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more moe moe: You know what bothers me? BL.
more moe moe: Boys Love. It's just so... wrong! It totally goes against the creators intent...
more moe moe: even if the latent subtext is totally obvious to anyone who reads...
more moe moe: It-- it spawns ridiculous fanworks
more moe moe: that I put on my list to buy at C*miket every year...
more moe moe: that have no basis in canon...
more moe moe: It's-- it's annoying to watch! They should just... stay out of the-- the--


more moe moe:You other lucky people must have gotten easy dares! ( ̄~ ̄;)
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... hey, where is everyone today?
less than 5 seconds ago from Echofon

or it would be if you guys were scandalous at all!! ( ̄へ ̄)
3 minutes ago from Echofon

and it looks like I have everyone added on default... this could be useful ー(>ω<*)ノノ
5 minutes ago from Echofon

aha!! you got a microblogging site while I was gone
7 minutes ago ago from Echofon

[ooc; TWEETER POST. Click the link to see an example/what they're all about! ]


Jul. 19th, 2010 08:17 pm
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[ A chill runs down your spine, despite it being far too hot outside for that. You sense evil. A horrible presence is in your midst and you must run but there is nowhere to go. Was thunder always crackling overhead? Were the waves always churning below and crashing into the cliffs like some Lovecraftian hellbeast was trying to warn you of the upcoming darkest of days?

There is no escape. There is no stopping it.

She's here.

And she she announces this by rising up on a motor-powered platform up from the ground. ]

I'm back.
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You guys were wonderful! Magnificent! Amazing! Truly, a show that'll be hard to top next fall! But I will top it, don't you worry! Even if there are a few choice scenes I would have loved to improve...and some of you could have certainly given more--

That doesn't matter anymore! My rigorous direction and your rigorous training have paid off! Enjoy the party, as you've earned it--! I know a few stars who were really born tonight, oh~hohohohoho!

[ OOC; FALL MUSICAL POST! Or rather... after-musical post. Meaning an after-party being held in the area near the stage! Mingle! Talk about the musical! Be humiliated at what you just participated in! IT'S ALL GOOD and so is the food. :'>b ]
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[ A NOTE In pink, girly handwriting sits in front of a table in the inn filled with... cocktail glasses filled with some very delicious-looking not-suspicious-at-all juice! ]

[ I was making these for a party but I accidentally made too many! So I'm leaving the extras here in case anyone would like some.

Please feel free to take one! They're really delicious, I promise! :)

- &hearts

[ ooc; RENGE MADE BERRY COCKTAILS. Mixing a lot of berries. Feel free to get affected by ANY COMBINATION OF THE LIST YOU WANT WHOOO. ]
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[ sitting outside of the inn is Renge in a Gendou pose (complete with glasses). While you contemplate how accurate her Gendou pose is, you realize taped to the table is a big sign.


And before you have the chance to haul ass, she snaps out of her pose and dramatically points towards your character ]

You! You're just what I'm looking for! But I'll need some proof-- sing! Act! Do something interesting! Show off your talent! You want to get a lead role, don't you?

[ OOC; if you comment here, I'll assume your characters are free for casting in Renge's musical! Add an ooc note if you'd rather not be involved. Also, if you want to have more characters involved but don't want to spam it up on this post, comment here with your rosters. Thank you! ]


Sep. 12th, 2009 07:22 pm
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[Oh, it's a lovely island afternoon, isn't it? The sky is blue, the temperature isn't killing you, and unless you're hindered by handcuffs, there's absolutely nothing to worry about! And even if you were unlucky enough to be evented today, at least you have some peace and quiet to sit and figure out a way to get them off, right?


Cue one incredibly loud, incredibly horrified scream echoing from the eastern end of the island, one that will probably not end any time soon.

It looks like someone found out who they were stuck to today!

Ohohohoho~! That's one way for a man to wake up! ♥

((RENGE AND YUSUKE HANDCUFFENS *3*b Keywords were never so relevant sob TAT Both will be tagging separately so have a ball!))
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This won't do! This won't do!

I miss it! I miss the long-gone days of island's UST. The kind where you trip and land on top of each other, and it's a super moe moe blush moment! Or the kind where your hands land on top of each other's and you share a moment that's way tenser than usual! I miss the tsundere! Nothing riles you people up anymore! I've been watching these boats for hours and the resolution is "Oh no. we have to kiss. How terrible." THIS IS NOT HOW UST IS MADE!

I am but a simple girl! With simple desires! How am I to write create with such jaded muses?! If kisses can't do that, then--

[ DRAMATIC HAND TO HER FOREHEAD, FAKING FAINTING ] What is this world coming to? Can't the island bless me with a little romance? A tiny love story? Is that so much to ask? My delicate maiden heart is breaking!

[ ooc; an angry boat voyeur is now tearing up her UST notes in frustration. Do you avoid her tantrum like the plague or approach? ]
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The day is drawing close to over! And there are still so many people without brides! Without grooms! I will not allow that!

Men, line up to the left! Girls, line up to the right! Men in wedding dresses, go wherever! Start trading shoes! Find your true love!

...Or else!

[ooc; YOUR SPAM POST in case you don't want to make a wedding day post :[b Tags might be slow on my part for obvious reasons. Threadhop! This is what that post is made for! ...Also sorry for posting with Renge again so soon but she's my spampost girl.]
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[It's morning! Those of us who aren't nocturnal are just beginning to wake up! ...And those who aren't are being woken up by a noise coming from their cabin's TV! Unless you're unlucky enough to be in Cabin 6, of course, then you're just hearing it in full blast.]


I remember this one from ages ago! Cabins! Dozens of them! And it looks like the island stepped up the quality this time, too--! A kitchen and a bathroom? Oh my! We'll have to make use of those!

[and have a Renge fiddling with her cabin's TV, and changing the channel to...whatever cabin your character is in!]

Ohohoho, helloooo? Anyone out there? Or awake, yet~? C'mon, rise and shine! We've got a big and possibly dramatic~ sleepover ahead of us!
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This won't do, this is simply vile, this was designed by someone ages ago! I can't believe this is the only open boutique off-campus! As woeful as it is that I've left this to the last minute, I will not leave until I find the perfect dress for me!

Tomorrow is the most magical night in our lives to date! The first true experience we'll have that'll be like the fairytale balls with the beautiful gowns and tiaras and glass slippers--or heels or whatever--which is why I must have the RIGHT gown and the BEST shoes and so on--! You don't go to an event like that in just anything!

You must dress and feel like you're a...like a princess~

What the-- ...!! Eugh! Who would wear something like this? There must be something in here that suits me!

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[Late in the evening, and should you be out and about for whatever reason, you may see a fangirl in her pajamas walking out of the inn!

...Unbeknown to you, she is sleepwalking! And she seems to have a specific destination in mind!

Do you try to snap her out of it, follow her, or do both? The choice is yours!]
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Ladies~! Gentlemen~! And everything inbetween! Con season is upon us! Or...rather, it would be if we were back home! But you know what? It's about time I shared some of my own home world culture with you! And it looks like the island decided to help me out too, Oooh-hohohoho!

So, let's see how this ends up, mm? Welcome to--


Please enjoy your stay, and be sure to participate in all the events! Cons are only as lively as the people who attend them, oho~

[ooc; Okay, here's how this post is going to work: like the festival post! Go around and reply to the comments I've set up re: certain areas, and that's all there really is to it! I believe Manda's going to be commenting with Yuuta re: costume rentals? Anyway, here, have your islandcon!]
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[THE STAGE IS SET, THE SPOTLIGHTS ARE ON, One very grown up Renge has taken up the microphone!]

Ladies and gentleman, boys and girls, and everything in between! It is my privilege to host what will hopefully become a time-honored tradition among us all! It's been thirteen years since I first showed up on island--and longer for some of you! It's time we awarded those among us who excel in...well, excellence!

And so, without further ado, may I present the--~

Glitter Text Generator
Glitter Text Generator

[Poll #1340763]

Thank you for voting. Since this is a day to celebrate, we've taken the liberty of setting up a bar and a fantastic food table~ Eat, drink, and have fun, and all that! Something tells me this will be a lively night, ohohoho~!

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Islanders, I'm sure you know what time it is, right~? No, not literally, and no lewd variations of 'o clock'. It's right before February! Which means it's right before Valentine's Day! And IF you didn't know, Valentine's day is only the most important day in terms of lovebirds! Romance! Pursuing your true romantic self!

I come with a guide for the clueless! The hopeless! For the men who really need it!

Do's and Don'ts Of Valentines Romance
~A Guide For The Romantically Challenged~

Well? What are you waiting for? )

And that concludes it! Of course, I have no objections to taking questions or offering suggestions if you're really in the dark on what to do on that special day. I AM somewhat of an expert on this sort of thing, ohohohoho~

Ah...and sorry for to the examples I used for the photos~ I had to pick someone, yes?
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[You know the drill, guys! No fangirl, HOWEVER there are papers stacked outside the inn! And in places other than the inn should someone go on a destroying spree.]

A little bit late but not unfashionably so, it's the paper! )

[ooc; Newspaper round 5! Details for the locket and key thing is here! And just because I have the newspaper out doesn't mean you can't still sign up, but you all can do your locket and key stuff now! \o/ Also Sousuke do you see what I did there I think you do.]
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This is fantastic! Truly genius of the island this year around! If only I had thought of it...! Though really, it shouldn't come as a surprise at all. After all, this did happen last year, didn't it? I'm sure that newspaper writer will have a field day with this!

...Ah, speaking of which, the Secret Santa! Chika-kun, may I please speak with you for a moment?

And to all my friends, regardless of if you're in this event or not, what would you like for Christmas? Come on, do not be modest! I feel silly enough for not asking sooner!

[ooc; Mistetoe-ing a go go?]
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[Alright people, you know the drill! There is [1] neatly stacked pile of magazines near the entrance of the inn. There is no fangirl in sight! And yes, the newspapers are very free for the taking.]

Happy Newspaper Day \o/! )

[ooc; FROM THIS POINT ON, YOU'RE FREE TO HAVE YOUR CHARACTER FIND THEIR SECRET SANTA. You all got my comments, right? If you did not for whatever reason or...forgot your character's secret santa, just IM me or leave an OOC comment and I'll get it to you!]
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[A now familiar sight is outside the inn--a few tall stacks of newspaper sit there now! But it's a new issue, and this one has something for everyone!

...And of course, there is no fangirl in sight.]


[ooc; WHOO. New newspaper! You all know how the blind dates work, right? Things of note:

November xx = A fill-in-the-blank date for YOU MUNS to pick whenever works for you. Meaning IC-ly there is a date there but yeah. Do the dates whenever you want--wherever you want! There can be a spam post for the dates but I'll ask around to see if everyone wants that or no. That being said, there doesn't NEED to be a spam post! Feel free to do your threads on the main comm, in character journals, whatever. IF I MISSED ANYONE ON THE PAPER FOR DATES, PRETEND THEY'RE IN THERE. I THINK I GOT EVERYONE. H...HOPEFULLY, OTL. ALSO THREADHOPPING IS COOL.]


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