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*If you happen to be out and about tonight, you may notice rumbling nearby! You turn to look in surprise, only to find nothing there! But nearby, you can just tell... Evil is afoot! In fact, if you happen to be lucky, you may just hear the voice of villainy itself!*

Gyahahaha! The time to strike is now, my villainous allies-- no, a villain does not have allies... My villainous associates! With my newest monster creations leading our charge, we shall trample those who would dare stand in the way of our domination!

Go forth and conquer! Gorillastein Mark V! Death Dingo the Tenth! Landshark Senior! Demise Dolphin! You as well, Killer Koala!

Hmhm... You are my finest trained beasts yet, do not dare fail me, or there shall be no dinner for you upon return!

((ooc: They are all super powered monsters with hilarious special attacks, fully capable of taking multiple beatings! Feel free to thread beating them up with others, or come after Flay himself. ))
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*If you happen to be anywhere on the west side of the island, you may notice a long stretch of snow covered beach that has a single man standing under a giant banner that says "THE GUNNAR BIRTHDAY BASH!" Right after that, you may also notice the considerable amount of ice-themed monsters roaming about nearby, ranging from boss level intimidating to 10 HP weaklings*

I see I have been granted a gift unlike any other! Truly, a man such as I could ask for no greater present upon this grand day! However, I should not be greedy. Heh heh heh... In fact, this is the perfect chance for recruitment.

Very well! To my side, allies of justice! Let us decimate this scourge upon our winter wonderland with extreme prejudice!

(( ooc; YOU HEARD THE MAN. All kinds of RPG monsters from every ice dungeon imaginable wandering about in this post, cut loose, do combos, whatever! ))
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[ Just when you think you haven't seen weirder-- One Chii is mounted upon Flay's shoulders, and gesturing to the pink-haired loli handcuffed to Flay's other arm. ]

So high from up here! Chii can see really far!

... Amu! Sit on Chii's shoulders so Amu can see from up high too!

[ ooc; Chii and Amu are both handcuffed to Flay ): I assume they shall be tagging separately as well! ]
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*it is a dark evening, the cool ocean breeze blowing about as you go out for a stroll... Why, this could be the perfect evening, you think! If only you had that special someone to share it with, yes, this is a true ideal atmosphere*

*a shame that atmosphere is instantly and completely annihilated by the sound of a bomb going off nearby! And when you turn to the source of that explosion, you see a decently sized hut that you could have sworn wasn't there before, with a single sign hanging over the entrance:*


*do you dare enter?*

(( Open for business! Details over yonder. ))
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Hnnngh!! It is one thing to kill the hero off, but another entirely to steal his cape! The cape is the sign of intentions, as well as doubly required for dramatic entrances, exits as well as just looking pure awesome when dashing about!

Truly, this is a great loss I have suffered!

But I shall press forward! An ally of justice cannot be faltered by a mere death scene and corpse looting! I shall persevere and take down all of these new enemies I have observed wandering about! Come, my fellow allies of justice, we must make our stand to defeat this newfound evil!
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Gyahahaha! I see you're all starting to gather, so I shall provide a small speech for you!

As you know, I pride myself on letting everyone be themselves in this school! But as you also should know, I enjoy nothing more than enforcing justice upon all of those who deserve it! And some would dare say, those who do not! HOWEVER! This is a special night for you all! And I am a reasonable man, so I shall be cutting back on my watchful eye for now!

But do not think I am not still watching! For I always have my eye on you all!

With that out of the way, let this dance-a-thon commence! I expect to see much "busting a move", "breaking it down" and "getting jiggy with it" before the night is through!

(( handy dandy prom playlist, blind dates if you missed them annnnd go go cut loose! ))
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Hmmmm! This is wrong! Interesting and deadly as it looks, it is entirely wrong! I often wonder how Vayne manages to create such a wide variety of armor, but it would appear I am missing a key ingredient or two!

... of course! I am forgetting to add a base armor for them to meld upon! But Vayne was the one who carried our armor about like a pack mule, so this may prove troubling... No matter! I will deal with my alchemic folly first!

Have at you, shark-crab-monster! I shall show you what the bait of justice tastes like! Before you develop the ability to speak and ask, it tastes like pain! Gyahahaha! --hey! How dare you flee during my one liner!

(( ALCHEMY GONE WRONG; Imagine a shark with crab legs and claws. Now imagine it chomping its way toward you. That's what you have here. :|b ))
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Gyahahaha! I see some things shall never change! The bustling activity of the island is this much closer to becoming a permanent den of potential dangers! Not even that meager military might that is stirring about in an effort to promote peace can truly silence the evils that lurk in the darkness!

Unless of course that little fledgling army of ours intends to assault the demons castle itself in due time? Heh heh heh... Now I'd love to see a battle like that! It would have my full support! Which side, you may ask? That is for me to decide!

... ah, yes! To our varying parental units across the island! I expect you to assist your children in a alchemic synthesis for their homework! Add an item from your home into it for a touch of flavor! And to those of you attending my [Art of Battle] class, I expect you to come back with at least two levels gained!
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*if you so happen to be a resident of the inn, you may have noticed things appearing that were not there before. New rooms, portraits with eyesockets missing, protrusions from the walls that vaguely look like switches, a staircase leading down below the inn; but today you would mainly notice--*


Gyahahahaha! I trust you like my newest additions, innkeep!

No one asked for you to install trapdoors!

Correction! I was never told NOT to install such safety measures! Gyahahaha!

((ooc; THIS IS MAINLY A FLAY POST. Lulu will only really reply if you fail enough to fall into a trapdoor or yell for him through the floor. ))
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Gyahahaha! So, the island sees fit to supply me with an ample supply of a new ingredient, does it? Very well! I accept this challenge with gusto! I shall find the perfect use for these floating bits of green and red, then create a surplus of whatever comes forth for later use!

Hmmmm, perhaps they can be mixed in with a healing medicine! Do they have a certain property hidden within that would strength such a alchemic combination...?! Perhaps a new medicine entirely! Heh heh heh... I look forward to this!

But first, there are other matters that require my attention! I am seeking the one named "Shinku"! Come forth, so that I may provide for you a gift!
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Heh heh heh... You there! Yes, you! Do not avert your gaze as if you do not notice my presence! Your best efforts would promptly be in vain if I were to truly seek your attention with gusto!

But my keen skill of drawing the eye of a crowd aside, I have a inquiry of dire importance for the general population! Which, as you should know, you are currently a part of. Therefore! You must answer my question with utmost speed and clarity!

You have just downed a vile foe with a skill that involves either fire, ice, or lightning. They turn to you as they wobble to one knee... What do you say to them during this tense moment?

Think carefully and answer quickly!
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Heh heh heh... I am nearing perfection! This mixture of ingredients, combined with my unsurpassed ingenuity...! I will soon create the ultimate of ultimates! The keenest of keen! The explosivest explosive!

I just need to add a bit of gold bullion, a piece of white steel, black steel, red steel, a touch of preservative...

--hm! This is distressing! I seem to have misplaced a key ingredient! I cannot complete this suit of armor without a dragon bone! And to the best of my knowledge, there are no dragons present to engage in epic battle with! Quite the dilemma! This far along, I have no choice but to improvise!

Now then, what would be a suitable replacement for dragon bone...?

(( Flay is the middle of the beach doing some ALCHEMY. In a giant boiling pot. There are all kinds of ingredients laying around as well, mainly various metals. ))
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*if you go out in the woods today you're in for a big surprise!

There you will find one(1) Hinamori Amu tied to a large tree, while one(1) giant bear wielding a sword looms over her! Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to calm, defeat, or otherwise distract the Flay inna bear suit from his lolinapping!*


((Protip: The loli can talk to/yell at people, but saving her requires FlayBear removal. ))
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Heh heh heh... Excellent! This is truly an ideal location! The aura of danger, the sounds of wild creatures lurking deep within, the glowing eyes that light the darkest depths...! Yes! I have searched far and wide across this isle, and not a single area would better suit my purpose! This is, without a doubt, what one would call a destined location!

Therefore, I hereby christen you--!


Gyahahaha! An impressive proclamation, for sure! Now then... Those of you who seek adventure and do not fear danger... I would welcome you to my den of danger! Allow me to give some of you the grandest of tours!


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