May. 30th, 2009

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[It's morning! Those of us who aren't nocturnal are just beginning to wake up! ...And those who aren't are being woken up by a noise coming from their cabin's TV! Unless you're unlucky enough to be in Cabin 6, of course, then you're just hearing it in full blast.]


I remember this one from ages ago! Cabins! Dozens of them! And it looks like the island stepped up the quality this time, too--! A kitchen and a bathroom? Oh my! We'll have to make use of those!

[and have a Renge fiddling with her cabin's TV, and changing the channel to...whatever cabin your character is in!]

Ohohoho, helloooo? Anyone out there? Or awake, yet~? C'mon, rise and shine! We've got a big and possibly dramatic~ sleepover ahead of us!
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[ There is a girl in pajamas all nice and clean from glorious showers now thoroughly investigating the cabin, including fiddling with the TV ]

I think I saw a movie like this once... only everyone got killed. Not that I think anyone's gonna snap here, but if everyone's doing this stuck-in-a-cabin thing, Kazu-sama people could be in danger!

Or at least they'll be in danger of dying from these reaaaally bad one-liners. What is this show, anyway? I think this guy's in love with his sunglasses. There's got to be something better on.

((Up in Cabin 12, changing the channel and all-around being curious.))
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Okay, I think I can forgive the island for a lot of junk if these cabins get to STAY. Man, how long's it been since I didn't have to MAKE soap to use? Might as well use this as a chance to clean my arm and leg too--

...I really have left this for a while, haven't I?

(( There is a one (1) Edward Elric hogging a bathroom attempting to dig all the grime out of his automail. Sob where's some 409 when you need it.

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Whoa, the water really does go down by itself! Oh, it's spilling out of the bowl.
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Whoa... That's so awesome! Okay, lemme try it!

It looks likes you didn't know... about my trap card!

........ Hey, what gives!? I want a screaming song too! Isn't this island supposed to be magic?

... Hmph, well screw it. Everybody get up-- uh, if you're not up already. I made breakfast!

((SO HOW 'BOUT THAT CABIN 9 and yeah he was watching CSI while he made some foods shut up.))


May. 30th, 2009 02:08 pm
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Oh wow, Island-san has been really nice to us lately, hasn't it? Putting us here, giving us a really lovely cabin and televisions and bathrooms and all of that! Even a nice kitchen with lots of good food to boot! You can't even get that back home, at least not for free...!

Hmmm, let's see....just a little bit more, and... AH! It's perfect! Just the thing for a wonderful perk-me-up breakfast! I really hope the others like it~!

....mmm, but maybe the cereal needs a little more grapefruit juice over it. Oh, and those eggs could use some extra marshmallow fluff too--!

GUUUUUYS! Breakfast is reeeeeeeady--!

((enjoy your imploded innards cabin 5 :( also, tags on my end will be slow thanks to maybe doing birthday stuff and living up being old twenty ;_;b))
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Okay... I don't think this is too bad. I think I can make a decent meal with the materials here. As long as we all share.

... That means you too, Yusuke.

Until dinner's ready, you guys can all enjoy the tea I made. All we have to do is wait it out.

It actually kinda reminds me of when me and my friends had studied groups ...  and never studied.

((OOC: All my Cabin 13 say whaaaat))
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Finally, it's about time we all get something nice! Even if being stuck playing on TV is kinda... urgh. Oh well, at least we can get comfortable for once-- hey, wait a minute...

Something stinks here! And it's not me!
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[[Rabi comes in the room with a bunch of party snacks! Basic stuff like chips and dip.]]

Huh, well this isn't so bad, is it?...It's like some weirdo sleepover! So why don't we make this fun, exciting, and memorable!

So, uh, anybody have something in mind?...Something to do?




...Man, I'm bored.

Spell 19

May. 30th, 2009 06:08 pm
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Besides the fact that I can't get out of this cabin? It's not so bad. I mean, there's beds, a TV, a nicely stocked fridge... Note to self, call dibs on the ice cream. What I'm REALLY worried about is the people I'm staying with.

And considering who I'm staying WITH... Dante, Nero, Vergil... Some ground rules will probably have to be made real clear! Let's see first:

1) No strangling each other.
2) No smothering each other with pillows or death by suffocation.
3) Don't throw furniture or house items at each other
4) Failure to adhere by above rules will result in cruel and unusual punishment by yours truly.

Anyways. Hey, Nero! I made cookies! Want some? And let's check out what else we have in this freezer.

... That's a lot of frozen pizza.
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Ah, aiya... um... Hisui-san? Akiha-san? By chance are all the curtains are closed for me to come out of this closet yet? It's really starting to get cramped in here and I'm starting to get a little hungry.

Normally I wouldn't mind being with everyone else but there are two boys with us... is that really a good idea nowadays? I wonder if Arcueid-san is going through this too? Not that I'd mind if it was Shiki-kun with us but it's Minami-san and some person that I don't know...

... I'll take tomato juice if there is any there too.
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Hm. While it's not entirely surprising to see Eine with me at another strange occurrence on this island, the fact that I have two new surprising faces before me makes me wonder if this was just a meeting of fate or perhaps a whim of god? Well, no matter! I'll take this opportune moment to get along with the new faces!

Eine! Orange peko tea for our fellow living mates... and possibly a new change of maid outfit would be needed for this occasion! Which is a good time for you to do the laundry while we have the chance!
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I've seen odd things on since I've been on this island. Things that I continue to try to accept to this very day as nothing more than bizarre mysteries that are better off not thought of too deeply. I do my best to not lower my guard and even increase my detecting skills to trace any other form of magic should anything like this were to happen... yet again, this unexplained situation occurs.

So I'll ask you this once... do any of you remember how you all have arrived to this place?
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No no no! This simply won't do! These pajamas don't suit me at all! I mean, maybe if they had a Mudkip design to match the blue, or perhaps if they were red or green, then maybe there would be something acceptable about them, but then, why would there be Pikachu on any of those colors? Really, if ANYTHING, they should be yellow!

... Hmph! Well in any case, whoever designed this has no taste! No taste at all! If only I had my needle and thread, or anything, I could make something salvagable out of all of this... Oh well.

I suppose someone should start working on dinner or something like that, am I right?

((so how about that Cabin 23.))
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Well now--! After looking around, this cabin doesn't look like a bad set-up at all. We have actual food, electricity and a toliet. Heh. Shocking. And to top it all off, there's a TV, but we're lacking in channel variety. At least demon programming was a tad bit more interesting. Jeez. Can't believe I'm saying it.

When you see the same guy do the same stunt over and over again, it kinda gets old, you know? Ah, anyway! Who else do we have here? I can't be hogging the whole cabin to myself!
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Hahahaha! I have to say, you all really are hilarious, entertaining yourselves with things like this since you can't actually do it anymore thanks to your laws. Really, is this how you keep your bloodlust in check?

Oh well. Whatever your backwards reasoning is, at least it's entertaining. I wonder who will die next? Say, Maiden! Who do you think is going to die?

((CABIN NUMBER ONE FUCK YEAH also Hao is watching Harper's Island on the TV.))
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The cabin is actually rather nice, and I appreciate the shower and the kitchen. I don't even mind the pajamas.

But I could have done without the slippers again.
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You don't even fit!


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