Apr. 16th, 2010

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[When you wake up today, you might hear the sounds of festive music coming from somewhere on the island. Upon inspection, you will discover they are coming from a very... festive looking place! Monkeys can be seen running back and forth, making last minute preparations, and kimono-clad and kabuki-ready monkeys are arguing on stage, there are various stands and other super looking things all over, and then, suddenly-- A crazy green haired girl steps up on top of one of the stands with a microphone.]

Hmhmhmhmhm...! I bet you guys thought I forgot this year, didn't you--!?

Of course not! This old man is like an elephant, or a turtle! She never forgets anything! And she's there forever! Hahahahaha!

That's right! It's time! So come one, come all! Get your butts over here and have some fun!

Have a blast, everybody, at Sonozaki Mion's Annual Island Festival!

((OOC:HERE BE YOUR INTRODUCTORY FESTIVAL POST. Go here for more information. Come to the festival, meet up with friends, all of that good stuff. Keep in mind that FORCED PAIRING and EVENT-ESQUE (Beato's post, Twister, Zombie Tag, etc.) parts of this event will be getting their own posts over the next couple of days, while characters who meet up in this post or over other posts characters post can do their own thing and can go to the non-forced pairing things whenever they want and however many times they want to. If you have any questions about anything, just toss me an IM on lagann impact! There are worker monkeys about manning the various games and things, so stop reading this, get onto the relevant accounts, and have fun!! ))
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[A young silver haired boy, around 15 is seen as always smoking, sitting by the ocean. Watching as the waves pull in and out. The small feline continues to chase after the water, not even bothering to pay attention to his own master]

This is all stupid...
I`d rather be back in Namimori fighting off jackasses and protecting the Tenth like always.
[He sighs, Letting out a puff of smoke.]

[Uri, the cat launches forward at the incoming wave, almost falling in]



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