Jun. 4th, 2009

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Snazzy, eh Island? Enough wedding bells, missing slippers and shoes and all the frilly crap to kill a guy. Well, I'm not gonna let you get me down, it's time I show you what I'm made of.

... "Every rose has its thorns. This one just has far too many for it's own good." Laaaame. Roses are stupid anyway, nothing says wedding like wild onion weeds~ That fresh onion smell, makes everything better, yes? Speaking of onions, I should find some, my vegetable store is running low. By the way, Island~ When I asked for my laboratory that's on Pekopon, I didn't mean a 1/25 scale model of it. I don't care if I missed my third "Islandversary" or whatever, I want the real thing! I guess I'll just give this to Taichou if I ever see him again.

((wedding post that doubles as his belated three year island birthday something or other?))

Arcana XIII

Jun. 4th, 2009 03:05 pm
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Is this theme day based on Cinderella...?

Mmm. Is anyone missing a shoe? I definitely don't fit this size. I don't fully understand my clue, either... It reminds me of something out of a puzzle book, more than a clue to help me with this... Don't these kind of things usually spell out a phrase?
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No doubt the island has reserved today for another one of its sporadic antics, though I must admit, I'm not particularly excited about the obvious wedding theme. Marriage is hardly something to take lightly, much less make a mockery of in such a flippant manner. However, given our current location, this disregard of propriety fails to surprise me.

At the very least, I could have been granted a complete outfit. It's very difficult to walk when you only have one shoe to wear.

((I hate you all. And he's in a tux and not a dress, gd it.))
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I-I didn't think I'd be wearing something like this for a really long time. And Papa said not ever, if he had a say in it. It looks like I'm not the only one missing my shoe, either. Miki wouldn't be too happy about that if she was here.

But this clue is a little... "You won't have to stand on your toes for him"?

Somehow... I'm getting a bad feeling about this.
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The day is drawing close to over! And there are still so many people without brides! Without grooms! I will not allow that!

Men, line up to the left! Girls, line up to the right! Men in wedding dresses, go wherever! Start trading shoes! Find your true love!

...Or else!

[ooc; YOUR SPAM POST in case you don't want to make a wedding day post :[b Tags might be slow on my part for obvious reasons. Threadhop! This is what that post is made for! ...Also sorry for posting with Renge again so soon but she's my spampost girl.]
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So... I'm looking for a bear in a track suit? But I don't think a bear would even fit this shoe. It's pretty tiny. That can't be right, anyway... What a stupid clue.

Ah, well. It doesn't really matter, anyway. So much for playing along...

Can I at least take this jacket off? It's way too warm for this.

[[ooc: Yukika's a track team gal and the Berenstain Bears are my childhood. Idek, friends.]]
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I'm not dreaming, am I?

...I guess not, if there's no rich groom or extravagant palace. This is another one of those days, isn't it? I better not get paired up with someone creepy again.

Ah! Though now that I think about it, my feet are pretty small... I could fit them into just about any shoe! Not comfortably, but it'd get in there. So all I have to do is find the ideal husband, try the shoe, act like it's a perfect fit, and all my dreams will come true! Hehe... it's too easy.

Hey, who still has a shoe that hasn't been claimed? This lovely bride here is still missing a groom! ♥


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