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[You see a white wolf around the beach... Digging. It seems to have found some rather interesting things. A chewed up shoe there, a coconut shell here, even a slice of pizza!]


[There are now several deep holes thanks to yours truly. But what might catch your attention aren't those items, but rather a small pile of what seems to be comic books...

Comic books with questionable images on them. The wolf tilts its head, not quite sure what sort of art this is.]

((OOC: Island knows some past islanders tried to bury the bad doujin. Ammy brought it back up. But the doujins have changed over time, so they might star you on there :) ))

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[RELEVANT TO INTERESTS! Especially since... he wants to hoard as much doujin as possible. and he buried plenty since SOME PEOPLE ARE/WERE PRUDES but that's besides the point]

Ku ku ku kuuuu~ I knew I forgot something, da ze~ Today's my lucky day.

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So... You dug all this up, eh? Ku ku ku kuuu~ Well aren't you just a nice doggie, da ze~ You don't mind if I take all of these off your paws, right~?

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Ku ku kuuuu~ Awesome. [takes a few and reads through.]

I wonder if the boy detective is in one of these. Haven't seen any with him in the library, which is a shame, da ze~

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Ku ku kuuu~ Well well well. You're just a regular ol' helpful canine, aren't you? You got a nose to sniff out doujinshi or something?
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[Standing by one of the holes and a small scattering.]

[He's eying one one of the doujins dug out of that particular hole as if it were some kind of old nemesis returned to haunt him.]

[And poking it with one toe occasionally.]

[It seems to have him and a certain white-caped thief.]

Just when I thought I'd gotten AWAY from the work of the blasted fan club. [ :| ]

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[Today, this little kindergartner is cosplaying as an archeologist, much like her icon. She doesn't know which is cooler - the manga, or DOGGY.]


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[all right, so dog first, then the manga.]

That color, and the friendliness... it can't be a wild dingo. But that's not the look of a domesticated canine either.

... It's very, very pretty...

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[Reaches out, trying to pet her.]

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[Happy child is happy!]

Good dog... Ahhh, so soft... When I get home, I'll ask daddy for one just like you.

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[With the dog issue settled, she begins picking up the... doujin, oh no.]

... Oooh, crossovers!