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[deep in the night, are you looking for some fun--

or rather, suspense as Radu is standing hidden in the shadows and is somewhat visible only when you bother to actually look for the source of your paranoia, the feeling of being watched]

Hm, many unfamiliar faces...

[but he means no harm, honestly]

((Breaking hiatus?? And it feels like I'm posting for the first time oh dear so nervous HI GUYS))
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[Radu and Dietrich are sort of wandering around as they look for other people. Why? Dietrich needs a new supply of sharp, pointy things to do less than ethical things with. It's like asking to borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbors, really!]

It was so kind of you to volunteer your help, Radu. I really do appreciate it! The knives I have are already really dull from trying to cook here...Ah, I'm afraid I don't have much talent for it when it's not already partially repaired. Hopefully someone is kind enough to not mind parting with a set.

I personally would never have associated you with such a hobby. It is somewhat doubtful that anyone will have extras available.

I suppose I am being a bit too optimistic. I could offer to trade something for them, but I imagine there's little that I can do that others would be interested in. But, I wouldn't call it a hobby either, honestly. It's more like something necessary.

Does the food here not suit your taste, Dietrich? I hope nothing is hindering your adaptive abilities since situations can change as easily as one would clothes.

Not particularly. I have sensitive tastes, so it really is easier to just cook my own meals. Wouldn't that be more like complimenting my adaptive abilities?

Perhaps. Do make sure you that you do not confuse your cooking utensils with... other equipment.

[just smiles] I'll take it into consideration, but I would never be so careless.

((ooc: Radu and Dietrich will be tagging separately!))
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I suppose we should be thankful for the little variety we have in drinks, not that the coconuts alone do not accomplish the same basic goal of satisfying alcoholic cravings.

Will you be able to handle yourself tonight, Sheryl?

((EDIT: BARTENDER RADU! General drinking and mingling post in a general drinking area! Or if your character wants to hit one of these two up, that's fine, too.))
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I am usually not one to reminisce and dwell on the past nor do I enjoy it much, but at this time there is not much to think about apart from what has occurred in the past few months... considering that this is an afterlife in a sense. Meetings, events, daily routines and disruptions of them have become the norm to long-time residents. What are their thoughts when another year comes to an end? Do they hope for the day they will be sent home or instead look forward to what may happen by staying? I wonder if there are those who would prefer to stay here as well.

Next year... Well, I do not see a need for change in myself. I will not oppose to new acquaintances but neither will I encourage it, to keep things simple.

And perhaps I would like to be able to step out into the sun one day. In absence of Mari--Dietrich. Has he gone home?

((It's night, as usual, and Radu is out on the shore thinking aloud quietly. Kinda but not really a New Year's resolution thing.

EDIT: And gotta go. Tag back later!))
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And once again, a storm passes followed by the calm. Am I unfortunate that I was not able to visit the latest attraction? It must have been quite the experience, if the screams were any indication. The night is young, should anyone be in the mood to relive their adventures through a little story-telling.

Ah, I need another one.

((And I miss another event TAT Oh well. Radu is by the alcoholic coconut tree, chilling and drinking like the handsome man he is. Feel free to share your stories!))
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The famous 'stork baby' is it? I am unsure if I should be glad that there is an obvious lack of animation from this... baggage.

I don't imagine Miss Sion will be very pleased.

((Good eveniiiiing, ladies and gents. You'll find one bored-looking Methuselah staring down at a sack of flour. Both will be tagging, I assume.))
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[Today, I woke up to find myself handcuffed to my mortal enemy, a sadist who needs no reason to physically and mentally torture me any time of day or night. FML]

I do hope this is a dream.

((And Radu only wakes up in the evening. Dietrich will tag soon pleasebepatient! Tagging order, if you do tag, will be You-Radu-Dietrich \o/))
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Yet another strange... transformation. I should learn to avoid these by timing my walks appropriately. It was not as productive as I had hoped with the limitations preventing further exploration. At least there was enough shelter from the sun, which I am thankful for.

Now, what will these children do in the current predicament they're in? Perhaps it is a test, a survival of the fittest.

((EDIT: Oops, bed time. Will tag back later!))
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This--Well, this proves that I am indeed living... And not granted even a moment of peace. How unfortunate for the Terrans here to experience something unpleasant. I cannot say that I will feel much remorse, but making an enemy out of an island inhabited by different races I have never encountered before could be an issue I would rather not deal with. As limited as my choices may be, one does give me a better chance of survival. Starving to death is hardly the ideal way to die.

That being said, I wonder if anyone is willing to offer some their blood? If not, a little hunting is in order.

((HAPPY TWO WEEKS OF BEING FREE ON ISLAND RADU. Now he's going to hunger regularly for blood as he did when he was alive for the rest of his stay. *_*

EDIT: Out for the night. Will tag back later!))
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Is hell the same for everyone or particular to each person? Whatever the case, I must be fortunate though it seems strange that a moonlit beach should be my final destination. How nostalgic.

And a gift to celebrate my death as well... Here's to the afterlife.

((If you're out on this lovely evening, you may see a man sitting on the shore, smoking. Approach or ignore? -- Here's Radu!))


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