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[ This Opposite Day, Tokunaga is doing the opposite of what Anise wants it to do. The result: ]

--Wait, how did this happen!?
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With nowhere for the Tartarus to go, these controls sure haven't gotten much use... Actually, I don't have a clue what most of them do, come to think of it. It wouldn't hurt to try just one or two, right...? It's not like the Colonel will find out or anything.



D... did the cannons just charge!? Wait, I didn't want to do that! ...How do I make them stop? Maybe one of these other buttons... This isn't going to make them fire, is it...?
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Looks like everyone's just been staying on the Tartarus lately. I guess it's the obvious choice over a hut, huh? The roof never leaks, bugs don't get in, we get separate rooms with clean beds...

But it'd be a pretty big waste to just abandon our old hut, wouldn't it? We might as well try to get something out of it. So to that end... Listen up, people!

♪ Hut for sale! ♪

It's got enough space for six or more people, with room for pets too! There's also a handy storehouse for food, and a firepit for cooking. The location's good, and the structure is sturdy enough to withstand the weirdest of Island weather! You won't find a better hut anywhere else!

Best offer gets it, so don't hold back, name your price! Since we don't have currency here, feel free to be creative! Just don't be stingy. ♥


Jun. 24th, 2009 09:44 pm
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Looks like it's safe to go outside again. It's great that everyone stopped acting crazy and all, but that doesn't change the fact that my jewels are still...


... in... my pouch? W-wait, were they here all along?



...Well, that's enough dwelling on the past! Let's all just move on and forget those few days ever happened!
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All right! This should be a good place to lay low until everyone stops being crazy...

--Huh? This isn't how I left this room...

AAAHH! Something's missing! Right, the jewels I kept over here... they're gone! But the only people who know about this cave are me and Mion...

I should've known it was a bad idea to leave so much treasure in one spot... Looks like somebody finally found it. Whoever it is, they're going to be sorry they ever set foot in here.

Right, if they only took a handful, they'll probably be back for more. I'll catch them red-handed once they come back!

[So, somewhere on the island, there is a cave containing gold bricks, antiques, bags of money, and stuffed dinosaurs. This is the place where Anise has been hiding all the money and valuables she's acquired over her years on the island. Should you happen upon it, you're going to get accused of stealing and things might get ugly.]
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I'm not dreaming, am I?

...I guess not, if there's no rich groom or extravagant palace. This is another one of those days, isn't it? I better not get paired up with someone creepy again.

Ah! Though now that I think about it, my feet are pretty small... I could fit them into just about any shoe! Not comfortably, but it'd get in there. So all I have to do is find the ideal husband, try the shoe, act like it's a perfect fit, and all my dreams will come true! Hehe... it's too easy.

Hey, who still has a shoe that hasn't been claimed? This lovely bride here is still missing a groom! ♥
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Another one of these days, huh...? I guess I'd better make the most of it!

I suppose a lot of you newcomers weren't expecting to turn up in a backwater island like this, right? Those of you who grew up in cozy mansions and the like must be having trouble adapting, right?

So I'm going to extend a special offer to all you members of royalty, nobility, and the upper class who are struggling to get by in such harsh, uncivilized conditions! Just come over to my hut, and you'll have a solid roof, a hot meal, and a cute girl for company during your unexpected stay. ♥

It's a great deal, right?
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[Filtered against mistletoe partners, unless you're super ninja :|b]

Earth sure has some weird customs. Get caught under one of these plants and you have to kiss, huh...?

This might be just the thing to ignite the spark of love between two people...! As long as I've got this thing following me around, I'll have to make the most of it! I better keep an eye out for any good men who might cross my path... ♥


Winter is such a romantic season, isn't it? It's soothing just to watch the snow fall and the trees sparkle, and the cold practically forces couples to huddle closer together, hehe... I even have a coat this year, so I can spend as much time outside as I want! Ahh... if only I had someone to go on a nice winter stroll with. ♥

Oh, and while I'm out here... Is there a Michael Blanc around? I have something I made just for you! ♥

[what is being on time for things - also tags may be slow since I'm celebrating an early Christmas today]
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I guess these are the island's presents. I was worried I'd get something really lame, so I guess I should be happy! They're pretty cute, even. I need to decide on what to call each of them...

So, just like I thought... today's the 46th! My birthday! Yay! ♪

Everyone remembered to get me a present, right? Late gifts are okay too, but they better be worth the wait! I have to wait twice as long as most of you for my next birthday, after all. So that means this birthday needs to be twice as special!

Ooh... and you know what would be really special? Proposing to a girl on her birthday. Just throwing that out there! ♥

[hurr 15th birthday get! \o/ Outside the Abyss hut is a big pile of Tokunaga dolls, each with hair/accessories/features resembling an Island resident, present or past (like these, for anyone not familiar with Tokunaga o/). Feel free to notice one resembling yourself/a familiar face!]
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Huh. Whatever these weird things are, they sure break easily. I bet Tokunaga can take out a dozen of them in one swipe! I wish they had something better inside them, though. Come on, let's go smash 'em to--


What happened to you? And that rattling sound...

[Riding around on a giant Tokunaga-piñata. If it breaks open, it'll spew out... apple gels and shit. *A*

ETA: bbl hopping on a bus back to edmonton, back in 2-3 hours yaaay back]
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Oh, wow! I never would have thought the library would have one of these! A genuine calendar from Auldrant with all thirteen months... and the year's even right! Having this around might make keeping track of time a lot easier.

Wait, now that I look at it... this is one of those calendars, isn't it?

So Mr. Lorelei Decan is... )


On second thought, maybe I can do without a calendar. I'm not sure I want to see what's on the other pages...
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I can't believe it... I finally got out of there! How long can those stupid tunnels be, anyway!? I must've been stuck in there for days! It was sooo scary.

Ack!! Is that smoke coming from my place!? That means... either the hut's on fire, or...

...or Luke is cooking.


...Maybe I should stay lost for another day...

((IC excuse for hiatus: Anise fell down a hole and got stuck in some underground caves :|b. also yaaay returning to find surpraiz abyss cast! Of course, she has no clue they're there and is jumping to the most logical (and terrifying) conclusion.))
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Huh... so the girls in stories usually get to marry a prince once they're rescued from some horrible danger or something, right? Everybody loves a damsel in distress! A delicate maiden who bolsters men's egos by always needing their help, and gets away with thanking them with only her sweet, heartwarming smile... Ooh, that's the life!

But how's a girl supposed to go about becoming a damsel in distress, anyway? Getting kidnapped isn't something that just happens whenever it's convenient... even though Ion always made it look so easy.

Ohh... what did he do that I'm not doing? Maybe if I figure this out, I'll have my prince on a white horse waiting just around the corner!
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Wow! I guess they really do have some books in Fonic! And this one's even got some interesting stuff in it. ♥

"Anoint yourself with marjoram before sleeping, and you will dream of your future spouse."

It sure would make things easier to narrow it down like that, huh? Instead of spending all this time searching for Mr. Right. But I don't think I'd recognize a marjoram plant even if I saw one... oooh.

"Smuggle some borage into the drink of a prospective husband to give him courage to propose marriage."

W-wow! I wonder if this really works? Maybe I should give this one a shot. Ooh, and it lists a lot of things that are supposed to make a guy fall in love with you if he eats them... some of it sounds gross, though. Toenails!?

((Reading a book filled entirely with wives' tales and superstitions. Italics = read out loud, for all of you who speak real languages. :|))


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