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[oblivious to the power loss, one Sheryl can be found at the beach folding paper planes and making them fly onto the ocean. Unfortunately, the planes can't fly forever and you may see a bunch of planes (or what's left of them) on the water]

Another one. Let's see how far this goes.
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[if you're anywhere near the inn's lobby, you may see someone put up a poster on the bulletin board!]

Beat the heat with exercise! Jogging during the morning, calming yoga sessions in the afternoon, and a cool swim afterwards! Below is where you can sign up. This starts next week! - Sheryl Nome

There. Now I know that I've attempted to help the island community even more.

((WHY IS IT 5AM-- bedtime! I'll tag back when I wake up!))
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[well, it's sunny... for now! and Sheryl has gathered you all for something.]

Hello, everyone. I don't know if all of you know who I am, but I'm Sheryl Nome. And right now, I'm getting a bit tired of people leaving this island after spending a lot of time with them. Why? Because I never get to say goodbye. I never get to do the things I want to do with them, and that's something that's really annoying. I know what I'm capable of and I know what I should be doing, but I never get the chance to, because whenever I want to do it, the person goes home and you're here on this island. Alone.

So, I'm going to say this now, before I go home, whenever that may be. Goodbye. And you should do the same. Tell those people you like that you're not going to be here forever. Let them know what they should know, tell them everything before it's too late. Do whatever you want with them, because time is limited and-- [THUNDER!

maybe today is not the right time to do everything and anything with anyone]

[ooc; idk do whatever \o/ mock her, point and laugh, threadhop, what have you!]
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[because it can never be too late for exercise! have a Sheryl jogging around convenient Island location #3 carrying a dumbbell in each hand]

I never get to exercise any more, so there's a lot my body has to catch up to.

Just one more round, and I will start to cool down.

What else will the day land on Sheryl Nome?

[bother? y/n?]

((OOC: going to school! tag back in a bit!))
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[if you're somewhere near the hot springs, you may hear some ruckus! There is one (1) Sheryl Nome in only a towel chasing a very muddy monkey! Thing is, this monkey is not being chased because it is dirty! It is being chased because in one of its paws is holding a pink panty *w*]

GET BACK HERE, you monkey! I'll teach you to mess with the great Sheryl Nome!

[please send help]
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[somewhere on the Island is a stage! It looks like someone is about to have a concert! there are speakers everywhere so it will probably get pretty loud. there is a girl standing at the center of the stage.]

Island! I demand nothing else but your attention. If you can hear this, stop whatever you're doing. Follow the sound of my voice. It's all you need.


And listen to my song!

((Sheryl's pre-Valentine's concert! Full details are here in this post. State in the subject if you're commenting during the concert, or after! All Sheryl replies will be "after" the concert, not unless someone screams and pretty much gets her attention!

Anyway, have fun, threadhop!))
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[at some very convenient location, a Sheryl is sitting on a rock a la icon, looking at the sky and might just be talking to herself a bit loudly!]

I'm not so sure who I'm singing for. I've had an interesting time here on the island, and I'm glad that I was able to share something with Alto here, but it's been so long since I've seen him... and whatever happened here... and back in Frontier... I don't even know what to think anymore. I'm still going to have that concert, no matter what! Sheryl Nome never backs down from anything. I'll do it.

We share the same sky. Don't we, Alto?

I don't know what's bothering me lately, I should just get to work! I need to finish that song before this week ends. Let's do communication!
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[if you happen to be at the inn at let's say something o'clock, you may overhear someone in the kitchen!]

Baking a cake shouldn't be too difficult! If it was, then there would only be a few people in the profession. I'm sure that even I can bake a cake!

First step: crack the egg! I've done this many times before so it shouldn't be--.




--what is wrong with these eggs?!

((Headed to bed! Will tag back when... I wake up. Whenever that will be +A+))

Arcana XVI

Sep. 27th, 2009 10:12 pm
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*there is currently a Main Character cradling a very vocal eggbaby with a microphone and a plastic evoker attached to either side of it on the beach*

Do you think we should try singing to it, Sheryl-san? I'm not sure if I'd be able to keep up with you, but I could try...
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Everyone's got something they really like doing, right? If there isn't, then you're probably living a lifeless life.

So, what is your passion? What is your inspiration?

I'm excited to hear what everyone has to say.

((OOC: Tag back later! I've got orchestra practice to attend--!))
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[If you happen to be using your laptop, a sudden window might pop-up! It's Tweeter.com, the micro-blog website of the Island! The Island has happily made you an account (username of your choice) And you might see this:]

big image yaaay )

[Apparently, anything you type in the "what are you doing?" box will get broadcasted all over the Islandnet.]

((OOC: All replies to this post will be @replies to whoever just tweeted :( UMMMM threadhop :D?!

ALSO to change the link name(???) of your usernames, just type <*lj user="username" title="alternate link"> only without the asterisk))
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[Everything seems normal now, right? You wake up with your wounds stinging and you cringe. Sadness. Or, you wake up the way you usually do if you weren't affected by the events that had transpired. Or you're totally all right now because of ~*~hugs~*~ galore! Either way, you smell something hideous! What could it be? You decide to check it out.

... Oh. It's just Sheryl trying to cook something. What do you do now?]

((ooc: off to school! I'll tag back later if class is boring.))
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[hello there, girl's bathroom! GIRLS ONLY unless boys want to get punched in the face. feel free to threadhop and all that jazz]

It's not like anyone can hear us or anything! Let's talk boys~♪

Who do you like in school? Come on, don't be shy! It can be your classmate or even a teacher! I won't tell, promise ♥! And neither should you guys too! Let's all just keep it a girl thing.
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So if I do this and then this... I'll--


[LOOK AT THAT GIANT PERSON 8| She is a Zentradi :OOO!!! Aaaaand Zentradi underwear are raining on the island so derp Sheryl is currently buried among a pile e_e]
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Listen to our song!

[We have here a Sheryl & Ranka concert post! Feel free to threadhop & spam! Also, whenever Ranka and Sheryl reply to your threads, assume that the concert is over \o/ The song embedded on this post is the first song in the concert, aaand--
- Ranka's line-up: Ao no Ether / Do You Remember Love~bless the little queen / Anata no Oto / Seikan Hikou
- Sheryl's line-up: Welcome to My FanClub's Night! / Iteza Gogo Kuji Don't Be Late / Diamond Crevasse / Northern Cross
- Duet songs or something: What 'bout my star @ Formo!]
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Well, if I'm going to be stuck here, you three should be helping me out all the time. Understood? Here's our list of activities for the day, slaves:
1. Find me some food.
2. Find me someone to talk to. Preferably someone who I can understand and someone who can tell me where this is.
3. Make me a nice house.

That's all for today. Now, go go. Do whatever I asked you to do.

[Sheryl intro \o/;; There are three monkeys with her all wearing pink hats like her or something 8|]


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