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Attention everyone, newcomers and old inhabitants alike! The prosecution is ready to rock, and we are going to make sure that the defendant knows what's coming at him.

-- That's he's got bad hair.

What does the defense have to say about that?

Oi, oi. It can't be helped if I've got a ridiculous perm like this. I'm not bad, I'm just drawn that way. Sorachi is the one you should pointing the fingers at, not me! And in my defense, the only crime here is the prosecution's sense of fashion. This guy's so metro, he could set a freakin' iceberg on fire.

A man with dead eyes like yours has no room to give criticism. I happen to like metrosexual individuals...when they are not singing rock music.

The audience is not allowed to talk anymore.

Hold on a second, I prefer blue!

((ISLAND COURT. Everyone can be a witness and make things worse!! YAY. Klavier | Gintoki | Zura. WHERE ARE MY LAWYERS, also where are you Gintama trolls *_*?!

ETA: ... TOO MUCH INTELLECTUAL CONVERSATIONS IN THIS POST. I am going to have to stop tagging for now, feeling really tired! ;w;))
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[you may be having a nice walk, and you suddenly hear a very loud "AAAH!!!"]

Achtung! What is all this?! Case number: 95-04-42190. Prosecutor Gavin, you are-- This is proposterous.

-- and this? A bill?! Why would I be paying something this much-- it's addressed to Sakata Gintoki! And this is a test paper... Who would score a 4 out of 60?!

What is with all these envelopes and papers?! I am not the mailman on this Island, and I definitely am not someone who should be mounted on by a pile of mail!

[aka GET YOUR MAIL. threadhop and stuff!]
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[you may see a Klavier pacing about the front of the mansion carrying a book!]

Should I go in and return it, or not? Burning it never did any good since it seems to be indestructible. Just leaving it somewhere would do no good as someone else could get horrible things out of it. Ach, I don't know what to do...
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[If you are at the beach, you may notice a strange sight]

ahahahaha~ahahahahahah~ )

[Do you a)ridicule, b)ridicule, or c)ridicule?]

[OOC: Yui and Klavier will be tagging seperatelyyy]
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[there is a man by the inn with an electric guitar in hand! said electric guitar happens to be connected to a coconut-made amplifier]

This probably won't be too loud, so I don't think I'll be receiving any complaints.

((original, for the curious ;A;))
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It's been a while since we last spent quality time together, ja? I guess now's the time to have some catching up and-- [you may hear a loud thud outside the inn, and then a manly scream of someone drowning, and then the sound of papers being crumpled. you may also see a Klavier half-buried in a pile of envelopes and some open letters]

"Dear Mr. Gavin ♥♥♥ I am so sad about The Gavinners being disbanded but OMG inside this envelope is my sock PLEASE SIGN IT AND SEND IT BACK TO ME THANK YOU YOU ARE SO HOT ♥♥♥ I love you♥♥♥"

Fan mail in this kind of place-- achtung! All these papers will put scratches on my hog!
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[So. In Cabin 22, a glimmerous fop took over the bathroom and pretty much was inside it for about an hour or so. Steam is coming out of the door as he exits!

Said glimmerous fop is also wearing these pjs.]

I swear, if anyone says a word about these pajamas...
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[BOY, IT SURE IS A WONDERFUL DAY only not since there is a big billboard which everyone can see near the inn now]

... I'm not sure if I should be amused or sit down and cry.

[bedtime! tag back later/tomorrow. night!]
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What kind of celebration is this?! I don't even know what we are celebrating, because I sehr know that today isn't my birthday.

If it's anyone's birthday out there, please feel free to enjoy it with this cake.

[nothing says happy anniversary on the island like a homo cake!]
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Does anyone know how to style hair? For some reason, no matter how much I curl my hair and style it, it just goes back to normal. Quite annoying, if I do say so myself. Never has this happened to me... I actually feel betrayed by my own hair.

All right-- even a pony tail would do! I just need something to keep my hair neat and tidy.

[Derp, his hair is down and flowingedingly OAO! Feel free to toy with his hair -A-

EDIT: Going to school! I'll tag back when I get home.]
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What kind of sick joke is this, Island?! This is absolutely not funny. AT ALL. Just because I was busy writing the perfect song this Christmas for some person and missed the deadline doesn't mean I need to be punished! This isn't a good way to celebrate the last day of the year either.

That said, achtung! Reiichirou Shiba, where are you? I intend to give you-- rather, present to you my present despite the irregularities of my physical appearance. I would advice that you would not laugh, unless you want a punch in the face to be your belated Christmas present. Anyone else who laughs will also be tied to my ride and will be dragged all across the island.

And thankfully this book is back, and will probably narrate what will happen to me the rest of the day.

[two things:
- Klavier is wearing this little number why :(((((
- He is currently holding a thick hard-bound book. It's basically a book that has text and if you read it aloud, what you say will happen in real life. OR SOMETHING. I hope that made sense -A- Anyway, uh, the text only shows like two to four sentences at a time so you have to keep on reading to get to the end. 8Db]
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Just out of curiosity, ja? If you were given three people as choices, who would you buff, marry and kill?

[Told you I'd do it :| Also threadhopping = WILL KEEP THE POST GOING! Give the people choices okay XO]
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I'd like to call the attention of whoever can create a stage. A stage for performing, ja? The bigger, the better. The more classy it is, the better. Of course, if you're interested, I can't really give you any monetary payment for your work as money actually has no use here.

If there's anyone who can fix up some lighting for the stage and add some special effects like what you can see in a normal rock concert, I would totally appreciate that.

We're gonna rock this island.

((Off to school! Will tag back later/tomorrow.))
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So much for my first case. Herr Attorney Wright doesn't seem to be up for a fight right now, and that'd be real boring if I just won in a snap.

And for some reason, I'm here on this island again. It's pretty early for Halloween too. Aha ha, oh well. Guess time passes... real strangely in this place. And I should probably just get to work. I wouldn't want the ladies to get bored by listening to other people's music.

Rebuilt from old wounds
A dry wind blows through the aching Neo Edo
The magistrate of evil: The Evil Magistrate
Go! Go! Until my life ends
I strike to kill him with the wrath of justice
Suddenly, it's the hero, the Steel Samurai! Fly High!

... Pretty good for the first verse, ja? The Steel Samurai crew'd be hyped up for the Gavinners performing their theme.

[lol fountain of youth'd yet again, and young Klavier is composing a song! ALSO. EVERYONE DOWNLOAD THIS. Why Klavier, why.

Alternatively, you can listen to the whole song here. Er. Only it's in Japanese.]
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I'm... so annoyed, yet so amused at the same time by this, that I can't really scream or be mad. Aha ha ha! Very funny, Island.


Hn, what do you have here? Just the classics, huh? Chopin, Beethoven, Mozart. You could've at least added some rock, ja?

((Klavier's "G" pendant thingy in his chain necklace turned into a PIANO. So. Uh. Lol. Only it's on the ground and the chain thingy is long enough for both the piano and Klavier to be standing! BASICALLY, THE PIANO IS CHAINED AROUND HIS NECK OKAY. Also he call still walk but not very far. The pendant will become normal again if someone plays some GOOD piano ToT//

BED TIME. Will tag back later!))
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What the hell is this all about?!

((SO YOU KNOW THOSE ACTION FIGURES? YES. There's a bunch of Klavier and Apollo action figures near where Klavier is. They look like this, by the way (credit to whoever made that shoop). ANYWAY. Said action figures say "ACHTUNG, BABY!" and "GOTCHA!" respectively at very random times.))
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... Well, isn't this interesting! Aha ha ha, I have no idea what this is all about, or what it's for, but it's there!

Herr Wright, Herr Forehead, your faces are funny as always.

((SMALL PICTURE IS SMALL BECAUSE GD IT CAPCOM WHERE IS THE BIGGER RESOLUTION XOOOOO anyway derp that's a poster... that is posted all around the island :D! only... it doesn't have any text. it's just.. that :V!! ACE ATTORNEY CAST, WHERE YOU AT?!))
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♫♩♩♪♪♬ ♬♪♩♫♪ ♫♩♩♪♪♬ ♬♫♪♩♪ ♩♩♪♩♪


[... HAVE A VERY BORED KLAVIER. He's using a sound mixer and is listening to a random The Gavinners song :D First part (the one with a lot of colours) is the whole song as a whole?!?! With all the instruments...! Second one is just lead guitars aka Klavier and all that wtf)
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Aha, right. So, has anyone seen a guy who looks like me, only taller and wears glasses? He's usually seen painting his nails, though I haven't seen him around at all lately. Any feedback regarding the whole missing person is much appreciated. Danke~.

Also, I'm running out of things to do here in this place. Anyone want to jam?

((Oops time for some serious schooling :D be back later))


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