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A-Ah... The sky is so bright... Where'd all the smoke and stuff go?

[Covering his head in a pitiful attempt to block out the sun, one might find a small redhead hiding under a tree for the moment so he can adjust. He has also yet to realize he is hiding under the hamburger tree - not that he has any idea what a hamburger is.]

Wait a second... I smell somethin' good. But where is it...?

An' where'm I? Is this a dream?

... If it is, I'd still really like to know where that smell's comin' from...

((Soooo Crow somehow got splashed with that wonderful Fountain of Youth water, and now he's turned into a little kid! Things to know about this little kid: He does... not have a name right now, he has only a vague idea what that card game his older self goes on about is, and is more concerned with continuing to exist than either of the above. Have fun. \o/))
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[Near the gaming tables, one will find a bunch of twister mats, next to a bunch of spinners which are all able to yell out things to do, and generally people having a good or... humiliating time. Whichever works.

And not too far from the twister mats and spinners, all yelling out different commands for whoever is playing, happens to be Crow - who is finally without a sling and looking rather happy about it.]

Hahahaha!! It feels good to be alive! Hope you guys are ready for a challenge though, 'cause I ain't planning on going easy on ya!

((OOC: AND HERE IS YOUR TWISTER POST. Like the three legged challenge, put your groups/pairings in the title and then work out how they will work and get to playing!))
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[So Crow, feeling bored, decided today would be a good day to go exploring (safe exploring, mind you) all by himself, and is creeping around somewhere. Somewhere near YOU. He also, prior to this, rolled over a conveniently placed spray can placed in his bed while waking up from a nap and therefore doesn't even know he was sprayed! Woops.]

Seems kinda quiet out. Almost too quiet.

... Hah, who'm I kidding? Everybody's probably partying somewhere or something. Makes this a hell of a lot easier for me, anyway.
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[So after Fourth Wall Weekend, Crow up and vanished. Disappeared. Poofed, for lack of a better term. But now he's back! Sporting a fancy red shirt he's wearing over his regular undershirt. Oh yes, and his right arm is bandaged and sling'd. At the moment he is wandering around, looking sort of lost, and muttering things like "Are they still here?" and "Will Aki be okay?" to himself. Eventually, he just stops in what is a familiar spot for him!]

This can't be real. I mean, it just-- Shit man. It really is, isn't it? No fooling? I'm not gonna wake up tomorrow back home, am I? ... How do I know this ain't a dream?

[He looks both ways, unsure at first, then bites his lip and promptly slaps himself on the cast covering his shoulder.]


F-Fuck why did I do that. Fuckfuckfuck that was stupid. ... But I'll take that as a no.

My luck's really all over the damn place lately, isn't it?

((Crow has been canon updated! As far as he knows, it's been sixth months since he's been on the island, and for those of you who can sense spiritual energy and such (namely the Soul Eater cast he, uh, lives with) there has been a pretty noticable change in him.))
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[Just outside of the blimp, speakers somehow blaring some very appropriate music, are some duel rings drawn in the sand, some tables to the side with snacks that Crow stole off various trees, and one (of hopefully many) Crow Hogan in front of it all, holding a microphone.]

Now how did that announcer on the TV always start things...? Too bad Yusei ain't around, I could just ask him. He's actually been in a tournament. ... Okay, I think it went a liiiittle something like--


Are you bored with your life? Do you not get to duel as much as you'd like to? Do you just want to watch monsters beat the crap out of each other? Are you wondering what the hell you're doing on this island and in desperate need of something to do?

Heheh, well never fear, because the great and mighty Crow is here! As you can see, I've set up a few state-of-the-art arenas for us to have our battles in, and if we somehow need more than those, don't worry about it! I'll draw-- that is, set up, some more of them!

That's right, boys and girls! The first ever, Island Duel Tournament, is about to begin! So! Who'll be the first challenger!?

If this doesn't get somebody's attention, I don't know what will.

((ooc: COME ON YU-GI-OH (DM, GX, 5D's, whatever!) PEOPLE! Or anybody! Whether you want to talk card games, watch card games, or heaven forbid, play card games - or do nothing related to card games at all for some insane reason, it's all good! Come on down!))
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[if you are near the inn, you may have found Crow searching it from top to bottom, looking unusually solemn. if you were in it during the past half hour or so, you might have seen said duelist wandering around it and looking a little distressed. he's also been coming around for most of the day, so hey, if you don't know him, you might think he's some creepy stalker!!]

Damn, damn, damn... Where is she? I've gotta find her. It's already been practically a week, and I haven't seen heads or tails of that girl. ... Not that I've been looking, but still.

[and he finally stops and just starts yelling at the sky!! because we all know how that gets things done.]

Damn it, where the hell are you!? You didn't get sent home, did you, you stupid girl!? Because I swear, I'll hunt you down and drag your ass right back here if you did!!
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[Not too far from the blimp, you may notice some tables have been brought out, and on top of them there is food and drinks and other a good deal of other good stuff. There are also some campfires all set up with marshmallows a'roasting, and all and all there is a nice homely feel to it. And near it all is Crow, checking it out.]

Ehhh... Not exactly like last night's party, but I'd say this is a pretty decent spread. Heheh, when me and Maka team up for things like this, there's no stopping us!

Man, really though... Ten years, huh? Well, nearly eleven for me, and more I bet for other people, but still. Over a decade all around. Here we are, moving on with our lives, making new ones, starting families... It's really something. Kinda crazy too, ain't it? Who woulda thought ten years ago we'd be doing half the shit we're doing now instead of just sitting around waiting to go home?

[He grabs a bottle off the table, opens it, and holds it out as if he's-- yup, he's making a toast.]

I don't know about you, but I'm glad as hell I got my ass dumped here so I could meet all of you so we could screw around for over a decade! So here's to you guys, and here's hoping the next decade kicks as much ass as this one has! Cheers!

((don't mind me, just posting a TYL spam post before the event ends-- Eat, drink, chill, threadhop, tag whoever you didn't get to during the event, backthread for two weeks, all of that good stuff!!))
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[if you are out and about today, you will find one duelist carrying lots of wood and being generally very busy looking - if you bother him, you may realize he is trying to distract himself from something!]

Lessee, yesterday made it a week now since then, I think. ... Shit, feels like it's been longer than that. Aaaah, forget about her!! She's probably fine. Keeping them safe too, no doubt. Hell, what am I thinking? She knows better than to hurt them! Out of anybody except maybe Yami, she'll keep them safe.

Anyway, I've got more important stuff to do today! There's the maps and stuff for Tear, so I've really gotta get what I've gotten on my own off of the computers on the blimp, and there's working on this thing some more, should probably tell Kaito where we're going soon, and...


And I've really gotta go find something besides pizza for Yotsuba to eat. If she thinks because she's on an island she ain't getting any vegetables, she's got another thing coming...!!

Hey, anybody know where a guy can get some good veggies around here--!? I'm talking quality stuff here, 'cause I could use some!
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... Who the hell put a mirror out here in the sand?

It's not a mirror, idiot. See--

Hey, ow! Dammit, why'd you pinch-- ... Shit, wait, then what is it?

... at least it's not Kazuha-chan.

... ahahaha. What're you thinking?

Oh, nothing! Hey, I think someone's coming.

Aw hell-- Hey there! How's it going?

((since after moe note, all that was left was for Crow and Kaito to get inside each other, the time has finally come. I'm sure you know where I'm going with this. Orange font is Crow's body and blue is Kaito's, and both will be tagging!))
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... You've got exactly five seconds to get these cuffs off of me before you'll regret it for the rest of your really short life!

But officer, I don't know anything about the booster packs in my D-Wheel's trunk - honest I don't!

... I don't wanna know.

Oh yeah? Cause you sounded like you did a minute ago.

I wasn't talking about your stealing habits!

Yeah, yeah. But I didn't put these on here, so...



... Then this is BAD.

((Crow and Kazuha bonding time. \o/ Post order is You-Kazuha-Crow.))
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Hey, you! Yeah you! I got two questions for ya, and I want you to gimme an answer and then you can go on your way. First off, and this one's pretty important, have you seen a black haired girl? 'Bout this high, she's got tall, I think, and if my guess is right, she reaaaaally likes money. Her name is Anise, and I need to speak with her. Right now! Seen her?

Okay, and second off, tell me about your hometown! I've been telling people about mine, but I haven't gotten a chance to ask about the other ones around. I mean, we're all stuck here on a freaking island all damn day and all damn night - you've got to get homesick a little bit, right? So tell me, what's your home like?

Oh yeah, Yami! I've got someone to introduce to you!
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Yusei... Jack... It's up to you...!!

((Having trouble thinking of something to be paranoid about? Don't have a character that has a backstory/event they can reach back to to make them freak about, like we've seen in a few posts already? Well have no fear, Crow is here! ... in the form of a body lying on the beach that isn't quite dead! One life point away from it, though. This is gonna double as a PLOT THICKENER!!! and a canon update to the current episode, thus his injuries! But you paranoid folks don't know that and he is in no shape to correct you. Threadhop away, Crow himself won't be fit to be making any tags at least until Sunday anyway. :Db))
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Whoa... That's so awesome! Okay, lemme try it!

It looks likes you didn't know... about my trap card!

........ Hey, what gives!? I want a screaming song too! Isn't this island supposed to be magic?

... Hmph, well screw it. Everybody get up-- uh, if you're not up already. I made breakfast!

((SO HOW 'BOUT THAT CABIN 9 and yeah he was watching CSI while he made some foods shut up.))
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Okay! The duel point should be just up ahead! -- Wait, where the hell-- NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!


W-Whew, I made it... Ow ow ow... Let' see how-- FUCK! T-That'll leave a mark... At least Blackbird made it okay. I'll run diagnostics later, gotta figure out what the hell happened first.

... Could use a bandage or something while I'm at it. Where the hell am I anyway? And who the hell turned the sky on!? Purple just doesn't turn back to blue on the tip of a hat y'know!!

((Crow intro! He nearly crashed his bike/D-Wheel into a tree but through some crazy antics he jumped off and became a pillow, a pillow who is currently in good deal of pain thanks to slicing his stomach on his bike and also is very confused!))


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