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Arcana XIX

*If you happen to be around the inn today, you may notice a boy standing in front of a bulletin board. One that has a handful of notes attached to it. One of which he just put on it himself.*

Hmm... I should recruit in person, as well. I'll have to wait until the quakes pass to actually go exploring though. Just to be safe.

((ooc: There is now a Quest Board outside of the inn! Feel free to make use of it however you see fit. ))

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... This looks pretty useful.

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How far did you go before?


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[blink blink, gonna read the board]

Oh, what a good idea, Minato-ku--

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[hold on this one says something about a Sheryl fa--OH MY GOD]

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[slkdfjslkdjfsdlfk] EEEHHH!?

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I guess it'd depend on the guy...

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You think so, Minato-kun? Ahaha...

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I guess so... I haven't really been looking at anyone like that, though...

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Oh! Sorry, I'm just being silly.

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He's like that! I can't believe it... It's just like having another big brother...

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He tried to scare Ryoji-kun off, you know...!

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He did! And he popped out of nowhere to do it!

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He didn't seem so intimidated talking to Nagi-san, but he never really wanted to visit after that...

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And then Nagi-san would get suspicious every time I went out...

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Jeez, even when he doesn't need to be! I'm not a little kid!

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... [ peering at the notes ]

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"Women with good figures need not apply"...? I don't know, the majority of these look pretty questionable.

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... I think yours is the only one I'd go with, Minato-kun.

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I can't take Ranka-san on a date, vandalism's not my thing, there's no way I trust that alchemy thing, and at least I've done dungeons and ruins and things with you and everyone before.

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Not unless he's really good at hiding it... but then again, he could probably use some of the A-T parts.

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... Long story, but if he wanted to vandalize something, he probably could.

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I'll keep an eye on him.