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[A Rabi is searching all over the shore. She looks distressed]

Oh...It has to be somewhere. I could have sworn it landed here.

Don't panic, Rabi~en~Rose. You'll find it. It couldn't have gone far.

You'd notice a keychain with dice on it easily, would you?...Even on the beach?

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This...is...so...very uncomfortable...Ahhhhh, My back really hurts right now!

...Urrrrrgggg...I CAN'T MOVE! I CAN'T MOVE AT ALL!!


I feel so degraded and exposed!! I mean, people can totally see my underwear!!

---And where are my shoes?!?!

*Stuck in this position exactly. Only she doesn't look too happy about it.*
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Wow, the island did something nice for once--! I can't believe it remembered my birthday!

It's been that long since I was here? I think I got here shortly after my last one.

[[On a table in the middle of her rose garden is a mountain of CUPCAKES with pretty pink frosting! And she also got another present that she's wearing right now.]]

Shame that I never was able to a summer festival like back home and never got to wear one of these. Even so, I really like it~!

[[OOC: Canonwise, Rabi's birthday is on the 30th. I start school next week and I may get screwed by that time XD. Sooo...pretend it's the 30th lol.]]
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[[Rabi comes in the room with a bunch of party snacks! Basic stuff like chips and dip.]]

Huh, well this isn't so bad, is it?...It's like some weirdo sleepover! So why don't we make this fun, exciting, and memorable!

So, uh, anybody have something in mind?...Something to do?




...Man, I'm bored.
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*ahem ahem*

Okay...from the top!

(You see a Rabi with a script...Then she starts to ACT.)

'Tis but thy name that is my enemy. Thou art thyself, though not a Montague. What's Montague? It is nor hand nor foot. No arm nor face...

...Huh, wow this olde English is kinda hard to act out...No matter! That role of Juliet in the school play is as good as mine!

(Yep, Romeo and Juliet and trying out for Juliet ^^. Help? Give advice? Critique? Just talk?)
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Oh wow, they're finally in bloom~! I can't believe how nice it looks!

I guess it's really true that a lot of hard work and time pays off, yes?


[[Your character walks around and finds a giant rose garden! There's tons of roses of tons of colors and they're right next to Rabi's hut. So guess who grew them :3. Rabi is now standing right by it looking very proud of herself XD.]]
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...Hm, it probably was a good idea that I did this now.

Otherwise, finding the key to this would make me totally forget about it.

Uh, well, anyway.

Happy Early Valentine's Day everybody~! <3

[[Rabi is celebrating Valentine's Day four days early! Why? Well, the locket for one is keeping her busy and well...she takes it pretty darn seriously. She's very tired looking because she stayed up all night making friendship chocolates for everyone she knows. Soooooo, celebrate Valentine's Day just a tad early lol? She's made tons (and it's safe to eat) so she might have some extra boxes for other people; just be nice :|. ALSO, late locket post is late~]]
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What happened to...? Why in the world...? Ugh, the island is really ticking me off with this crap! This stupid cat girl thing doesn't suit me at all! Besides, it's already been done too many times!

[[Rabi woke up one morning to see she has gone from bunny girl to cat girl! Since there are no Kitty Usada Rabi pics that I could find to make icons, USE YOUR ~IMAGINATION~! Pretend she has a cat tail and ears and stuff =|!]]


Dec. 10th, 2008 06:22 pm
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It's Christmas tiiiime~. Christmas time is almost heeeere~!

Hm! Alright! I think this looks good enough. It's not really a Christmas tree, but it will have to do.


((Rabi is decorating for Christmas and trying to spread the holiday spirit all over the island! She also has some lights hanging around her hut ^^. ALSO: This may seem a little late but Rabi is ready for her Secret Santa thing, too.))

Ahhh...let's see...who am I supposed to...Oh, um, Jin?

((HOMEWORK. Will tag later this afternoon! BACK, for a little while ^^))
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Uh...? What the...Oh, what now???

T-t-this can't be happening!!


Okay..think positive. Surely this won't last long. I just gotta play along, play cool, and play natural.

[[What happened? Who is this chick? Why, it's Rabi!! Only she's not, uh, Rabi. The island took away her transformation powers for the day so she is in her normal human form. She doesn't want to be exposed like this -A-.]]
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Aaaaahh...This really hurts!! Somebody please help me!

[[ooc: Yeah, Rabi was in the library and all of the sudden this happened. 'Twas a mystery how it happened, but it did

[[ooc the sequel EDIT 10/9 =/: GRAGH, sorry that I didn't reply to you guys for a while. Tagging back!! ]]
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This thing won't stop following me. It's kinda creeping me out.
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[A greatly confused Rabi is staring at a palm tree.]

Um'kay...Something fishy's going on around here.

[Rabi can't see the color BROWN. So right now, she's looking at a palm tree with no stump O o.]
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What the...?? Why am I here on an island?!

Oh I get it, that annoying cat-eared girl sent me here! Yeah, that's it!! So I wouldn't become an idol! Why that rotten little...


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