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[Out on a table there is tea. Lots of cups and lots of tea. The smell should be therapeutic after those long days of trying to recover from HORRIBLE memories. Or you've just had a tired day on island and would like to relax with a hot cup of Earl Grey or Assam.]


Who here feels like they've gone insane? Surprisingly? After three years, I still feel rather at ease.

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Or IS IT? Shinku is kneeling in front of it feeding it some carrot sticks that randomly appeared nearby. Shut up, it happens.]

So it IS alive.
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Well, I've had it in mind to try this out before, but haven't gotten around to it. Now that the last few days distraction is over...


... This is a bit more difficult than I thought.

Ahem. Can somebody teach me how to bake?
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[What's worse than being stuck on an island? Being stuck on an island while it's raining and caught in the rain. AND being a doll stuck in the rain on an island. Have a doll under a tree while the rain pours down ]

Perhaps I should have invested in having someone make me an umbrella. It's unfortunate I haven't taken the time to think about the various weather changes.

I can't just wait either though. The rain hasn't stopped at all.
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[If you listen hard enough, there is the sound of a tinkling music box playing out in the open and you'll see a thoughtful loli sitting next to it and pondering by herself.]

If you could be anywhere else other than this island with anyone of your choice, where and who would they be?

... It's been a while since I've yearned for my world.
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[Your local doll is not clothed in her usual dress-- Instead they are hanging to dry and she is just making herself comfortable in a nice big sweater.]

I do wish my clothes would dry faster. And I also wish that spring would come sooner. Ah, that's a tad too much wishing especially if you've been living on this island for a long while.

In any case, I'm rather bored.

Destiny Pier

Someone rearrange this anagram into the word it originally was. Perhaps I'll even consider giving out a prize of some sort.
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[You're enjoying your mostly pleasant day on island: the monkeys aren't bothering you, the weather is beautiful, and everything is peachy keen.

...until a very un-lady like screech echoes across the island]

Shinku, I know we're friends and all, but this is NOT how I wanted to freakin' get to know you better!


Goddammit, I thought being stuck in Hiei was bad, but WHAT THE HELL?! Is the island paying me back in some messed up karmic form for making fun of his height or something?!

Yusuke, I--

And how the FUCK do you move in these ruffles, I swear, wearing a tablecloth would be ten times easier than wearing this excuse of an outfit! And don't even get me STARTED on this thing on your head!

Yusuke, for goodness sake, let me speak for a moment. It is of utmost importance if we are to endure our current situation.

Yeah? I'm not sure if I can stay CALM about being in YOUR body for Christ's... This feels so damn CREEPY. Anyways, what's so important?

As long as you're in my body... Don't ruin my hair.

. . . . . . . . . .

[ooc: Shinku and Yusuke are bodyswitch'ed! Both will be tagging separately, laugh, pity, stare whatever. EDIT: Yusuke-mun is out for tonight, Shinku will still be tagging]
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[There is a little doll with her laptop opened up in front of her and she is staring at the screen intently. Even if you take one step past her, she will notice and say...]

Silence. KunKun is speaking.

Although it seems as if that episode has ended. It's a shame most of these episodes take place on a mysterious island, but I digress. It's not as if the Island would give me the original content, but if it's KunKun, it's good enough for me. The mysteries are still quite clever.

Time to watch the next one.

[Watching Detective KunKun episodes Island Edition on IslandTube. Bother, watch with her, laugh at her obsession idk.]
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Well. Certainly, this isn't the first time the island performed this particular trick. I'm sure earlier on, something like this occurred to me, but the outfit is rather new. Goodness, the hem is at an ungodly length.

Hm. I don't suppose I'll be able to sleep in my box tonight. This will have to be remedied somehow.

[ooc: Island transformed Shinku into a human temporarily!]
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[You know there is something amiss when you see your local doll having her regular teatime, but barely sipping her tea and just staring at this super-ultra-delicious strawberry cake without the slightest look of temptation or hunger towards. In fact, she looks rather emo.]

She did stay here for a long time didn't she? And in that time I'm sure Hina Ichigo enjoyed herself. It's the experience that counts. Too bad today's tea snack was this strawberry cake.

... The house will seem emptier than before.
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Hm... I'm not quite sure if this object will be particularly useful. Considering transportation is no trouble for myself at all, I might as well get rid of this. But if this is from the island it could come with repercussions should I choose to do so.

I never did care much for automobiles. Well... I suppose Hina Ichigo can try to operate it. The colors, garishly vivid as they are might suit her tastes.

[BARBIE JEEP YEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Parked in front of the doll house and it can be driven around if you are tiny enough. Also runs on coconut booze for the lulz.]
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[If you happen to be passing by the doll house, a strange sight is occurring which includes a bunch of stuffed animals outside sitting against the wall and a very huffy Rozen Maiden lecturing them.]

I am severely disappointed in all of you. Do you even realize the weight of your failure? Sure, you are allowed to relax every once and a while. The weight of my troubles has considerably lightened since my first year here. But I do NOT, whatsoever tolerate slacking on the job. All of you shall be keeping watch outside tonight whether you like it or not. I don't want to see any strange persons sneaking past the doorway and ruining my afternoon tea.

Where on earth is Suiseiseki? And is it just me, or didn't she disappear around this time of year last time?
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[Your local doll is enjoying a lovely classic of the Disney variety while snacking on popcorn and of course... Tea. And if you just so happen to pass by the movie she's watching...]

Ah. So THAT's what the witch is supposed to look like. )

Hm. It seems that I have run out of tea. Oh, well. It seems that the movie is getting much more interesting...
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Undoubtedly, it has been very silent for the past four days. You think something out of place would be occurring just right about now. But one must enjoy the peace and quiet while it lasts. I am appreciating it myself.


Hm. It's been two years already hasn't it? These roses are way overdue however. The minutes off is quite a large margin.

[ooc: Uh, yeah late second anniversary on Island for Shinku and she's sitting on top of a pile of pure red roses]
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... I had that dream again. It's been awhile now. I've been able to sleep quite peacefully in the past year, but... How long will all of this last I wonder? I've gotten much too used to the pace of this island. Laughable really. I thought I would not be able to stand it any longer, but I've adjusted well enough surprisingly.

... Maybe too much.
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I do wonder. I do wonder about this whole situation. I cannot imagine anyone who is so perverse as to take the time to steal a lady's undergarments. And not just ONE individual female-- No, many of us ladies have apparently been affected by this... Phenomenon.

If anyone could kindly assist me in searching for my own pair of undergarments, the help would be very appreciated. It's the only pair I have. Also, if I happen to find any males that are in possession of the latter mentioned, you'd best keep your mouth SHUT.

[Lost her underclothing, it's her only set asld;kfja so Shinku's v. pissed X0]
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Nn. This is ridiculous. The level of discomfort I am experiencing right now... Nnnnn. I was quite sure that consuming the candy from that week should have been safe, but perhaps I have overestimated my ability to handle the amount I ate. Still, it was nice to have such treats, but I digress.

... There's still so much too. What on earth made me collect so much?

If anyone feels up to it, get rid of these sweets for me.

[ooc: She ate too much candy from the pinata event and still has a large pile of it about her height left. And covering herself with a blanket like in icon cause sob, she really does feel unwell.]
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First toys, ducklings, and now Nori. Suiseiseki, Hina Ichigo, I do hope you have explained the basic fundamentals of this Island to her. And I am concerned about her housing as well. We certainly cannot fit a human in our particular lodgings.

... Why couldn't he have come with her I wonder? Such a useless boy he is.

As for you ladies-- I would not mind allowing you to stay a bit longer. Your situation however does concern me. Perhaps if you were not so... Conspicuous in your appearance, you would have a better chance of leading less promiscuous lives. For the moment however, you may stay here with my sisters and I, but expect to work to earn your right here.

[ooc: Hina Ichigo brought home some of those blow up dolls from the mall event and now Shinku is seated with them around the table. What, blow up dolls have feelings too :( EDIT: Brb dinner]
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Could... Could it be?! A true limited edition stuffed figure with a genuine pipe and complete with a red satin bowtie....!!



... Oh. Oh dear. I seem to have gotten myself into a quite the predicament... This has not happened in a while.

((Shinku is canonly obsessed with KunKun a puppet detective show. So, saw a plush of KunKun, rigged a extremely super obvious trap and is now sitting in a metal cage that is hung from a tree branch, clinging to said plush 8D;))

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[[One shounen retard + Loli doll jailbait= sitting back to back, just chillin out and maxin, relaxin all-... Yeah, you get it.]]

Just so you know, you were all acting like morons.

Yeah, yeah, tell me something I haven't heard a million times today.

You've seem to have had a busy week.

That's the understatement to beat all understatements, dolly. Busy doesn't even describe HALF of it.

Sit up straight Yusuke.

You don't even have a spine! Does it really matter?

((Threads will go Yusuke-Shinku- You~))


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