May. 27th, 2010

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This is stupid. This rain has over stayed the welcome and is just making things boring now.

It really goes to say something when you're standing around outside just wishing for something to happen. Like some lightning. Thunder and lightning would be nice to see.

Where are the people calling out to the rain gods for cursing them with this? Is anyone going to try doing an UNrain dance? Isn't there someone crazy enough here to try something?

Maybe I should just try and see if I can get Lyner to make something weird that could help right now...
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[Have a small girl surrounded by bunches of coconuts and looking perplexed]

I have a question!

How come coconuts don't smell like cocoa? Or nuts? And they're really hard to open!

And I want candy.

[ooc: It's a good thing she's not strong enough to crack them :(]
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[night is on its way, but that doesn't stop this particular ghost-girl from what she's doing: training. in a clearing somewhere, Youmu weilds both her swords and goes through different movements with varying speeds, ranging from slow to abnormally quick.

she might be at this for a while.]
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[If you happen to be trying to take refuge in the Library from the rain today, you... might want to look somewhere else. Your local island library is currently experiencing its own miniaturized version of all the heavy showers, thanks in part to the numerous huge leaks in the roof. And the books? Well, they are mostly drenched except for doujinshi section, that section is mysteriously missing and your froggy librarian is doing a very slow job in trying to save them]

I suppose this means I'm going to have to close down the library while I try to repair the roof... if the rain will let up, of course~ Ku ku kuuuu~ At least my leafy umbrella is holding up in here, da ze~ I've got 2 days to get the books out and start drying them out if they are going to be salvaged. Hmm~ But I wonder if I should, da ze~

[You book nerds better save your precious books if you want to have ANYTHING to read.]


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