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Hyobu Kyosuke ([personal profile] pedokinesis) wrote in [community profile] i_s_l_a_n_d_rp2010-10-28 10:20 pm

20th Sense

*Hyobu has found his way into the shopping mall, looking for what is likely a second key. He is also toting around with him a shotgun, along with two handguns. Only one of which he is actually handling himself. The other two are kind of floating about him like turrets, shooting at any zombie that comes near him with pinpoint accuracy.*

You know, I'm glad I had to come to the mall! I always was fond of Dawn of the Dead. *BANG* Though I could do without the shambling dead already being in here. Seeing how long they could keep the place secure was part of the fun.

*BANG. Sigh.* I wonder... From one to ten, how mean would it be to take a boat off of here alone once I have everything?

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I'm so glad that you seem to be having fun.

[ ... yeah, even she can't brood for long considering the situation. ]

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How can you enjoy this-- this is terrible. I think I recognize some of these people.

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You really are a sick person, you know that?

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So are you alone?

[ With Yusuke, although wandered off to do... stuff that I haven't... thought out yet shush. ]

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And I don't think anyone would want to accompany you.

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[ hnnngh he has a point ]

[ double hnnnnngh why does he have a point ]



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Look, I don't like you. I never did, and after all of this is over, I still won't like you. But obviously you know that with your whole...

[ angrily gestures!! ]

... mind thing that you got going for you.

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But it's pretty dumb of me to just sit around and make faces at you when we can be killed at any moment.

So, yeah-- I'm not happy with your point. But I can't argue with it. And I'll try not to argue with it while this is going on.

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I'm not always ready to argue with you!

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[ wincing god that is a loud gun ]


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[ bang bang ]

It'd be funny, if anything.

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Their own fault if they're too slow to play the game!

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It's a nice change. Interesting to see the island stretch it's powers a little.

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As a matter of fact, I think I ran into your Lambdadelta.

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Because they were all residents who left, were they not? It certainly would make no sense if it were the present Lambdadelta.

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In any case, you probably won't see it for yourself.

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Tch, I won't let myself get caught that easily.