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[It's morning! Those of us who aren't nocturnal are just beginning to wake up! ...And those who aren't are being woken up by a noise coming from their cabin's TV! Unless you're unlucky enough to be in Cabin 6, of course, then you're just hearing it in full blast.]


I remember this one from ages ago! Cabins! Dozens of them! And it looks like the island stepped up the quality this time, too--! A kitchen and a bathroom? Oh my! We'll have to make use of those!

[and have a Renge fiddling with her cabin's TV, and changing the channel to...whatever cabin your character is in!]

Ohohoho, helloooo? Anyone out there? Or awake, yet~? C'mon, rise and shine! We've got a big and possibly dramatic~ sleepover ahead of us!


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Huh? Who's making all that noise...?

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... Renge why are you in my TV?

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*bolting up from the floor and looking around frantically*


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Mor... ning?*plopping back down on the floor and using his arm to cover his eyes* Guh... wake me up when it's two in the afternoon, wouldja?

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*kind of groggy at the moment though so he'll be shaking his head and blinking a bit*

Kinda hard to relax when you get a wake up call like that.

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What a sight to wake up too!

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You, of course.

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I wasn't talking about you.

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A... A sleepover!? I didn't sign up for this!


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[ Stumbling out, yawning, in a cute pink nightie (, not quite realizing she's in a cabin yet. ): ]

Mmmnnn.. morning already? Everybody to their st-sta-

[ Another yaaaaawwwwn interrupting her muffled command ]



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Captain, are you--


... e-er. Are you well?

1/3 You love it when I toy with your heart, sergeant :3

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[ Another yaaaawn, she's still sleepy and not quite with it ]

I'm wide awake, Sergeant Sag--

Sergeant Sagar--


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[ Oops, we're awake now. ): ]

4/4 \o/

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Sousuke! Wh-wh-wh-what are you-- what am I--

What am I wearing!? D-don't look!

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*oh hi cabinmate imma be over here gaping in horror and inching backwards*

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HA! That's exactly right and what I wanted to hear! Everyone get to their places!

You! Go get the camera ready!

You! Go make sure that the lighting is right! WHO HAS THE SCRIPT READY?! We need to take advantage of this situation while we have the chance people, chop chop! *clapping his hands to get everyone going XO*