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[Observe Lelouch, standing at the shore, ankle deep in water, gazing out at the ocean. He looks rather stupefied, with what could be a million things running through his mind, dressed in this fabulous attire. For a moment he keeps still while the waves lap at his feet. Then he straightens up, regains a bit of composure, and starts looking around. Feel free to come harass him over his dorky clothes, help him out, or whatever. Just expect him to be a bit snippy, especially with how hot it's going to be in that intricate garb.]
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[In this inn is one red-headed teenager standing inside, putting up the final touches to a certain innkeeper's party. There is plenty of food to be had, along with other things.]

There. All finished! Now the only thing that's missing is the guests. He'd better be happy that I'm willing to do this again even though it won't be as big of a surprise as the last one, or one at all really.

Hey, I better not see anyone eating the cake right now. Save that for later!

Anyway... happy birthday, Lelouch. Enjoy yourself as best as you can, alright?

(OOC: LULU PARTY @ THE INN, AAAW YEAH. Threadhopping is 100% encouraged. Say happy birthday to the CLAMP noodle as he tags you, too. :B)
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*in the Inn today, there is one innkeeper sitting calmly at the front desk! Cue a ghost floating in to attempt to break the highly fragile vase that out in the open!! Which in turn makes said innkeeper put his foot down to pop open a ghost trap underneath said spook*

After the initial shock these provide, it is rather pathetic how they prove to be extremely predictable. Not to mention it spares me having to deal with anyone shooting their beams all over the place. I can say with a 100% certainty there would be at least five wrecked rooms by now if that was the case.

I can only hope everyone else remains as calm as I am.
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*if you happen to be returning to the inn today, you may find yourself approached by one noodley innkeeper dressed like so, who promptly gives you a slight bow*

Welcome back. I hope you are faring well today, despite the embarrassing theme day that is currently running amok. If there is anything you desire, do not hesitate to ask, as I am here to serve all those staying at this humble establishment.
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In regards to our theater event last weekend, I have an inquiry to make of those staying here.

This is not of vital urgency, nor do I expect you all to answer. I am merely wishing to sate my curiousity after what I observed in one of the theaters. As well as what the island's half functional internet has told me in regards to the topic.

What traits do you believe a secret agent should have?
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First that woman, now Nunnally as well? I am not sure how I should be feeling regarding this. On one hand, they are back home, but on the other, I am not... Hrm. At least I know that if she is back home, she should be safe... I can only hope that to be true. And as frustrating as it is, over thinking this will get me nowhere.

It has been rather dreary for the past few days, has it not? Non-stop rain can make for a rather depressing atmosphere, so I hope that everyone has been able to avoid being caught in it for too long.

Of course, if you enjoy the rain, just do me a small favor and be careful when coming inside. I would prefer not to have mud tracked all about the inn.
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I must admit, when that woman disappeared, I had a tinge of worry, but now I just feel as if I need to clean out the entirety of what she left behind... Very well, this is overdue, so I shall begin immediately.


*CRASH* Hnngh!! Wh-why are there this many boxes...?! No... no matter, I shall continue on.

... ...

*WHAM* --?! Who would leave this many chairs in the middle of the hall like this?! Hnnn... Just gather them back up, this is not a problem. I will need to discover just who is responsible for that later on.

... ... ...

*THUD* ... ... this goes far beyond mere humiliation! This can only be some kind of direct assault against my pride!

(( See Lulu. See Lulu clumsily walk through inn with many pizza boxes. See Lulu leave inn and fall face first into the ground and be buried underneath many boxes, then have the sign above the entrance fall on top of him as well. ))
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Hmm... I have to admit, I am somewhat surprised. Given the day it is, I was almost certain there would be some form of horror based event, or merely a series of events that involved a incredibly amount of bad luck... Well, no matter. There is a more important issue at hand.

I suppose a few of you may also have such a thing to deal with, I recommend you also deal with it today before you face the possible consequences, whatever they may happen to be.

That being said, I should hope my partner will show herself, as I would honestly be slightly disheartened to find it to be someone else.

((ooc; Last minute locket post, and feel free to use this post for all your own last minute locket needs! \o/ ))
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Hahahaha~ I told you, Lelouch, this was a great idea! I mean, sure it took a while to put together, but it turned out better than even I expected! Indeed, one could say that this is perhaps one of the best things we've added to this inn of yours, and I'm sure many would be glad to agree! If I do say so myself.

Now then! Enough talk! It's time for action! It's time for adventure! It's time for a...


Come on in, everybody! The water's fine!

((THE INN HAS POOL NOW. AND THERE IS A POOL PARTY GOING ON. It's a pretty decent pool, too, with some beach balls floating around and a volleyball net to boot-- Hell, there's even a kiddy pool! Mion and Lelouch will both be tagging this post but for all intents and purposes threadhopping is a-ok and, in fact, encouraged! ... and pretend Mion's bathing suit covers her whole back.))
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*if you so happen to be a resident of the inn, you may have noticed things appearing that were not there before. New rooms, portraits with eyesockets missing, protrusions from the walls that vaguely look like switches, a staircase leading down below the inn; but today you would mainly notice--*


Gyahahahaha! I trust you like my newest additions, innkeep!

No one asked for you to install trapdoors!

Correction! I was never told NOT to install such safety measures! Gyahahaha!

((ooc; THIS IS MAINLY A FLAY POST. Lulu will only really reply if you fail enough to fall into a trapdoor or yell for him through the floor. ))
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*SUDDENLY if you happen to walk into the lobby of the inn, you may notice a Christmas tree! On this tree are a variety of ornaments, all of various shapes and sizes! ... most of which are small versions of inn residents, which may or may not say one liners from said residents*

Hm. Rather impressive, is it not? I would like to claim I am responsible in some manner, but that is not the case. I will admit the level of detail on the ornaments is praise worthy, despite the unusual features some have... Regardless, I wish those of you trapped here a Merry Christmas. I can only hope you can find some way to enjoy the holiday, if possible.

But my commentary aside and while this is cutting it rather close... I am looking for Yami Yuugi. If anyone has seem him today, I would appreciate it if you informed me of where he was.
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Before I start with festivities, I would like to thank everyone who helped me make this event possible. All it took was a lot of hard work and planning, and it worked out in the end. Too bad for the snow or else it would've taken place outside. So much for that, huh?

With all of that being said, let's get this party started, shall we? Now who are we missing...? Oh yeah, now I remember!

Happy birthday, Lelouch. I hope you enjoy being a year older.

(ITP: Lelouch's surpraiz party at the inn, courtesy of Kallen! There's plenty of food and all that other good stuff for everyone. And since this is a party, THREADHOPPING IS ABSOLUTELY ENCOURAGED! Go mingle and say hello to the birthday noodle. \o/)
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... before I address my complaint regarding this, I would like to state I am fully aware of the fact that I could have far worse things following me. A bear, for example. At the very least a predatory animal would be regarded as somewhat normal in this manner of stalking...

This kind, however, is roughly as far as one can go from being followed by a 'normal' part of the wildlife.

... ... it does not help that the birds seem extremely determined to attract my attention.

(( ooc: Peacocks. ;w; ))
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... there is a limit to how much a man can take, on that note, I like to think my tolerance is somewhat higher than that of a normal person. In fact, I am rather proud of my ability to persist when it comes to matters of patience...

This, however... is ridiculous.

(( Currently stuck sitting at the front desk of the inn dressed like this while a neon light flashing ALL HAIL LELOUCH looms behind him on the wall. :( ))
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I will provide credit where credit is due. The impeccable timing on the part of the island to throw a natural disaster upon us the very day I had intended to begin this project is... impressive. A dangerous delay, which required me to further reevaluate the plans.

Ah... which reminds me, I truly do appreciate the assistance of those of you who removed the tree that had embedded itself in the roof above the entrance during the tornado.

That aside, with all of your help, I am certain we can quickly reconstruct this inn, into a sturdier, larger dwelling, that we can all enjoy living in once again. Now then, let us get back to work, shall we?

(( Inn repairing post! If you volunteered to help or would have been dragged along to help by someone, feel free to assume you have been working on it for a day or two now! It also is starting to look like it used to, just... very patched up. ))

oh inn no

Aug. 20th, 2008 09:54 pm
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*If you happened to have be anywhere near the inn for the past day, you may have noticed a very aggravated inn keeper pacing about it. He has extremely justified reasons for this as the inn is currently full of holes, missing parts of the roof and generally a wreck. There is also a sign hanging from the entrance*


... I know that I had fully intended to renovate in the near future, but this is just ridiculous. I am surprised the roof has not collapsed entirely...
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Are the fireworks really necessary? We may end up giving the impression we are attacking the moon.

Well of course they're necessary! It'll not only attract people, it'll give them hope and stuff! Or, if we're all going to die, they get a show before the end! It's win/win, Lelouch!!

True, the logic is sound. But in the end, we will need to wait and see what happens for ourselves, as this place is impossible to predict.

Aaaah, don't worry so much Lelouch! What could possibly happen?

The end of the world-- or rather the island-- for one.

((ooc: So! There is a party going on around the Inn! Come celebrate your impending doom with your fellow islanders! There is food from the varying trees-- normal food-- alcoholic and normal coconuts, plus games strewn about and fireworks going off every so often! Feel free to say you helped, if you live at the inn or know Lulu or Mion! Thread hopping highly encouraged! \o/ ))


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