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Arcana XXIV

*Who lives close enough to the volcano to get their home wrecked? Minato does, that's who! Which is why he and his dog are currently sitting atop a small trunk a safe distance away from his as-of-now surrounded by lava home.*

Well, Koro-chan... It looks like we need to find a new place to stay... Do you think the inn allows pets?

placeholder because tylennol pm is kicking in~

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[ huffpuff, runs to! ]

Are you okay?


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I was worried when I saw that volcano erupting.

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Don't ever worry me like that again, Minato-kuuun!

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I guess.

[ slowly releasing ]

Well, hey~! If you need a bed to crash in, mine is compleeeetely open~

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Oh, I don't mind at all.

I didn't know you had a puppy. [ patpats Koro-chan on the head. ]

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Haha, still a puppy to me. Has he met that other one? The white one with the funny markings?

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Aw! So cute!

Maybe they can make cute little babies so more people can have puppies here. Then agaaaaain, I suppose there's plenty of them in the wild. [ Talking about the dingoes. He clearly fails taxonomy. ]

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Yeah, they are pretty vicious. Especially that one I ripped to shreds that time.

[ nonchalant shrug ]

I'll show you to my place.

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[ walking! ]

It's nothing too big, so I hope you don't mind being cozy~

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Well really, it's my pleasure.

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We're here! Welcome to la casa de Haru. It was actually Mugen's. I tried to sneak into bed with him one night, and realized he was gone so I just decided to stay here.

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[ Please. Exhibition is my specialty. ]

Well. I was pretty disappointed.


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Nope, he hated me!

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But he reminded me of someone I liked a lot back it was nice to have him here.

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Hahaha, yeah!

Has anything like that happened to you, Minato-kun?

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I'm sorry.

But at least you got to meet Emichan?