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[You see a white wolf around the beach... Digging. It seems to have found some rather interesting things. A chewed up shoe there, a coconut shell here, even a slice of pizza!]


[There are now several deep holes thanks to yours truly. But what might catch your attention aren't those items, but rather a small pile of what seems to be comic books...

Comic books with questionable images on them. The wolf tilts its head, not quite sure what sort of art this is.]

((OOC: Island knows some past islanders tried to bury the bad doujin. Ammy brought it back up. But the doujins have changed over time, so they might star you on there :) ))
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[Just because one has lost their powers it doesn't mean they can't get by on other means. A plain white wolf is going around and offering bags of food-- roasted seeds, fresh herbs, meat and fish actually-- to any animal or person who happens to be around.

After all, a mother goddess can't afford to let the loss of her powers get in the way of watching out for others.

Right now, she is watching over a flock of small birds who are hovered over a bag of seeds. Around her are other bags full of food she had brought with her. It's a good thing she brought plenty of it from her world eh?]

There should be enough to last for a while if eaten sparingly.

I'm a bit hungry myself though.

[OOC: PRAISE POINTS COME TO ME. Also you can threadhop while collecting food bags and planning how to preserve/save it. Survival plans eff yeah]
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[So Island. Have you ever heard a wolf cry to the blue corn moon? Well, it's evening now, but the moon hasn't come out-- Oh, wait never mind. It seems that the moon has come out suddenly instead of gradually appearing in the sky.

And yes, there is a white wolf howling to the moon. Wherever you are for this fine evening, you'll be hearing that howl and perhaps you might even pass by said wolf.]


[OOC: MINGLE POST. Night time is very active too, so threadhop to your heart's content. I'll be throwing in some of my other characters, but Ammy will greet your characters too!]
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[The island usually just has dingos, monkeys, and gorillas that man the boats right? That seems to be the extent of the wildlife that the island produces. Not including zombies. CRIKEY. A new beast has been sighted! It appears to be just a white wolf near a barren tree-- wait since when did wolves live on islands? And for those of you who are more spiritually inclined, you may notice certain red markings and something like a shield floating on the wolf's back... And did that tree suddenly have hundreds of flowers blooming on it? Your eyes must be tricking you right?]

Arf! Arf!

[Ah, seems as if it's noticed you. And promptly going towards you to with a look that asks...]

Do you know where this island is located?

[... Too bad you can't really hear what its saying, but at least you know it's not an unfriendly wolf]

((OOC: Please go to this post to see where you fall under when talking/communicating with Amaterasu!))


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