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[Once again, there's a disgruntled, bloodied Hakuba with bloody holes in his clothing grumping downstairs in the Inn.]

[Oh, he's got spare clothes that aren't mauled, he's just not going to worry about them at the moment.]

[If anyone saw him last time, it looks like his impalement this time was even MORE excessive.]

[Stupid Pyramid Head. Stupid angel.]

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"It's about time!" Conan shouted when he spotted Habuka. Despite his tone, he had been worried. He could never get himself to quite believe the Island would always pull through for the revival. Even with the exhaustion after escaping Clam Island, he hadn't been able to sleep well at all., went to prose. Don't know why.

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It doesn't matter how long you were gone! You died! From a monster and an Angel!

[K-kind of freaked out.]

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... [You have problems dude.]

Where it sent you? Where...does it send you? [He had the more unpleasant killing attempt.]

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...wait, you were still injured and alive?! [He thought the Angel killed you!]

[Angels suck.]

[identity profile] 2010-11-15 02:53 am (UTC)(link) still... [Excuse him, he's being trauma'd some more right now.]

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[L-looking at the ground. Excuse him, he's kind of...reliving the entire moment in vivid detail, cursed good memory of his.]

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... [Of course, you can imagine how frustrating it is for him you DID die.]

I....I survived until the end. I found Beato... [Voice is shaking slightly.]

Don't go near Angels. Never...never go near Angels.

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[Nods.] We made it out all right. Heh, even got to keep a promise I made.

...Hakuba, we both get into insane fights. Even if some have more chance than I first thought.

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[There is...definite twitching and fear on his face right now. G-geh, this conversation is not good for his health.] really don't.

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[Snaps out of it. Kind of.] ...still, the fact they came worrying.

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...all the more reason to be worried about them. [B-because who knows when the Island might let them in again.]

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At least for that method of killing.

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[Trauma face. So much...traumaface.]