Apr. 30th, 2010

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[Outside the Ar Tonelico house would be Lyner chilling at the porch with his laptop and looking very determined and confused at the same time. Now what would it be that would have his attention so fixed onto the miniature computer?]

A text-adventure game. That's what. )

I... don't think I'm doing this right. I keep dying for the same thing now for the past eight times and having to start all over. Well, back to the beginning I guess. Hopefully I'll try to get her to eat a Funbun this time.

((ITP: We play text adventure games with computers or watch other people play them and help them out or mock them. Feel free to have the games go along as you want but most games will end badly if you fool around too much like so.))
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[Remember that part of the Island with the theater setup? Sion has been chilling there for...a very long time with a video game system hooked up to the projector. With glorious HI DEF graphics and Devil May Cry gameplay, this sort of balls to the wall action isn't all that common.

Funny thing is, Sion is playing as herself.

And she keeps losing.]

This is idiotic! Why would someone make a game that is nearly impossible to beat! Why I would neve-

[She cuts herself off with a bite of a sandwich...and offers up a controller to YOU who may be passing by.]


I require a second player.
Just do not let it get to your head!

[Plug it in and watch yourself appear on screen.]
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[ Somewhere in the woods, a mangled animal corpse has been abandoned. Haru is sitting by the water, arms coated in blood which he holds up and admires. ]

Hahaha! It's the same, yanno ~ the same...just like humans. Just like humans... Red, red blood...

[ He dips his hands in the water, washing it all away and then shakes them off, pulling out the last vial of fire candy...and eyeing it longingly. ]

H-hey...I don't suppose anyone knows where I can get some more of this stuff, huh? Or someone who can make it? It'd be really helpful, yanno.


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