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[Meanwhile over at the beach shores, there is a certain knight that was just washed up and holding onto what seems to be a box crate filled with who knows what and it's sealed tight.

Obviously his boat failed on him when he was riding home but he found some buried treasure. WHAT DO YOU DO?

1.) Check to see if he is alive
2.) Steal the loot
3.) Leave him alone
4.) Push him back into the ocean]


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*... 5? IE, poke poke?*

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*SHAKE SHAKE* Hey! Wake up!

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That entirely depends on where you were heading.

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I could easily say I'm just a death bound hallucination... but yeah, you're back.

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I think the year is nearly over, you sure you want to stand by that?

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If you ask for a funbun...

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... You want me to go get something right now or do you need some other help?

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*since all she can figure is that you swam, she'll actually be carrying you, sometimes it helps being genetically the best*

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Just shut up and don't strain yourself.