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[One distraught Rozen Maiden will be running and screaming around the island like crazy! Searching for her artificial spirit, that is, which she can no longer summon. Normally a magical doll like herself would just float around but the power loss is making it impossible. She may bumping into things -- namely trees, bushes, man-made buildings... even you.]

Sui Dream! Where are you?! I can't find you anywhere ~ desu! Gaaah, this is terrible! Oh, so terrible! It's tragic enough that I can no longer communicate with my precious garden plants, but how will they be fed properly and open their leaves happily if I don't have my watering can?!

-- Sui Dream!


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[If you stumble upon the haunted house level, you will notice a Rozen Maiden holding out her watering can in front of her. What made her shiver in fear, no matter how much she wants to hide it?

Why it's one of these!]

Gaaah, there are so many of them... but I made these creatures go away already! Why must they come back?! Be gone, you poofy ghosts with ugly teeth ~ desu! Y-You don't scare me at all, oh no... s-so there!
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Attention, humans! I require your immediate assistance at once ~ desu! This is very important and you should make yourselves useful to me. Now then--! I need your eyes to solve this dilemma of mine, so pay close attention.

[You will see the Rozen Maiden taking a nearby wooden stick and drawing something on the sand. This is the figure.]

It's a rabbit ~ desu. A cute, fluffy bunny with a small tail -- NOT A DUCK! I don't see a duck but a nearby daisy tells me that it's such a creature. But clearly you see whiskers and ears ~ desu! I don't understand how anyone couldn't see it's truly a rabbit!

This makes absolutely no sense ~ desu!

(OOC: Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the wonders of optical illusion!)
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[Just a couple of feet away from the dollhouse is one Rozen Maiden with a basket of flowers and Pocky sticks. Right in front of her is a tiny cross with the words "RIP" in semi-readable text stuck in the ground. Unbeknownst to her, the person she's giving the candy and flowers to is very much alive...]

... Such a silly human. You should've been careful! Someone like you isn't the type to be taken down so easily. I... honestly expected something better from you; I must say that I'm disappointed. But for now, you need to rest peacefully and calmly. Shinku and I believe you deserve it.

So here, please accept my delicious tokens. Being the sweet tooth that you are, I'm sure you'll have no problem with them ~ desu.

Even though you are a complete nuisance and always irritating with not saying my name properly at all, and you have a really tiny brain and stupid hair, you... you aren't such a bad human after all ~ desu.
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[Just as the islanders are experiencing false horrors in this day, so is this horrified Rozen Maiden. In fact, she's face to face with none other than her old enemy, only a lot bigger than the last time she saw it]

W-why are you here again?! I told you not to return ~ desu! I told you...! My words were specifically clear!

... No, no, NO! Stay back! Stay back, I say! I did absolutely nothing to deserve having my hand bitten again ~ desu! Please don't get near me! Go bother someone else instead-- wait a minute, why are you getting bigger?!

[cue the unusual loud roar coming from the plush crocodile's mouth]


(OOC: According to Rozen Maiden canon, the Truth Crocodile is a plush that bites the hand out of anyone that tells a lie. Said plush is one of Suiseiseki's fears.)
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[ there is a small ruckus going on in the forest. Two small and very adorable dolls are... experiencing difficulties. ]


((Suiseiseki and Hina Ichigo will be tagging separately. o/))
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Ohohohoho~! I've returned from a long, long journey ~ desu! Actually I was back a few days earlier and few humans saw me already but who cares about the details?

Look what I found. Isn't it glorious? )

Shinku! Puny Ichigo! Come back here and see this at once ~ desu! And give me lots and lots of hugs because I deserve each and every one of them. ♥

(OOC: Suiseiseki found a beanstalk that was growing ichigo daifuku and decorated with top hats. Plant not up to scale since it's actually the size of an average tree.)
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Solve (sin(2a)).x2 - 2.x.(sin(a)+cos(a)) +2 =0

The range of (x2+ 1) is [1, infty] .
Let the arctan function act on that range.
Then, the set of all images is [pi/4, pi/2 ] . The range of f(x) = [pi/4, pi/2 ].

-- Eeeeeehh?! What is this gibberish I'm seeing before my eyes?! This doesn't make any sense at all ~ desu! This story of, umm... "calculus" is really confusing. It's even worse than that "aaahl-jee-brah" book the puny midget owns back at home!

Humans, this is why you don't mix numbers and letters like that. They should remain as separate as possible ~ desu!

What is "pi" supposed to be anyway? Pie? I see no delicious pies in this book! Hmph, how disappointing. The next triangle book should be better than this!

(OOC: Have a Suiseiseki randomly flipping through some math books. 'A')
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Hmhmhm~. If I make something for that human, then perhaps he can pay more attention to me ~ desu. We can hang out and do all sorts of fun things together! Not thinking that we have to, of course. Only because I'm bored! Yes, that must be it. No doubt about it ~ desu!

... Since when have I been thinking these silly thoughts of mine? This makes no sense at all!

Ahem. A friend of mine requires immediate assistance ~ desu! She needs to give something really nice to a fr-- um, an acquaintance of hers, and being the loving friend that I am, I'm willing to help out.

Now, it's up to you to give me all the best ideas for an appropriate gift! No stupid nonsense allowed ~ desu!
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W-What is THAT doing here?! No one asked you to be near me, and I certainly don't want you around! I didn't even do anything wrong or unacceptable this week-- or ever! Oooooh, the terrible memories...! So do me a huge favor and go away ~ desu!


(OOC: Suiseiseki's keeping a huge distance between herself and the plush-- which is the size of an actual crocodile; it even moves around like one too! Careful because it may bite you on a moment's notice.)
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Heeeh, the song is really cute, and I can see myself in it ~ desu! There should be much more of me and less of the others, though. Why are Suigintou and Barasuishou in it?! I don't recognize the other one at all... either way, THEY NEED TO GET OUT! And that puny human is this, too... not that I want him to be there at all, really! Not in the least!

... This TV looks weird. For one thing, it has too many buttons! How do I know which ones to press? Gah--! That arrow just moved funny ~ desu! Why is it doing that?? And the square is so smooth and shiny... perhaps if I move it that way-- ah, it moved again!

Ugh, stop doing that! I want to play with my locket some more, but not when this is playing again ~ desu!

(OOC: Suiseiseki's fooling around with the bootleg laptop, which only plays YouTube videos. Needless to say, she's clueless as to how it works. This is also a locket post. :B Feel free to have your characters watch the videos with her, or find their own.)
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Ohohohohoho~! As they say, t'is the season to be jolly ~ desu! For your sake (but mostly mine, of course), I had better not see any depressing faces on any of you silly humans. Nothing will ruin this day, not even those meddling mistletoe ~ desu! Whatever happened back then shouldn't have happened to me....!

I suppose I should say this to all of you, so you better be grateful that I'm such a gracious doll ~ desu. Ahem, here it goes...


Have a Happy Holidays! ... Hmph, now where are my presents?!

(OOC: Suiseiseki's X-mas outfit GET. Just a short warning, though: tags may be slow due to my unstable wireless. DX EDIT: Time to go to sleep; I'll tag back tomorrow!)
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[It is a fine day on Island. The birds are chirping, the sky is a crystal blue, the grass is growing a darker shade of green, the sand is warm and Suiseiseki is bored as hell.

There are traps to be had! Like that one huge hole covered in leaves so it can be hidden, for example. Cliché, huh? Well, not everything is what it seems, for there are hidden holes to fall and/or trip into! And that leafpit may not have a hole at all! Who knows? But other traps exist besides those, and with items like water buckets and nets, the possibilities are endless.

As for the tiny culprit herself...]


(OOC: Suiseiseki is being a mischievous, conniving little bitch, so she'll be hiding quietly in several bushes like a ninja orchestrating her plans. Traps include nets, hidden holes, bootleg cages, unyuu tied to a fishing string, KunKun plush held hostage, whatever the hell Desu can come up with. As for the doll, she won't make an appearance in this post since lol she's hiding... unless it's to laugh at you if you get caught in her traps. Or spray you with water, whichever comes first. :B Or finally come out of the bushes if you successfully pass her traps without getting caught.)
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Ahahahahahaha! This is the most brilliant day ever ~ desu! I wish this happened every single time! To think my dreams have finally come true -- a dream of endless amounts of sweets... ALL FOR MY EYES ONLY. But oh, everyone is welcome to bask in the glory of the smell, the color, the texture, the taste of the treasure known as candy ~ desu!

Heee~. Come, my loyal steed, let's spread the joy and happiness around this island! CANDY FOR EVERYONE ~ DESU!


(OOC: See Suiseiseki. See Suiseiseki be under the influence of the happy drugs candy. See Suiseiseki happily ride on Horstachio as she throws candy around like confetti. Go Suiseiseki go. :|b)
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Come along, my darlings. I want everyone to feast their eyes upon your individual and group beauty ~ desu! You should all be grateful that I made you extra cute for all the masses.

Ah--! What are you doing?? Please don't be so shy! If it's because I didn't decorate you, then please accept my apologies. I promise I'll find an extra ribbon for you only ~ desu. Hehehe, I still have one of Shinku's ribbons and Puny Ichigo's bows. Hopefully, they won't notice ~ desu. I'm borrowing for a little while!

Kyaaaaaa~! So beautiful ~ desu!

Ehh?? S-Stop that! My hair is NOT decoration! ... T-that tickles ~ desu!

(OOC: Suiseiseki's bringing along her chick entourage to show off after Yusuke gave four of them away to her last month. Fourth chick wasn't featured 'cause it's hiding under Desu's hair. :B EDIT: Will be going to sleep now. Expect tags tomorrow! Back~)
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While I've been keeping myself away from you silly humans, I was being extra productive ~ desu. Hopefully, nothing too exciting happened while I was away. Heeeeh, it's not like I'm missing anything great ~ desu. Oh, well. No, I didn't get lost ~ desu! Why are you asking me this ridiculous question?!

Ahem. I, Suiseiseki, am here to present my masterpiece! It's right behind me as you can clearly see. I've been working really really REALLY hard, so I had better see looks of awe and happiness to your faces ~ desu... or else!

Even a simple "Suiseiseki, you're so talented!" would be nice~

(OOC: Ta-da! Presenting Suiseiseki's rose garden. House not included, obviously.)


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