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-- Wh- whoooaaa!
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[evening is approaching, and Maka is making a beeline for home from wherever she's been all day. every once in a while, she'll look around cautiously, as if she's on the lookout for something.]

... So far so good. Maybe I don't have to worry after all.
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[ -- there was a magical explosion of sparkles, and when it subsided... ]


And THAT'S why I told you not to open it, ya fucking retard!!

[ ...and all who were nearby have suddenly swapped genders. ]

[ OOC: Leo woke up this morning to find a pretty package labeled 'do not open.' He decided to drop it off somewhere and happened to walk by a Soul Eater cookout or something. Black☆Star took it upon himself to open it, of course! Leo, Black☆Star, Maka, Kid, Blair, and Crona have been affected and will be tagging ~ threadhop and have fun! ]

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[for a while now, you may have noticed Maka hurriedly going across the island, seemingly in search of something-- but she isn't having any luck in finding it]

Darnit-- The rest of them are gone already... including her, so where are you...
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[there is someone flying! or rather, there was someone flying, because right now a girl and her means of staying airborne are about to crash into the ground in three, two, one...]

-- Aaah!

[ooc; SOUL AND MAKA ARE CANONUPDATED up to post ch. 65. both will be tagging, natch.]
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[out and about is a girl with a kitty on her head. they don't seem to have a specific place in mind, aside from being near you.]

Hmm... Where to next?

Ooh, let's go over there!

There? What's over... Alright, we can go look.

[so, islanders, what are you up to today?]

[blair and maka will be tagging!]
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[today is a good day. it's nice and quiet in the library, not to mention fairly empty, which makes for quality reading time.]


[clearly, that means you should bother the girl sitting alone at a table with a book.]

[come and harass and stuff, and if you want memories are here in case you touch her or something. :|b]
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[just baaaarely a safe distance away from one of the freakin' huge colossi stands one girl. and the scythe in her hands.]

Sheesh, these things are ginormous... Got any ideas, Soul?

Start at the legs and try to bring it down from there. Just don't get kicked.

Yeah, yeah... Easier said than done, but I don't feel right leaving this... thing here either. ...Alright, ready when you are.

[ooc; /spams frontpage hurr. they are nearby Basaran \o\ aaand tagging order will go you > maka > soul just so... threads make sense.]
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[today in the shade of the blimp, a bookworm and shinigami are chilling on a blanket spread, and surrounding them is a lot of yummy looking food.]

Hm-- There. It feels nice enough to do this outside.

It's nice to relax every once in a while.

Yeah, it sure is. I told the others inside if they want some, they can come out and get it.

[ooc; iiiif you want food, come on over. kid and maka will both be tagging! and since we like mingle posts, feel free to threadhop with everyone and mod your own food if you want.]
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Well, it's been a day already, but I'm glad that's finally over. Two weeks in a row that something weird has to happen... Though, comparatively, I suppose it wasn't all too bad.

Still, it's enough that I hope nothing happens again anytime soon. That was completely embarrassing! I want the scenery to stay relaxing for a while...

[weetiny aftermath post was suggested, and so ye shall receive. go around, mingle with everyone, and make fun of how everyone was as a kid. or just mingle with people if you want to talk about other things too. o/]
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I... I brought some back...

Oh! Wow, those shells are really pretty! They'll make really good decorations for sure!

[maka and chrona are making sandcastles at the beach!! come and look or make your own or something. both will be tagging, and ... feel free to threadhop I guess?!]
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It's been over a month already, and even with everything that's happened so far, we still haven't had any luck finding anything. Is it really that hard...? I think I'm beginning to see why no one bothers much with trying to find a way out of here. I wonder if it's any use at all.

Mm, still...

... It's nice out tonight, isn't it? It's kind of warm, but it looks like we're getting a nice light show this evening. Maybe it wouldn't hurt to take it easy for a little while.

[ooc; so if you're out this night (pretend it's dark, okay) at Generic Random Clearing, there's a whole lot of fireflies buzzing about glowing unusual colors. feel free to threadhop and mingle since there's just a bunch of chilling going on.]
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[if you're in the library today, you'll more than likely notice something that shouldn't be happening: any book that isn't on a shelf is flying around, pages flapping and all, and are hellbent on not being caught by anyone.]

-- Ow! What's wrong with this place ... I just wanted something to read! Is that too much to ask for?!

[and by the way, they bite if you do catch one. don't ask us how, they just do.]

[ooc; JUST AS A NOTE, feel free to mingle/threadhop and have stupid book adventures with each other, because any excuse for doing so is a good one. eta: lol bed work am back.]
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[there is a girl sitting on a large rock, engrossed in a book. so far she doesn't seem to be aware of her surroundings. what do you do?]


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