sand. And possibly towards you.]

I may have overdid it a little. I hope Ruby doesn't mind fish for lunch.

... and dinner. Maybe breakfast.
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Whoa, the water really does go down by itself! Oh, it's spilling out of the bowl.
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Why are you still out here? You do know that the bell has already rung, right? Aren't you worried about your education?! If everyone is always late then no one is going to learn anything! You should be more considerate of the time all the teachers spend on us in order to make us better people. Do you even care?

... Hey, you over there! Get away from those stairs, the roof does not belong to you.

[Have one Katara. Have one Katara yelling at you for being late to class. Nag, Katara, nag.]
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... this is kind of fun. I guess this is another one of those things from Ryoji's world, huh?

[how do you tweeter ;A;]
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So it's a new year now? That didn't seem as flashy as that whole Christmas holiday... I was just starting to get the hang of it too. I think that I'm going to miss the snow though, it really filled me up with hope!

... I mean, reminded me of home. Aha, that was strange. I wonder why I would say that-- because it doesn't even begin to describe how much hope is in my heart and soul right now!!

... what?

[Yaaaay mood swings \o/ So Katara will be going from two extremes: Talking about how much HOPE she has and how she LOVES the world and HOPE!!!11... to be extremely angry and bitchy yay eating strange food. :Db]
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Hmmm, so you pick a color... green, I guess. G-r-e-e-n. Now... four. F-o-u-r. Okay, and it says to pick another number so, six? Alright and it says--

"Don't eat bananas today or else you will have bad luck for an entire week."

What?! That's ridiculous! That was my breakfast! Aha, I guess Sokka was really right about this whole fortune thing. There's no way any of it is real.

... ... y-e-l-l-o-w.

[She's playing with a little paper fortune teller. The fortunes change every time you do it. XO]
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. . .

Is there a doctor here? I think I may be sick.

[Can't see blue lol]
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...Lucky that they left the keys in here, huh? Now then, you wanted to try first, right~? Remember, it's a lot different than driving a...what was it? Bison?

--Wait, you should probably take it a little slower, Katara-san~ This is your first time driving so we should probably try to be safe and get this car back in one piec--...

That's the wrong way!! We're headed for the cli--HIT THE BREAK, HIT THE BREAK! THE OTHER PEDAL!

[ooc; SO. Ryoji and Katara have uh...stole borrowed without asking Edgey's car for some...driving lessons? Only Katara isn't a very good driver and they're trying really hard not to die. Post order = Your character/Katara/Ryoji. Try not to get run over ;w;//]
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Looks like I missed a festival. I guess there's always next time... if there's a next time, anyway. This place is pretty big too I swear that car was missing when I went back to see it the other day.

... Although I think it might take awhile to get used to no one knowing what Waterbending is. I wonder if this is what Aang feels like when people find out he's an Airbender?

-- oh, sorry! Did you get wet?

[Practicing her bending yay and uh sorry if she splashed anyone on accident.]
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This doesn't seem like the Fire Nation, but...

Um, excuse me. But has anyone seen a few people? A little blind girl, a guy with a ponytail who tells really bad jokes, a bald boy, a guy who scowls a lot, and a relatively normal looking girl?

... If you've spotted any large patches of fur lying around, that'd help too. We're from the colonies.


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