Oct. 3rd, 2010

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After four long and arduous years, I finally found the Truth. The truth of our lovely island paradise. Lend me your ears or other auditory receivers, people. This is pretty freaking important, da ze~

The secret of the island. Where is it? Who kidnapped us and stuck us in here with no hope of getting out voluntarily? How do we escape? The answers lie with this old man right here. His name is Namumu, and he has a plan for this island, da ze~ I don't know what that plan is yet, but he clearly does not have our well being in mind, da ze~ This island is on a planet called Sengoku Ran, but it isn't even a real island, just a reproduction of one. It was made out of garbage, so just so you know, that pizza tree or those berries were probably someone's crap. I guess that detective kid was right to not trust them, huh? Ku ku kuuuuu~ Anyway, Namumu mentioned to me that everyone here is fulfilling the first steps to his G R plan. And then he got away from me, the bastard...

He was heading towards Clam Island. Maybe a few of you brave warriors could check it out, maybe find a few more clues to where he is hiding. If we find him, we can force him to let us out and return to our homes, and I'm sure plenty of you would love that, huh?

[See Kururu. See Kururu fulfill his dare while still being a jackass at the same time. Do you believe him?]


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