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Did I miss a post-Halloween riot or something? Seriously, eggs and TP? That's the best you can come up with? Shit, what a mess.

Hmm. Waiting for Vergil to clean it up probably isn't gonna work. Man, I wish Nero was still here so I could make him do it.

Maybe I should just find a new cave.

If it wasn't for the eggs, I could've at least salvaged the toilet paper.
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Hey, Mom didn't say anything about going to the beach. This is so cool!

That's a lot of beach though.

... Wait a sec, I remember this place. This is the place with the tree that grows pizza! C'mon Vergil, let's go find the tree!

((Chibi Sparda twins - Dante and Vergil will both be tagging.))
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I need to find them. I need to make sure they're safe...

Then I'm going to find him and stop him once and for all.

((ooc: So, Dante thinks his evil twin is trying to open a portal to the demon world and release demons on the island. He's trying to get his friends to safety, but if anyone doesn't go along with his delusion, he'll probably decide they're either a demon in disguise or working with Vergil. Or both.))
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Okay Island, if you're listening, I've got a complaint. Don't get me wrong, most of the time I like it here. I've got friends, a bar, and a place to live that's rent-free. Sometimes things get a little weird, but that's okay. That just makes life interesting.

Just one request -- stop messing with my head!

I mean seriously, do I look like the type of guy that goes to prom? Hell, I never even graduated from high school.

And don't get me started on the random kissing and the surprise family members that aren't really family. Come on, enough with the crazy make-believe shit already. I'm getting confused which memories are real and which didn't really happen, or happened to a different me, or whatever.


... If you're not going to answer, could I at least get some aspirin? All this shit is giving me a headache.
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Okay, that's weird. Why am I getting email from some medical lab? This better not be more junk mail about increasing the size of my...

Why is it dated years in the future?

Dear Mr. Dante, )


This is a joke, right?

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Damn, it's getting crowded around here.

Okay, listen up. Anyone who needs a drink, come by the bar. I think there's still some stuff that doesn't grow on the trees. Or you can bring your own coconuts and mix yourself some fancy drink. Just don't ask for one of those stupid paper umbrellas.

And just 'cause I'm tending bar doesn't mean I want to hear about your problems. I couldn't care less.

((Tag, mingle, start a bar fight, whatever. XD))
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Now this is what I'm talking about!


What the hell?

Okay, maybe this one.


... Dammit.

Stupid computer. I need another drink.

((Hanging out at the bar, drinking and trying (unsuccessfully) to make his laptop give him porn. Links are worksafe, honest. ;D ))
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This must be that thing that was in the paper.

Alright, so I've got a key. Now what? How am I supposed to figure out what it unlocks?

Something about it looks kind of familiar...
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I knew I should've found a place closer to the pizza tree. Too bad there isn't a tree that grows clothes.

((Oops, guess who goes commando. Still wearing the sword though, because it's a magic velcro sword.))
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Looks like everything is stocked up pretty good. If I counted the days right, I think it's time for a party.

Bar's open! Happy New Year!

((ooc: General New Year's Eve party post! Help yourself to drinks, and there's probably a lot of pizza from the tree around too.

Dante may not be tagging every thread, so mingling and threadhopping are encouraged!))
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This is ridiculous. Hey island, it's son of Sparda, not Santa.

I guess a guy in a red coat does go with the general theme these days. Snow, gifts, and getting stalked by apparently rabid mistletoe. ... Ow, stop hitting me! I'm not gonna start kissing random people, no matter how many times you do that.

Hey, speaking of gifts, has anyone seen Heine around?

Screw this, I'm going to the bar for a drink. Ow! Stupid plant. I'm tempted to shoot you again, even if it doesn't do any good.

((Dante's red coat is now trimmed in white fur, like so, for the holidays.))
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Looks like it's been abandoned.

... Well, she did say I built it. Guess I'll just make myself at home.

Jackpot. So this is where they've been hiding the good stuff!

((Checking out "his" bar, now under new (old?) management. Except he's too lazy to actually manage it, so whatever.))
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So, big spooky lookin' house appearing out of nowhere and falling out of the sky. I might just have to take a look inside. Anybody want to come along?

... Ever get the feeling you're missing something?

((Sabrina put a sign on the back of Dante's coat that says 'HELLO MY NAME IS MISTER NICE GUY DANTE' . Except thanks to the island, Dante can't see it and doesn't know it's there. Feel free to point and laugh.))
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This place looks kinda familiar.

Hey, this is that island, isn't it? I thought that was all a dream. Feels real enough though.

... Wait, if this is the island, then he might be here.

Only one way to find out...

Hey! Nero! If you're here, you owe me some money, kid!

((Monkeys, water, reverse Fountain of Youth, yadda yadda. Say hello to gay cowboy Devil May Cry 4 Dante, who is probably about 12-15 years into the future. *throws rose* ))
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That tornado sure dropped a lot of junk on the island. At least some of it is useful junk.

They really weren't kidding about the freaky weather around here. Guess living in a cave isn't such a bad thing after all.

Hey Nero, I need to ask you something. You know a girl named Sabrina?

((He found a really beat up couch somewhere, and he's dragging it back to the cave.))
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Huh. Looks like some kind of game thing, but how would you play one of those here? It's not even attached to anything.

... Wonder what these buttons do?

((Dante found a generic game controller that will control him if someone else uses it. Feel free to have it work on other video game characters too, if you like. XD ))
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I don't know about you two, but I'm thinking getting outa here sooner rather than later would be a good thing.

...So, do we go on the count of three or what?

((The Sparda boys + long-lost cousin Nero are going to try to break the barrier. Be prepared for 1) epic DEMON!!1!one! pings and 2) possible threadhopping from Dante and Vergil))
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Uh, I think I need some help here.

Anybody good at doctoring?

((Emiri had a little run in with Shiba, and Dante stepped in. Unfortunately Emiri got a little cut up and could use a healer please?

EDIT: Going to bed. Emiri & Dante will tag back later.
EDIT2: I may not be able to tag today, but Kia probably will. Just go ahead without Dante.


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