Sep. 12th, 2009

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[Your young strapping American, Terry Bogard is standing in front of a hut with a handcuff chain link trailing out from the entrance-- You may hear a voice coming from said hut!]

Are you SURE there's no one out there?

Kid, it'll be fine. If anyone tries anything you know I'll give 'em a few good words and they'll be on their way.

Oh, this is so much harder than I thought! At least the chain is long enough to let me change privately.

Hey kid, are you done yet?

Sorry, I just need to put on this shirt and I'll be done-- now just get the sleeve in this arm and... oh dear.

[ooc: Terry and Sumire will be tagging separately o/]
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[Today, I woke up to find myself handcuffed to my mortal enemy, a sadist who needs no reason to physically and mentally torture me any time of day or night. FML]

I do hope this is a dream.

((And Radu only wakes up in the evening. Dietrich will tag soon pleasebepatient! Tagging order, if you do tag, will be You-Radu-Dietrich \o/))
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Ara ara~

It seems that this sort of thing is becoming too repetitive nowadays. At least these handcuffs aren't too uncomfortable but I could still rather do without them. Even though the chain on them is rather longer than normal ones, it seems that I cannot venture far enough on my own even if I wanted to.

Oh well, not like it matters anyway. I guess I'm stuck with you one way or another so long as we're on this island, May. And I'm feeling in the mood for some treasure hunting... so how about it? And I suppose other people can come along if they want to.

((Tags are going in threeway! So it's You-->Gil-->May! /o/))


Sep. 12th, 2009 07:22 pm
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[Oh, it's a lovely island afternoon, isn't it? The sky is blue, the temperature isn't killing you, and unless you're hindered by handcuffs, there's absolutely nothing to worry about! And even if you were unlucky enough to be evented today, at least you have some peace and quiet to sit and figure out a way to get them off, right?


Cue one incredibly loud, incredibly horrified scream echoing from the eastern end of the island, one that will probably not end any time soon.

It looks like someone found out who they were stuck to today!

Ohohohoho~! That's one way for a man to wake up! ♥

((RENGE AND YUSUKE HANDCUFFENS *3*b Keywords were never so relevant sob TAT Both will be tagging separately so have a ball!))
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... Keiichi.

I know you've been wanting to know what my specific type is, but putting us together like this? Not exactly the most brilliant idea ever.

(OOC: Have the two K's in handcuffs. Thread order is you-Kallen-Keiichi. \o\)
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Hmph. Very funny, Akutare. If this is your idea of a joke, I'm not laughing. If this is part of some grand scheme of yours, I want out. If this-- Well, I think you get the idea already!

Anyway, I can't be stuck like this all day! I have stuff that I need to do!

((Adell and Akutare will both be tagging separately!))
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[ ooc; MOST SOCIALLY AWKWARD HANDCUFF POST EVER. Neku and Hisui are just standing around looking uncomfortable and will be tagging separately! Otherwise there will be no conversation whatsoever. ): ]
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[ Just when you think you haven't seen weirder-- One Chii is mounted upon Flay's shoulders, and gesturing to the pink-haired loli handcuffed to Flay's other arm. ]

So high from up here! Chii can see really far!

... Amu! Sit on Chii's shoulders so Amu can see from up high too!

[ ooc; Chii and Amu are both handcuffed to Flay ): I assume they shall be tagging separately as well! ]


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