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[there is a girl by the shore, taking a good look around her]

Hmmm... This is the same one, right? Ah, there's the Titanic!

Ehehe, then that means... I'm back!

((ooc: SO YEAH. She still remembers everything from last time, etc.!))
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[in front of the Nagihouse by the lake, there is a rather large package wrapped up nicely! And right beside it, well, a full body, life-size cardboard cutout of what one can find on Pixiv while searching "Ranka" and "birthday".]

Oh! It looks like the island remembered this year, too... B-But is this really necessary? Wh...What am I supposed to do with this...?

((ooc: It's Ranka's 18th birthday today! ♪))
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Aha, it's amazing how many people were brought here all of a sudden, huh? I remember a little bit from last year, but I didn't really talk to anyone...

I wonder... I probably shouldn't get my hopes up too much, right? Ahaha...

Oh, right! Back to practicing...

Ah, dear God, do me a favor,
Please give us our own dream time
Hugging my favorite bunny, I say good night, too, tonight ♪

[somewhere by the cliffs, practicing a song she learned from Azunyan. PLEASE COME BOTHER HER ♥]
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Raaaaaaanka-chan. It's you're turn to help out in the kitchen, you know. The potatoes aren't going to cook themselves.

Haaah? What was that? I couldn't hear you over how much of a waste of time that sounded.

Geez, do what you want! Just don't expect anything from me later.

[tags will be coming from both Nagi Moefield and Jerka Lee. be horrified]
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Ahahaha, that Valentine's Day was... I don't even want to think about how embarrassing it was...

I couldn't have been the only person who stayed inside the whole day though, right...? I mean, I didn't miss anything special because of it?

A-Anyway! Happy belated Valentine's Day, everyone! It's been three days after that, but hopefully it's not too late to greet people! And give their presents...

[has a mysterious red bag filled with goodies for friends! safe goodies in fact!]
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[at that old piano somewhere near the ruins, which is by now really really old, there is (1) Ranka Lee, papers strewn about, pencil in her hair, and a Mocademy somewhere in between]

God... I can't believe it. "Most Moé," at twenty-seven years old? I should probably be flattered, but it's actually kind of embarrassing. Ugh... Does it mean everyone still thinks I'm naive and innocent? Well...

...Anyway, back to work! Let's see, this chord sounds better here, so then...

The constellation in the night
sky that connects you and I
The flow of the tears of the
abandoned stars piled up
Outside of the darkness, the
rays of light shone...

Huh, does that sound okay...?

((ooc: She is singing/working on this song which is a Nakajima Megumi song from another canon but PSH DETAILS Feel free to ask her to play the whole song. \o\ And yes she learned the piano ten years is enough okay.))
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Ah... well, if we're going to teach you, you first need an idea of what you'll be taught. But I'm not sure how to exactly go about showing you...

--ah! Excuse me! I'm terribly sorry to be a bother, but, ah, would you like to have a fight?

[[ ITP a ten year old is calling you out while a pop idol looks on! Ranka will be picking up separately to Negi once back in a bit. ETA Negi is out, pickin' up tomorrow. ]]
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[You might notice there are a few people gathered around a stage. It's also sunset! After the crowd hushes down a bit, Ranka walks onstage, cheap paper microphone in hand, and takes a deep breath.]

Aimo, aimo
Neder luche
Noyna millia
Endel prodea

Koko wa attaka na umi da yo

[Cue brief instrumental interlude. After finishing the song, gonna take another breath--]

... Thanks for coming, everyone! I... I want to tell everyone just what this concert is for, but I'm afraid I might bore everyone, ehe. But I think it'll be enough to say that everything I'm singing tonight really, really comes from the bottom of my heart. So, let's end this year wholeheartedly and welcome in the new year, okay everyone? Please enjoy!

[and now she's moving the mic slightly away from her, but is still somewhat audible]

If you can hear this somehow, please listen to my songs. Uwah, that sounded way more embarrassing than it did in my head...

((EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT THE CONCERT IS HERE. INCLUDES SONG LINEUP AND LINKS TO THE SONGS. I spent way too much time on it. Remember to label if your character is doing interactions during or after the concert so I know if I should be tagging. That said, if you want to have both during and after threads, it is a-okay to tag twice. Threadhopping is encouraged!

PS if you're threading after the concert plz to be taking note of the fantastic pyrotechnics.
PPS ASSUME THAT IF I TAG YOU EVEN IF IT'S A DURING THREAD that the thread takes place after. Common sense \o/))
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[a few ways off from the Springfield household, sort of near Kodama lake, there is a shaking, mitten'd, scarf'd, earmuff'd and jacketed figure in the snow.]


[she seems to be holding a leash, and you notice she has her dog with her.]

C-Come on, Ran-pyon, you've g-got to h--hurry so we can get back inside, ok-kay? Waah, it's so c--cold! A-Atchoo!

[do you approach? the possibility of being sneezed on is high.]

((Can haz cold. THANKS A LOT YUSUKE

Edit: heading to bed! I can't stay awake at all for some reason. D: I'll tag back when I wake up! Sorry guys. XO))
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Let's see, first Sheena-san sings her part, then we're supposed to turn around and start singing and dancing this part, right? Here we go...

[there is a girl alone in the designated rehearsal space for the upcoming musical, wherever that may be, and she's taking a deep breath before she starts singing and doing the choreography!]

Who'd you think you're kiddin'?
He's the Earth and heaven to you,
Try to keep it hidden,
Honey, we can see right through you
Girl, you can't conceal it
We know how you feel and
Who you're thinking of...♪

...I was singing it flat, wasn't I? Ahaha, I'll have to try again. One, two, three!

Who'd you think you're ki--[and then her voice cracks]

Huh? Why can't I sing it today? And opening night is so soon, too... I-I need to practice more!

((Yes she knows Ryoji's gone, yes she's trying to cope with it, and no it's not working too well. Feel free to have your character notice something is amiss?))
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[Amidst the bouncing puppy rain, Ranka is sitting under a tree, where another puppy is sitting and staring at her.]

Oh? Hello there! R-Really weird weather today, huh? So cute...

Wah! Hey, your ears move by itself! How cool! Is there a puppy equivalent for Zentradi? I wonder...

The diary of a puppy has
how many times today, when it was doing nothing, it slept the time away ♪

You're really good at this!

[Yes, the puppy's ears are moving by themselves, up and down, mimicking Ranka's hair.]
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[Outside of a not so humble lakeside abode, a half-sleepwalking mage is dragging a flailing green haired pop star behind him by the collar of her shirt.

His ultimate destination? The lake.

Do you have the guts to stop this walking zombie from throwing Ranka to her watery doom?

Both Nagi and Ranka will be tagging!]
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U-Um... I know it's been a while since it happened, but you know, everyone still seems really sad, so...

Let's all cheer up! Okay? Let's be glad that everything went back to normal...! Maybe... Hug someone you really care for? It's a good way to let them know you're glad they're okay now! And... stuff... Anyway! The point is to let them know you care, so let's all try it!

((This is our publicly provided, approved ~*HUG IT OUT*~ post-trauma post, but you can otherwise make it into an I LOVE YOU, MAN post too. Whatever works! Threadhopping is A++))

((EDIT: Going to bed!))
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W-Wow, there sure are a lot of pigs around lately, huh? I wonder what Alto-kun would say if he was still here... H-Hey, there's something on the shore!

... ... ...

EHHH!? No way! It's big! Super big!

I-It's even addressed to me! "Happy Birthday from the Island"...?! How did it know...?

[HAPPY 17TH BIRTHDAY RANKA. She has obtained one (1) giant pillow version of her phone from the island. Use the size comparison with the piggy for a more accurate sizing! It's like the size of a couch or something.

Bedtime for me! I'll tag again when I'm awake o/;]
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Ehh, no way...

Come on, Ai-kun! Get down from the tree... Please? Did you get scared by something? Or--ah, did I make you mad...? I'm really sorry, please come down now?

--Ah, wait, no, don't, you'll fall--! What do I do, Jay-kun?

... ... ...

Alright! I'll just get him down myself, so just wait there and don't move!

One, two, three, go!

Hnnngh... KYAAAA!



((Ai-kun is stuck in a tree and guess who just tried to climb it without success XO Jay is just watching all amused. Tagging order will be your character > Jay > Ranka!

EDIT: okay will have to resume tagging tomorrow, time for homework TAT; sorry guys!))
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Listen to our song!

[We have here a Sheryl & Ranka concert post! Feel free to threadhop & spam! Also, whenever Ranka and Sheryl reply to your threads, assume that the concert is over \o/ The song embedded on this post is the first song in the concert, aaand--
- Ranka's line-up: Ao no Ether / Do You Remember Love~bless the little queen / Anata no Oto / Seikan Hikou
- Sheryl's line-up: Welcome to My FanClub's Night! / Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't Be Late / Diamond Crevasse / Northern Cross
- Duet songs or something: What 'bout my star @ Formo!]
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Click for song! )

Haha, I told you that it'd sound nice, Ranka-chan~

You could just be saying that, though! It's been a year since I've really made new songs. What if this doesn't sound as good?

Well, I don't think you've lost your touch. Besides, no rush, right?

I guess you're right. but still--I wonder if I should ask Sheryl for help? I mean, she wrote all of those lyrics on her own, and--!

Didn't I just say it sounded nice~? Hehe, ten years later and you still get all flustered. It's cute.

What th--geez, Ryoji...! You didn't change either, you know!

[ooc; Double post with TYL!Ryoji and Ranka. They'll both be tagging, etc. And err the embedded song is the one she just sang \o/.]
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Ahaha, sorry about the concert, everyone! I got sick when all that snow came, and then Sheryl-san came, so... we're going to have a joint concert instead! But it's going to be later, since we need twice the preparation if we're going to be song battling each other performing together, haha! S-So, um, just be patient, okay...?

Anyway... Hmm, has anyone found their partner for the locket thing yet...? I wonder who mine is... Who do you think it is, Ai-kun?

--Squeak? That's not a very helpful answer, Ai-kun, haha. ♥

((Has an Ai-kun on her head a la icon, so tagging will most likely result in facehugging or other such Ai-kun antics ;w;

EDIT: forgot to mention this but sob, sorry if tags are super slow, everyone! I haven't been getting notifs for a while e.e))
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Ah, here, please take one! I'll be having a concert really soon, like in a week! It's for Christmas, so... I'd really like it if you could come! --Me? Oh, I'm Ranka Lee! Nice to meet you.

--Oh! And... W-Where can I find someone named Estelle?

Private to Self// Hackable D8
Aha, I haven't told Alto-kun about why I didn't come back that one night... Maybe if I don't mention it, he won't ask...!

((Have a Ranka, now suitably bundled up, passing out those fliers in front of the inn! ;w; She doesn't know if everyone would be able to read the same alphabet so she stuck to... drawings which obviously didn't turn out so well.))
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Give me a break... If we're going to redesign our room. We're going to do this right.

Here. I'll draw a line or two to give us an idea on where everything goes. Ranka's stuff can go over there, my stuff over here and Michael's junk can go over there. I've already made up my mind.

And Michael, I don't need your crap crossing over on my side of the line. If that happens, go find yourself a cave or somewhere to stay. Whatever happens to you won't be my problem.

((IN THIS POST or IN THIS INN: The Macross crew will be redesigning their room. All three will be tagging like whoa. \o/))


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