Jun. 10th, 2010

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I wouldn't eat them. I've never seen any like these before.[Removing the berry from Tohru's hand, he crushes the fruit between his thumb and forefinger. The juice dripping over his fingers and down his to his palm as he sniffs the sweet scent of it.] It smells pretty good, but I don't trust it. You'd probably get a bad one and spend the rest of the day puking your guts out and we'd be stuck here.

Right! I'll be careful! [Making a fist Tohru nods her head in agreement. Afterall, Kyou has spent months training in the mountains. He probably knows much much more about this sort of thing than she does. ] I don't have as much outdoors experience, but I do have a little bit! Bugs are nothing, and I even managed to overcome the cold of bathing in a stream! You needn't worry about me Kyou-ku--oof. [Not paying attention to where she's walking, she stumbles and trips over her own feet.] ah...err...

[Kyou obviously tries to hold in the laughter, fist held in front of his mouth before it escapes within seconds.] Try mastering walking first. [Still, he reaches down to her upper arm to steady her as she regains her balance, a huge grin covering his face.] You okay? You didn't twist your ankle or anything, did you?

[Blushing a little she scrambles up sheepishly, grateful for the hand.] Oh no! I'm fine. Somehow this feels a little like déjà vu. Tripping in the woods. [Last time though it wasn't her tripping. This is a little embarrassing though! Still pink in the face, she laughs.] There was a little dip that I guess I didn't notice, somehow.



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