Jul. 28th, 2007


Jul. 28th, 2007 12:21 am
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What is the meaning of this!? You'd think humans, of all creatures, would know how to read signs, of all things. Didn't your parents ever teach you the concept of 'indoor voice'? How dare you disturb a Crimson Noble such as myself while they are trying to sleep!


Wait. This does't look like Filgaia at all, let alone Crimson Castle Not that I've been paying attention! I demand to know who's behind this!

No, wait, on the other hand, nevermind; I have no time to wait around for foolish humans to find someone to blame. If anyone knows what's good for them, they'll help out a superior being such as myself

And don't even think of asking for compensation; why should I reward you for your own mistakes?

((Hii o: ))
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Hmm, it seems as though things have been improving. I can't really complain about that, though, as it's better than being depressed.

Are there any craftsmen on the island? I need to have something made. I'll pay you if you take the job, of course.
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Let's play a game~!

If you could have ONE WISH about ANYTHING you want, what would it be?

Not including getting off this island.

((Bored Norma is bored, and desires some interesting conversation. Totally creative prompt, of course. Totally not taken from her life experiences or anything. >_< So um, just come up and have a chat?))
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Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match.
Find me a find, catch me a catch.
Matchmaker, matchmaker, look through your book
And make me a perfect match~~~~.


Jul. 28th, 2007 11:32 am
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If anyone would like a haircut, I would be most willing to give you one ♥

Also, seakingseeking: male, blond, wearing a silly hat and always looks so degraded. I assume that he is not here, however, if you see him, please tell him that another date is in order.
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So. It has come to my attention that I have become unnecessarily violent or something. And I'm chalking it up to the fact that I'm frustrated. Since my usual stress relief consists of sparring or killing monkeys, I'm trying something new.

Meditation's supposed to be relaxing, right? But I am NOT saying "Om". I feel ridiculous enough as it is.

Also, Kabuto? I'd like to have a chat with you about your kindly protection of my body while I was... out.

..... Is there a set way to do this? Some sort of process?

((lol meditation.))
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[Private to Self. No point for it to be hackable, rly. D:]

Libra filled with water, and then... Chal, you're still with me, aren't you? Even if I died you couldn't possibly have followed me here. Perhaps Atamoni has decided to pull a great cosmic joke on me, to see if I still have the ability to laugh at stupid twists of fate.

...But Marian is safe now. I've served my purpose and whether dead or not...


...This was not quite what I was expecting to see once I came to, considering what happened. Either this is Calvalese or I'm dead. ...It's not sweltering enough to be Calvalese. I must be dead.

[Nil here with muse #3, Leon Magnus from Tales of Destiny. Please read the important note in my OOC intro post here. Also, yeah, not my sample post entirely, because Leon isn't much of a monologue type.]
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((Have a demon butler heading your Island way /o/ enjoy Also lol copy pasta))

Hm. This is quite an inconvenience, indeed. It would be troublesome if I can't get the afternoon tea and sweets to my master on time. And we've prepared such a lovely tea set for this afternoon as well. And frankly, I'd be worried if no one is there to tell him to do his homework. Boys need their education. My, what ARE they teaching them these days.

Alright, now let's see. I will have to set up appropriate camp and such before 6:00 pm, along with dinner, of course. We have hmm--oh, one, two, three, four, five-- Australian dingoes god bless the Queen and her colonies of hungry rabid dogs and natives who will first have to be cleared out of this area. I suspect...less than a minute to take care of them? 4:01. That will do. Pack of monkeys, now that could get a little sticky. I sure hope they won't scratch my uniform. I happen to be quite fond of this, and it was just washed and treated with starch. I'll say at 4:05, then. With that bit of unpleasantness out of the way, I do believe I can start tonight's dinner.

Roast beef was last night's dish, so we shall have Coronation Chicken and some dumplings. Sweet ones? The coconuts can be put to use, and it is of utmost importance for a butler to be able to use all his resources effectively. That would be done at around...5:30, let's say. Yes. If I can't even do something at this level, how can I call myself a butler to the Phantomhive family, indeed. Best not to dally--!

Speaking of uncouth behavior, I will really have to apologize to that wild ape whose neck I had to break. It was a most unseemly sight, and I'd like to offer my apologies, as well as thanks, for he inadvertently knocked a few coconuts loose for me.

Wonderful seasoning for tonight's dinner. Thank you, good chap.

Also, could someone direct me to the nearest kitchen? That would be so much appreciated.
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Tch, marriage is so boring. I don't see the big deal about it. Maybe a divorce would be good right about now...

I'm boooored. Someone entertain me.
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Well that's interesting.

Island, if you were that irritated with me climbing the trees all the time, you could have just told me.

Not that this is all that bad. It's all the view minus the leaves and branches; almost an improvement if you think about it~

I could stay up here for a while~

((Mutsumi's floating. The Island got tired of him always climbing trees or something and stuck him in the air, I don't know. He's about as high up as a pretty high tree branch, and he's not moving. And he's only coming down when the Island feels like dropping him. Not that he really cares but whatever.))
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Oh hey, Watanuki, I finished your little vial, so you can come and pick it up whenever you feel like it! I put a lot of detail into it, so it shouldn't break easily!

Man, it feels so good to be out of that suit! Formal clothes like that don't do well with me! Dad should be out of the dress now, too! That's an image I won't get out of my mind for a long time, though...

I've been thinking lately. All I've been doing is crafting stuff and working on the house since I've been here. I haven't used my swords for real in a while. I don't want to lose my edge on it, so anyone want to spar? Let's go defeat ten wolves! Or go with me out to train a bit? Or heck, even just come with me to watch me train, but I want to use my swords so they don't get worn! Even though they can't really get worn out, since they're made of fire and ice, I still don't think just keeping them in their cases is good!

Kratos, you up for it?


Jul. 28th, 2007 03:38 pm
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Ohh, I guess the island can be really nice at times!

I found a tennis court! It looks like someone else here made it a long, long time ago. It was rather grimy and looks like it hasn't been touched in ages. :< But I cleaned it off! And in some of the old huts around it, I found tennis rackets too~!

It's a nice day, is anyone up for a game? I promised Simon I would teach him, so~~

((Long ago, when the island was still a new RP, gay tennis players roamed the land. Peach found their old camp and court, and enough tennis rackets for a few games *A* Feel free to join in~!))
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Oi, so we have a lot of new people here, right? Right. Some people coming back who I'd rather not deal with ever again, but that's how this damn rock works apparently.

Anyway! I need to keep up to date on who to avoid the idiots here, so if I don't know who the hell you are, line up! I need names dammit, so just tell me who you are then get lost for all I care. I don't want to hear any life stories, just a name and a face. ... Or hell, if I do know you and don't know your name, cough it up too.

By the way, if you're a hero back where you come from, don't be surprised if I kick your face in! I haven't beaten down any heroes in a long time, and I'm starting to feel the need to do that again!

Hmhmhm... In fact, if you are a hero of some sort, go pile together over there on the beach. Preferably in a cross formation, so I can take you all out at once!
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[UNHACKBLE to Redd White; Open to everyone else]

Ahahaha... So it really did work.

Bad guys really do get theirs in the end~. I'm just glad I discovered the glitch beforehand, and held onto it. Everyone wins... Except...

Mia, I'm sorry for making you mad, but at least Redd's a pony now.
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Ahh, finally! ♪

Hey, Senri! Sorry it took me so long, but thanks to all that rain and the fact everyone started running around like crazy in those fancy outfits, I finally got that ocarina I promised you finished! Whenever you wanna start, I'm ready! ♥

Oh! And anyone who wants to listen is free to, I don't mind! ♪
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((Short post is short. So because of the tainted backfiring food, she thinks she's a cat. I was out of ideas and my kitty was drooling on me, so... She's currently lying down near the water and swatting at some fish

EDIT: Thanks to Michiru... err the Witch, she's an actual cat now, /o/, she's red with a star.))
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... what are you doing, get off of me you--- I am---- GYEAAAAAAAAAH

((Hehe, he's getting ridden by monkeys, and getting a breakdown))

EDIT: Calling it quits early today, will tag again tomorrow
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Hn...I met that AI that you were talking about, Atoli. She's not an Event NPC. Event NPCs probably wouldn't know that this isn't The World anymore, but that kid does.

The weather's pretty nice right now. Hm...I guess this calm is okay.

...Looks like I didn't do too badly at this. It's nice, I guess.

((ooc: o/ Haseo finally decided to make some tea and not entirely fail at it using some of the tea leaves that Mei gave him a little while back. Housewarming gifts FTW~. Also, strike is very hackable.))
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... 296, 297, 298, 299, 300! Now it's been five minutes. I'm still here, so I guess this isn't a dream, and I'm... really stuck here? Ah, this isn't good! I need to get back to Ikki-kun and everyone! Um -- i-it looks like there's a lot of people here! I wonder if I asked really nicely, would one of them help me? But I don't want to bother them... maybe I shouldn't.

-- Ah! Is that... Kuu? It's hard to tell, but it really does look like him! ... Did I make it to Ikki-kun's house after all?

( 'Sup! Magi here with her fourth character, Kururu Sumeragi of Air Gear~. )
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Pheh, thank god that ordeal is over. I think that was my least favorite 'game' this island has ever played. Though there have been some pretty bad ones... Mn, I'd rather not relive it.

Hm...I know I've asked this before, but I am currently obligated to ask it again. Do any of you have some 'cooking utensils' I can use? Bowls, spoons, a cookie sheet? If not, perhaps someone can help me produce some?

[Filtered from Garuru (and Taruru too since he's a little blabbermouth)]

Erm, I also have a question for anyone who knows how to...sew. I need some clothes. Mn, not the same size as my own. Something...taller, and a bit broader. Particularly in the shoulder area and the...erm, no. The shoulder area. orz

I don't need any questions. Just someone who can do the job. I'm willing to find something to exchange for the task.


Ah! HEY! I'm looking for Prier's brother. I...have his sister.

((Mood reads as curious to everyone. Srsly. Also Cullotte plz to be picking up your kitty sister. :<))
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Well now. This is a classic way to end up on shore. Am I in another country? This doesn't feel like Japan anymore, that's for sure! Well... Just how many novels have played this for an introduction? Well, that's one case I don't intend to solve at the moment! Only one thing to do... Childish, but...





Hello? Is anyone out there? If you open this box, you'll get a surprise!

(('Lo there! If you look offshore, you'll see a box! And within that box is probably the most the Cutest Murder magnet ever!))
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Alright, now I know this might sound strange, but I really need to ask. It's been bugging me for the last few days, and I would really like an answer.

Why would two guys and two girls, I guess get married? I know, there's the whole love thing believe me, I know how fickle love can be. Love goes beyond races, so I'm willing to believe that it goes beyond gender as well, but what about the other parts of marriage, like children? isn't marriage meant for children, anyways?

((Wolf is from a traditional fairy tale world, where the prince always marries the princess. D= plz to be clearing up his confusion.))
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Ah, that event was certainly stress inducing. I thought once the dress wore off, I would revert to normal, but I guess not. I will visit the hot spring soon.

Do not get me wrong; Edward is very nice, but I really had no desire to marry him. There is only one person I would consider it with, but I daresay he would cringe at the thought. He is so stubborn...

I do not know why the island made you big as well, Xiao Mei. Not that you complain; you always like it when you are more intimidating...

((Mei is still an adult, and sitting on a tree stump, drinking tea, pondering, and sitting with a now HUGE Xiao Mei. Now's a great chance to wtf at the massive panda if you haven't already.))


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