([identity profile] wrote in [community profile] i_s_l_a_n_d_rp2009-09-12 07:22 pm


[Oh, it's a lovely island afternoon, isn't it? The sky is blue, the temperature isn't killing you, and unless you're hindered by handcuffs, there's absolutely nothing to worry about! And even if you were unlucky enough to be evented today, at least you have some peace and quiet to sit and figure out a way to get them off, right?


Cue one incredibly loud, incredibly horrified scream echoing from the eastern end of the island, one that will probably not end any time soon.

It looks like someone found out who they were stuck to today!

Ohohohoho~! That's one way for a man to wake up! ♥

((RENGE AND YUSUKE HANDCUFFENS *3*b Keywords were never so relevant sob TAT Both will be tagging separately so have a ball!))

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