Sep. 15th, 2010

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You know.

I'd like to not die in a game for once. I mean, that was Disney. That was the best chance I had!

[ FOURTH WALL BREAKING POST. Not in the bring-all-your-character-journals way, but in a canon cast commentary way. Your characters probably will not remember this post after it happens! ]
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[And somewhere on the Island ...]

[Well, you may get the strange feeling you're being watched.]

[But there's no-one there.]

[Of course there isn't.]

[Just you and the Island ... right?]
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[ A very familiar shorty is standing on the wet sand, staring at what appeared to be an island. He was in Makai, and he made sure that it was Makai, but at the moment, this place wasn't the Makai and definitely not Ningenkai. He wasn't happy, that's for sure. He didn't like unexpected things or surprises. This was definitely a surprise that he was not looking forward to at all. He wondered if this was Koenma's doing.... certainly it would be something that the baby prince would do. He didn't doubt it.

He didn't dwell on it too much, unfazed as always, he started to walk down the sandy path, and trying to pick out his companions. It didn't take very long, but he was starting to pick up brief energy lengths. The unfamiliarity of this place could use some adjusting here, but he wasn't prepared to get comfortable. ]

I'm not in the mood to play jokes. This better not be your doing, Koenma. I certainly won't let it slide easily.

[ He mused in a low tone as he kept walking. He's clearly taking in all the surrounding areas. ]

[ ooc: sorry lame intro post, but yeah have at short stuff. he's a bit irritated. ]


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