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The balloon feels sorta empty... Has everyone gone on a long trip and did they forget to come back?

... This chocolate is yummy! I got lots of candy to eat.

I'll share if there's anyone who wants some though!

((OOC: Too much candy for the five year old :())
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[Today is a quiet day.






You may or may not have dodged it, but either way, the balloon has exploded. And it doesn't seem to be filled with water.

Is that... Milk??? And a five year old is staring at you with another water balloon ready to fire.]


((OOC: WATER BALLOON FIGHT. The balloons are filled with either soda, alcohol, milk, juice, coffee, or just plain old water. The point is? IT'S TIME TO RUIN EACH OTHERS CLOTHING. Where did these balloons come from? SHUT THE HELL UP THIS IS ISLAND. THREAD HOP. I fully expect murder.

EDIT: Gonna AFK for a bit, but keep on tagging each other, love you all ♥))
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[You're in the inn perhaps passing by or on your way to the kitchen hoping for something magically to appear in the cupboards that's actually normal to eat. Inside the kitchen there are broken egg shells, bowls full of buttermilk pancake batter, fruits, syrups, and whisk tools about and Yotsuba standing on stool staring intently at a pan on the stove with Ayumu watching her.]

All right! I'm gonna make a perfect pancake this time!

That's what you said on your last three tries.


You're not even flipping them correctly. I thought you told me you knew how to do this.

Don't worry Ayumu! I'll make us lots of delicious pancakes.

Do you have to make a lot? Really? Because I don't think everyone wants to taste your pancakes.

[OOC: Ayumu and Yotsuba will be tagging separately! Pancake meals are the best.]
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[No matter where you are (assuming it's a place easily accessible/easy to break through) you now have a water pistol aimed at your face.]

You must be tired of livin'.
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[So the Weeping Angels are gone now and it seems to be relatively quiet around the blimp. The door opens and a familiar crop of green hair can be seen with two huge eyes staring at whoever may be passing by]




Are the scary statues gone now? I wanna go play outside now!

Wanna play with me?

[Count on the five year old to get over the scary angels in a jiffy.]
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[Have a small girl surrounded by bunches of coconuts and looking perplexed]

I have a question!

How come coconuts don't smell like cocoa? Or nuts? And they're really hard to open!

And I want candy.

[ooc: It's a good thing she's not strong enough to crack them :(]
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OH NO!!!!!

IT'S THE MUMPS! Duralumin is not going to make it! Stay with me Duralumin! Don't fly to the light!!!

OH NO!!! The lion is going to eat Duralumin! Bear down! Bear down! We're losing her!

[OOC: Yotsuba is playing by herself on the beach! With her teddy bear and... Rocks, pebbles, and shells she's pretending are other animals. Gotta give her credit for her creativity.]
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[A day like any other. The temperature is normal, the dingos still have rabies and something akin to a sea of white fleece is moving towards you rather quickly with a five year old running ahead at the risk of being run over.

Wait, what?]

SO MANY SHEEP! And they keep following me! Where am I supposed to put you all!? I can't let you sleep in my room!
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[So you're minding your own business after the hubbub of last weekend and thankful for the peace. And maybe you're around the inn doing who knows what until you hear what distinctly sounds like a shattering of glass... And a child looking up at a broken window in wonder.]



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Someone get me a working phone fast! The one in the balloon is broken and I want to call Daddy!
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[THIS IS NOT RANKA-- I mean, it is a completely ordinary day on the island. Very ordinary. You may be passing by the lake and see a green haired girl fishing!]

All right! This will probably be my biggest catch yet! Everyone's gonna have a yummy dinner tonight-- Ugh, the line snapped! AGH, IT'S GETTING AWAY!!!


[Said green haired girl will now proceed to leap into the lake after the elusive fish. Funny how after ten years not too much can change.]

[OOC: It's TYL EVENT TIME HELL YES. If you haven't guessed already, this is Yotsuba, aged ten years! So go join in on the fun and start having futuristic shenanigans! :B Back!]
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One, two, three, four... TEN! I got a lot of shells today! I'm going to get a lot so I can give them to Daddy when he calls to tell me to come home!

I wonder why all the grown up people acted so crazy at that party that happened a while ago... The life of adults sure is mysterious.

Hm. I'm sorta far away from the balloon. And the sun's going down. I should go back-- Oh! Pretty! Another pretty shell!

[Watch as the five-year old wanders farther and farther away from her place of residence :(]
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[You're out and about on the island minding your own business. Suddenly, there is a tug at your clothing! You look down to see...]

Hi there!

I'm hungry.


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