Arcana XXV

*Today in some nice, open, regularly passed through area... There is Minato! Minato with a gun Evoker. One that he has raised to the side of his head. Without even so much as a warning or reason, he is pulling the trigger!*


*cue a tiny blonde haired girl in a blue dress appearing in front of him for a moment, doing a tiny twirl, then vanishing as soon as she came. Something may have gloriously lit on fire as she appeared, but hey, that's up to you.*

... that wasn't so hard.

Arcana XXIV

*Who lives close enough to the volcano to get their home wrecked? Minato does, that's who! Which is why he and his dog are currently sitting atop a small trunk a safe distance away from his as-of-now surrounded by lava home.*

Well, Koro-chan... It looks like we need to find a new place to stay... Do you think the inn allows pets?

Arcana XXIII

*Today at one of the ruin sites scattered about the island, during some of the lighter rainfall, Minato is going all out! If you happen to have walked by within the past half hour, you may have seen him shoot an arrow into a eye shaped hole, slam down a switch with a hammer, or maybe even do some wall climbing just to pull a lever!*

*No matter what you saw (or didn't see), he is now pushing a large block into a indentation which makes a large CLICK sound before a gate removes itself from the ruin entrance! Which he promptly rushes into for cover as the rain begins the transition from light drizzle to drench your shirt mode*

Haaa... At least I finally got it open. I wonder how much longer this is going to keep up? ... well, rain or not, I guess I should start looking around.

((ooc: Zelda-style dungeon crawl! I'll be making a thread for each floor as the post goes on, and for the details of the entire ruin click here. If you want someone of mine other than Minato, just let me know. And be sure to mingle with fellow party members! Feel free to jump right into the ruin itself if you really want. ))

Arcana XXII

*Today as some classes begin to wind down, one (1) Minato Arisato is cruising down the halls. Where is he going? That is the dilemma of the day*

Hmm... Should I go to kendo first? It's always hard to pick when someone doesn't invite me right after class... Mm... I guess I'll just see what's happening which each of them.

(( Club mingling post! Just say which club you're making a thread for if it isn't obvious, and feel free to just jump Minato instead. ))

Arcana XXI


What were you doing before the island grabbed you?

Arcana XX

*SUDDENLY: No matter where you are, no matter what you are doing, there is a Main Character bursting onto the scene through a door/nearby entrance/bush!*

'Sup dude?!

Twenty-ninth Trick: Wedding plans are a go

[ ten years later, Minato and Emiri are sitting outside with a trio of puppies while the latter-- seems to be giving herself a headache. ]

Okay, so maybe the dresses should be blue, but not anything too lacy... I'm pretty sure Sion-chan would kill me if I made her look like a doily. And are we inviting everyone, because that'd save time on invitations, but then some complete stranger could come just to be a pain in the ass, and I really don't want to have to bring my ATs along if I can help it--

... Wait, what'm I supposed to do for the Father of the Bride? I-- hey, my finger isn't food, stop chewing on it.

((Minato and Emiri will both be tagging o/))

Arcana XIX

*If you happen to be around the inn today, you may notice a boy standing in front of a bulletin board. One that has a handful of notes attached to it. One of which he just put on it himself.*

Hmm... I should recruit in person, as well. I'll have to wait until the quakes pass to actually go exploring though. Just to be safe.

((ooc: There is now a Quest Board outside of the inn! Feel free to make use of it however you see fit. ))

Arcana XVIII

*wearing a festive Santa hat tonight is one Main Character cruising about with a bag slung over his shoulder-- if you're friends with this :| faced Santa (or even if you're not), you may find him approaching you as you go about your business*

Happy Holidays.

(( ITP; Presents. In Minato's case, all his are here. ))

Arcana XVII

*Making his way through the snow today happens to be one appropriately dressed Main Character, who is carrying a rather large, tightly shut cardboard box*

Ahh... I'm glad the snow died down a bit today, but it's still making this difficult. Collecting materials shouldn't be taking me this long... I'm just glad Tatsumi-san let me take what I needed earlier.

It's not easy making presents...

(( Minato has been going around all day, so feel free to have the thread be whenever. Also memory post if you want/need some to pick. ))

Arcana XVI

*there is currently a Main Character cradling a very vocal eggbaby with a microphone and a plastic evoker attached to either side of it on the beach*

Do you think we should try singing to it, Sheryl-san? I'm not sure if I'd be able to keep up with you, but I could try...

Arcana XV

*if you happen to be strolling along the beach today, you may notice a boy and his dog standing by a tree*

Hmm... Koro-chan, where did you find this? I know you've got a habit of bringing me things that are useful, but I'm not sure this qualifies... It was just laying around, right? We should at least try and return it, if it belongs to someone. I doubt this'll be useful for my next time out in a dungeon, anyway.

((ooc: If you feel so inclined, Koro-chan may have snagged something of yours and brought it to Minato. Otherwise it is random island junk! ))

Arcana XIV

[Your condition has improved! Your condition is now Delirious!]


[There are still over one hundred Shadows left!]

... I've got my work cut out for me.

Arcana XIII

Is this theme day based on Cinderella...?

Mmm. Is anyone missing a shoe? I definitely don't fit this size. I don't fully understand my clue, either... It reminds me of something out of a puzzle book, more than a clue to help me with this... Don't these kind of things usually spell out a phrase?


... ... that's not good.

(( ooc; DARK HOUR IS OFFICIALLY OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Details here if you missed them. Also pretend it's actually around midnight and go nuts! \o/ ))

Arcana X

... ... when will he stop following me? At least he's not attacking.

Arcana IX

Mm... So this is the last day. Overall, this wasn't that bad... But I really should have fixed this earlier... Was more worried about washing it than repairing it when it first happened. I didn't think I'd be doing this kind of thing here though...

--ah! I messed up... I need to pay more attention.

((ooc; Chilling out front of the P3 guys hut, inna skirt still and currently sewing up some holes/slash marks in his uniform. :(b ))

(no subject)

Um ... I think blue or black would look better on you than a brown skirt, Minato-kun.

[ooc; both of them will be tagging :B]