Apr. 25th, 2010

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[The reporter is sitting in the sand, notepad on her lap along with her camera. She'd taken off her scarf by then, as it was much too hot for that. She couldn't cool herself off either; using the leaf fan would cause sand to fly into her face]

...W-Well, it...can't be ALL that hard to build a house, right...? Building homes is what us birds do...

[Despite her optimism, she's extremely tired, and is just wondering:]

How do I get off of this thing, anyhow?
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Well this is certainly a much nicer hallucination than usual... Not every day I get to picture myself on an island rather than somewhere horrible. I must admit, I like this one. Setting myself loose on an island with who knows how many rare or unknown species? It's almost like my mind is starting to pity me. Maybe next time Medusa shows up behind me, I'll actually get laid.

I wonder if that last fall is actually what did it? It was only a matter of time before something happened, I guess. Should have taken out those doorstops while I had the chance. Oh well. Now that I'm dead, maybe I can haunt Senpai and keep him out of trouble for once.

Though, I don't feel especially dead and no one else seems to think they've died either. If only I could see my own soul right now, then I'd know. Such a shame, such a shame... I suppose I'll just need to take a look and make sure my heart's still beating to make sure! Does any one know if there is a hospital somewhere? I don't want to start the operation without knowing I can find some stitches afterwords.

Srs poll!

Apr. 25th, 2010 09:13 pm
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...Yep, definitely not in Georgia or Zombie Apocalypse land anymore. Again. Could your timing be any more crappy, island? [sighs]

Looks like it's been pretty quiet though. Okay, lemme axe ask you guys a question, then.

What's your favorite part of being here? Or, if that question is impossible to answer, what's the worst part of being here for you? Asides from the whole not being able to go home at will thing, 'course.

((Guess who's been obsessively playing The Passing and decided to somewhat canon update Zoey? Hi! Note that she is not in the best of moods. Also, to anyone I had festival threads with, I'm really sorry for being a failboat with tagging D8 If you'd like me to tag back despite the time gap, lemme know!))


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