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Arcana XXIII

*Today at one of the ruin sites scattered about the island, during some of the lighter rainfall, Minato is going all out! If you happen to have walked by within the past half hour, you may have seen him shoot an arrow into a eye shaped hole, slam down a switch with a hammer, or maybe even do some wall climbing just to pull a lever!*

*No matter what you saw (or didn't see), he is now pushing a large block into a indentation which makes a large CLICK sound before a gate removes itself from the ruin entrance! Which he promptly rushes into for cover as the rain begins the transition from light drizzle to drench your shirt mode*

Haaa... At least I finally got it open. I wonder how much longer this is going to keep up? ... well, rain or not, I guess I should start looking around.

((ooc: Zelda-style dungeon crawl! I'll be making a thread for each floor as the post goes on, and for the details of the entire ruin click here. If you want someone of mine other than Minato, just let me know. And be sure to mingle with fellow party members! Feel free to jump right into the ruin itself if you really want. ))

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