Feb. 2nd, 2010

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Ikutooooooooooooooooooo! Hey!! It's been days already, this isn't funny!! This... this isn't...

Did he really go home...? Then it's just three of us in the church again-- unless he really is hiding, but even he wouldn't keep this up for this long, right?

Ah, my feet hurt. My head, too...

((One tired and sick loli has just stumbled in your vicinity and looks about ready to drop. She's been looking for Ikuto for a few days now.))
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It's about time I started cleaning out the hut! I've been rather careless lately haven't I? I'll attend to that before tending the flowers. Although I might as well move to the inn since no one's staying with me... Hm? That chest wasn't in that corner before. Did it belong to Yukina or Nuriko-san before they left?

... I have this rather ominous feeling.... As if I shouldn't keep it around. Probably should follow that instinct then. I'll just lug it outside and... GAAAAAH!!!

O-Oh! It's just playing a song! I was scared for nothing! But it's just a box right? I wonder what's inside to make it play like that??

[ooc: If you manage to open the box, a dingo or monkey jumps out at you, but none of you know that yet *_*]


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