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((It doesn't matter where you are for the moment, if you just happen to be a guy, there's a Prier hiding nearby with a camera, trying to get perverted pictures of you.))

Heh heh heh, come on, come to mama. I can't stare at Kururu all day after all~
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((There's a Prier that turned herself in a demon, walking along with cross censors, trying to hide the rest of her body with her wings, and may randomly make some explosions at seemingly nothing. No... she isn't being paranoid, nope.))

That bastard... A day like this? He probably has those cameras everywhere...
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*Lying in the middle of your path lies Prier's baton. It looks like she just forgot it there, but coming closer to it, you're sure you can hear her voice*


((Sorry for the mostly action post, but, have a Prier who accidentally magichanged into her own weapon))
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I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think I would have liked it better if I just got stuck being a demon for the week-end again...

... I'm not even sure what the heck I'm supposed to be right now? Waitress? Maid? ... no, this is waitress, right right...


((Like this one))
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I should have known right from the start. That's all you people care about, titles! That's it, right? That's all you want, that and making more vassals. Well guess what, I'm not going to let that happen. Even if I have to defeat the lot of you, I'm not becoming anyone's slave.

((Okay, she's not going to be directly attacking anyone, but given she's pretty attack-happy ICly, it won't take much, be careful.))
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Culotte... his stuff is gone, it's like he was never here.

I can't believe it, he went home. He really left me alone here.

This really sucks...

Who's gonna do the laundry now!? Stupid Culotte
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I don't care if there's a punishment or whatever. This is stupid! I'm not going to get married to some loser I've never even met! And knowing this place, it's probably not even fake. Urgh, I don't even care about the shoe, I'll go barefoot.

I just want out of this thing, it's way too frilly.
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Finally, it's about time we all get something nice! Even if being stuck playing on TV is kinda... urgh. Oh well, at least we can get comfortable for once-- hey, wait a minute...

Something stinks here! And it's not me!
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Um... Hey Prier! Maybe you should come out here.

Urgh... This better be important Culotte I'm ---- Whoa, wha-- what's with the giant cake? "Happy Third Island Birthday"?

Oh... you have to be kidding me? It's already been three years?

...So. Should I congratulate you or offer my shoulder to cry on?

CULOTTE! *smack*

O-oww... Geez... I really gotta start dodging those...

But hey~ Finally something good happens around here! Free cake and... did that thing just move?

Probably just my ima--- ARRRRRRRGH!

((So, there's this majorly huge ass birthday cake that eats people. But don't worry, you're all in one piece inside and pretty much alive, you just have to get out. In other words, PARTY THREAD INSIDE THE CAKE. Feel free to threadhop and all))
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I have failed my duties as a Sister of the Goddess... ... but... I cannot hide this any longer.

I cheated on you and I don't know who...

... Kururu, I'm p---


((Yes, you're all candidates, all of you, and expect more revelations and random fainting))
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Urgh... it's the same thing every year. There's just way too many of you. And I never get a double... wait, I should be happy about this.

You guys better not be going around breaking my house everything!

Speaking of that... Hey Marona, can me and Culotte stay at your place tonight? There's... "something" important there tonight, urgh. I would have asked Gil... but he's an adult today so...

Hey... that's right, last year, the bet. Hey! If there's a yellow Keron called Kururu that's NOT from around here, come here first! I... have something important to tell you! It's about curry!

((Last year, Prier and Kururu had a bet about who would see an alternate Kurur first... guess who's still trying to win this))
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... okay, this is getting annoying. What the hell is with this piece of junk!? Everything keeps turning up the same thing! How the hell is this supposed to be fun?

Getting off the Island

Gah, it happened again! Even if that was pretty obvious that wasn't real... I think this piece of crap is broken! Anyone wants it!? ... wait... I told Kururu I'd give it to him last we---

... ...


....... Pictures of Prier naked here!!! WHAT?!?!

((Yes, this links you exactly where you think it will.))
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... I don't have one of those weird lockets. Wow... for once, I'm not stuck doing one of those weird events! This is so great! My luck is finally getting better! Alright~

So... why do I feel kinda left out?
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Right, right, well since everyone is doing it, might as well get this over wit-- *QUACK* would you stay quiet!

Errr, so anyway, is there a Chane around here? I'm your secret santa so get you-- *QUACK* I said stop that, you'll give it away! Stupid du--

... ah hahaha.

So does this mean we all get presents early, or just the secrets ones~
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It's nearly been a week, why can't I go back to normal?! Is this because the whole date thing never happened, but--- THAT WASN'T EVEN MY FAULT!

... I can't keep hiding forever...

Just... don't ask: it's the Island.

Anyone have a big hat or something?

((So, yeah, stuck in Disgaea demon form for about a week, which mean, pointy ears, less I mean skimpier dark outfit, horns, and wings are out. And an occasional purple aura of evil doom too Oh and is it punishment for the date? Probably not but she doesn't know))
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I don't know, Sis. Should we really be testing these old change ups? I don't know how long they were in the bottom of my backpack...

Pffft, it'll be fine! What's the worse that could happen?

She HAD to go and say that...



Just purify it. It'll be fine.

Geez... Aaalright... Here goes!

Click for tasteful but still quite naked goddess over your Island )

... I don't think it was supposed to flash this much.

T-t-that was the Goddess!

Culotte, you do have more of them in that backpack, yes?


((OOC: YES. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, we DO still have a La Pucelle cast. L-lol. The two just set off a miracle (2:30 to 3:10) YES, there was a large, practically naked women in the sky for a min there. And, obviously, Prier and Culotte will both be tagging. (Pst. Alouette are you OUT THERE? :O )

IMPORTANT NOTE: We are not responsible for any injuries, deaths, conversions, or sudden wants to follow the path of the light. .....Okay, maybe not, but if caught in the loop it could hurt. A lot. HOLY MAGIC folks. That is a real warning. XD Edit: Ah good morning XD Taiga might be around to tag? Jen'll be back later this afternoon to.))
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((Mostly grumbling to herself but it's loud enough to hear, except the last part, that's really loud))

Urgh... I can't believe I agreed to this. This is so stupid. How the hell did this-- This is all those sound-waves fault! Right, must have messed up my head. Wait... that's bad!

Just who the hell is this "Dark Hero" anyway? Who the hell does that idiot think he is?

Like hell I'm going to go out and play some stupid game with him! The worst part is he'll win no matter--


HEY KURURU, I need your help.
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Dammit, I'm happy to get the water back, but hey, when am I getting the tub back too? I didn' almost freeze to death in there for nothing! Why the hell did you take it away in the first place ? It's not like we could use it without water.

I still have those clothes from last time. So yeah, come and get them back, Forte, errrrr, Sora I think, and you too, Gil. Am I missing anyone?

Oh right... I forgot... a date, dinner too...

Speaking of clothes, does anyone here actually make some? I need some new ones. Heck, I'm surprised this thing held up after the damage it took the other day.
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Urgh... My head......

I knew I shouldn't have eaten that... What the heck just happened?

... it's cold.

((I said I'd do it~ So, Prier just woke up totally naked, in a big tub filled with ice with fake stitches on her side. And her kidneys are intact and still inside her, dammit. And yes, blame CC for this, blame him. EDIT: OK, time for bed, later guys))


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