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[Under the light of the moon, you may be walking past the flower fields-- and you'll see Arcueid dressed elegantly in an elaborate gown. It gives her a different look somehow. Like maybe she's actually a princess.]

I almost forgot I had this. Not sure why I feel like wearing it now, but... I remembered he said he liked it when I wore it.


Oct. 12th, 2010 09:42 pm
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[You may be wandering about the island, enjoying your day or going about your daily business, when something might catch your eye! It could be a certain shonen dumbass who hasn't been seen around in a few days, wading through the ocean and trying to wring out his now soaked clothes.

...or it could be the massive blue phoenix-like creature who happens to be trailing after him as well!]

Dammit! Of all the holes I had to find that led me back here, it had to be the one in the stupid ocean! Could a dimensional distortion be in any place more inconvenient?! Hell, if I didn't know any better, I'd say someone up there hated me...

...oi, Puu, wouldja quit following me around? I know you're real happy I'm back and all, but you're gonna ruin the surprise if that old hag realizes you're not over in her little compound of terror.

Speaking of cranky old ladies...[He finally glances around, apparently just taking in the scenery now] ...when'd she do a tropical renovation? Knew she had a beach hidden around here, but those palm trees are definitely a new touch...


...and those dingoes too...

[And then the cogs begin to turn, as it slowly begins to dawn]


...oh you got to be kidding me.



--okay, but seriously, YUSUKE IS NOW CANON-UPDATED *A*b To almost-post-series, to be exact! Meaning he was pulled right before seeing his crew again on Genkai's beach, nearly three years after he went to Demon World :(b He doesn't look any different (save for being much cleaner and a few different scars), but for those who can sense energy--he will feel like a fucking tank. THANK YOU TRAINING WITH STRETCHY BALD MEN AWWW YEEEEEAAAHHH-- he's also a little less angry and more at ease with himself as a whole, so those who know him well enough will be able to pick up on that '3' AND HE DOES HAVE HIS MEMORIES they're just...slowly coming back at the moment is all :(]


Oct. 12th, 2010 11:55 am
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[wherever you are, whatever you're doing, a tiny witch appears in front of you in a gold flash of light accompanied by some golden butterflies. except if you're a witch from her world. she won't be showing herself to you. :x for now, at least.]

So, what do you do when you're bored?

[she's expecting a good answer.]
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‘scuse me, but it seems that I kinda lost the beehive I was experimenting on. You see, I tripped and it went flying through that window… If you find a suspiciously angry sounding skep anywhere, don’t try and remove its plug. Just call me or try to kill it without making it open.

((What’s inside the beehive? Lots of bees enhanced with demonic cells, meaning that they’re about the size of hornets, regenerate for a limited amount of kills and don’t die after stinging somebody.))
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[ITP: A girl is polishing and fixing up some guns she got from long, long ago. Just two or three pistols actually.]

It's October isn't it? Nothing really strange has happened in the last few weeks. Makes me think back about when I first came here, it seemed like something crazy kept happening at least once a day. A lot of things do change in only a few years though...

... Could be just me, but... I think we better get prepared for danger just in case. I mean, Halloween IS coming up soon. Hmm, what am I gonna do with the rest of these Vaccine bullets though? I don't need them anymore to be honest.
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[ Beatrice, who has been antisocial to an extreme, is finally enjoying some tea beneath her gazebo, out in the garden of the golden manor.

Today is a special day, but only people who really know her know why. ]


To think I'll wake up tomorrow, and it'll be October Sixth...

[ Her butterflies are out and covering the entire garden, lighting it up like tiny floating lanterns. Do you join the witch for her private tea party? ]
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[Today is a quiet day.






You may or may not have dodged it, but either way, the balloon has exploded. And it doesn't seem to be filled with water.

Is that... Milk??? And a five year old is staring at you with another water balloon ready to fire.]


((OOC: WATER BALLOON FIGHT. The balloons are filled with either soda, alcohol, milk, juice, coffee, or just plain old water. The point is? IT'S TIME TO RUIN EACH OTHERS CLOTHING. Where did these balloons come from? SHUT THE HELL UP THIS IS ISLAND. THREAD HOP. I fully expect murder.

EDIT: Gonna AFK for a bit, but keep on tagging each other, love you all ♥))
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After four long and arduous years, I finally found the Truth. The truth of our lovely island paradise. Lend me your ears or other auditory receivers, people. This is pretty freaking important, da ze~

The secret of the island. Where is it? Who kidnapped us and stuck us in here with no hope of getting out voluntarily? How do we escape? The answers lie with this old man right here. His name is Namumu, and he has a plan for this island, da ze~ I don't know what that plan is yet, but he clearly does not have our well being in mind, da ze~ This island is on a planet called Sengoku Ran, but it isn't even a real island, just a reproduction of one. It was made out of garbage, so just so you know, that pizza tree or those berries were probably someone's crap. I guess that detective kid was right to not trust them, huh? Ku ku kuuuuu~ Anyway, Namumu mentioned to me that everyone here is fulfilling the first steps to his G R plan. And then he got away from me, the bastard...

He was heading towards Clam Island. Maybe a few of you brave warriors could check it out, maybe find a few more clues to where he is hiding. If we find him, we can force him to let us out and return to our homes, and I'm sure plenty of you would love that, huh?

[See Kururu. See Kururu fulfill his dare while still being a jackass at the same time. Do you believe him?]
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[There is a human Dani sitting somewhere relatively in the open with some chairs around. There is also a banner tied between two reaches which reads 'Club: Daddy Issues Anonymous.']

[She is kind of staring at the banner.] I still don't get what that means. [R-really doesn't know the terms though she kind of suffers from them a lot.]
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*Shirou is currently trying to avoid everyone. He'll try to hide from you in obscure random spots. Under things, on top of things, wherever he can squeeze in at. After all if he never starts a conversation that's the same as fulfilling his dare, right? That may not be the case but this is what Shirou thinks.*
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[In the area around the inn, there's a new addition to the wildlife.]

[It seems to be a parrot...]

[If a parrot were crossbred with a small carnosaur and an archaeopteryx on acid, given long curving horns, and made the size of a small pickup.]

[The parrot is currently apparently napping, curled around the base of a tree that seems to have very sickly looking fruit with ... are those faces? Naah, just a trick of the light...]
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You have entered daretobestupid
more moe moe: You know what bothers me? BL.
more moe moe: Boys Love. It's just so... wrong! It totally goes against the creators intent...
more moe moe: even if the latent subtext is totally obvious to anyone who reads...
more moe moe: It-- it spawns ridiculous fanworks
more moe moe: that I put on my list to buy at C*miket every year...
more moe moe: that have no basis in canon...
more moe moe: It's-- it's annoying to watch! They should just... stay out of the-- the--


more moe moe:You other lucky people must have gotten easy dares! ( ̄~ ̄;)
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[Your local vampire is just hanging out at the sadly empty Casa de Colorblind hut. Although she doesn't seem to be there for resting, but rather to pace back and forth outside muttering to herself.]

Stupid, just stupid...!! Getting trapped like that AGAIN, but...

... You know, as far as I'm concerned, I don't believe there's any other vampire on the island aside from me. Well, except that other man. Can't recall seeing him around lately either though. Sion and Satsuki are both gone... Well, not my problem anymore. It was a bit tiresome keeping an eye on those two.

Shiki, do you want the hut to yourself? I'm willing to find a new place since Satsuki's gone so I don't have a reason to stay with you.
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Has... has anyone seen my sword?

It... he...? has a legend.

It began in the 12th century.

I hate this place sometimes...

Arcana XXV

Sep. 28th, 2010 09:42 pm
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*Today in some nice, open, regularly passed through area... There is Minato! Minato with a gun Evoker. One that he has raised to the side of his head. Without even so much as a warning or reason, he is pulling the trigger!*


*cue a tiny blonde haired girl in a blue dress appearing in front of him for a moment, doing a tiny twirl, then vanishing as soon as she came. Something may have gloriously lit on fire as she appeared, but hey, that's up to you.*

... that wasn't so hard.
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[So one week ago from this day was moe note.]

[Since then, a certain detective has been gone from the room he shares with others from his world. (As well as the other detective, a certain witch, and the witch detective from their homes.) But right now, it's the tiny one.]

[He's suddenly back in his room, in his bed, in bloodstained clothes with pretty big holes in the front and back. Like something had run him through.]

[And his eyes snap open and he jerks up. He looks around frantically. It's still early, just past dawn.] This isn't.... [And he's scrambling for the calendar, looking at the date.] It's been a WEEK?!

[Sorry roommates. That's a rather rude wake up call for you. And probably anyone in the inn. He's kind of distressed.]
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[ There's a speaker box lodged smack in the middle of a tree. To many, this device would seem confusing and foreign, but it has a very clear purpose. ]

Yo, I'll take a couple'a cheeseburgers, hold th'onions, two big fries an' don't forget the ketchup, and uhh... big freakin' milkshake. Ya got all that?

[ A vine lowers a paper bag from the tree! ]

Hey, thanks -- Wait, you forgot my milkshake, asshole!
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[Out on a table there is tea. Lots of cups and lots of tea. The smell should be therapeutic after those long days of trying to recover from HORRIBLE memories. Or you've just had a tired day on island and would like to relax with a hot cup of Earl Grey or Assam.]


Who here feels like they've gone insane? Surprisingly? After three years, I still feel rather at ease.

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Um, this might sound like a weird question, but... Aha, considering what happened recently, I was wondering, and--


What does love mean to you?
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[See Stein. See Stein sigh. Sigh, Stein, sigh.

And now see him as he repeatedly bangs his forehead against a well-placed coconut tree and prays for a swift death.

He thought he was gone for good. But no. Nono. I'm not that nice to him.]


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