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Arcana XXI


What were you doing before the island grabbed you?

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Congrats, Minato. You did it.

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Target located.

Hello, Minato-san.

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I do not have navigational data programmed for this island. Do you know where we are, Minato-san?

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Requesting clarification.

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Oh, just the usual bookkeeping! Taking care of that compendium of yours isn't a simple task, you know.

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It will always be waiting for you.

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Cleaning up a a bit of a mess back home...


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Just a couple of problems back at the Evil Academy. Nothing worth worrying about...

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Except accidentally helping two aliens take over Earth...

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Micro-managing my newly established real estate, young guest.

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[Some Doped-Up Kid is asking you what you did before you got shawshanked to this island]

P.S. - Tell him

You tell a most magnificent story about how you managed to save the universe using only your Charisma. And about the precious value of life candy corn is.

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