Mar. 20th, 2010

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[Not the best wake up, reaching for your glasses and instead hitting some body spray that covers you in a far too strong smelling cloud. Not even a shower could seem to get rid of the smell.

However, with the lack of sleep Conan has been getting trying to figure out just what the heck is going on, he didn't really care anymore after the shower failed.

Instead, he was now staring at the coffee maker in the inn's kitchen, debating if he wanted coffee enough to risk it.


He decided he did.

Unbeknownst to the coffee making false child, he didn't know he was already part of an 'event.' One where he will seem like the cutest little kid EVER should anyone come across him. But all he really cared about was getting coffee.]

((OOC: Because he appears seven, the body spray does not make people want to jump him. Instead, he will just be adorable and like a little puppy you want to glomp and hug him and squeeze him and call him Georgejust take care of the little cutie sort of instincts.))

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Mar. 20th, 2010 11:04 am
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It really is a shame I didn't get much of a challenge last week... but then again, it was fun. Seeing Karol again... it's nice to know he's doing well.

Well now, I wonder what kind of excitement we'll get this weekend.

((There is one Krityan chilling on a tree branch above you. Chat her up, don't notice she's there and soliloquize about your pain, or do whatever! ... Really, if you just want your guy to get jumped by Judy, go ahead and comment. She'll possibly be gentle.))

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Mar. 20th, 2010 11:25 am
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[whatever you're doing, wherever you're going, you may notice a giant bush following you. but it stops the minute you turn around and look at it! it is a very convincing-looking bush.

what do you do now?]
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What a beautiful day! Surely, today is going to be a magnificent, no, a stupendous day! Aside from the fact that that little gift of perfume, or was it cologne?, that I was given wasn't as good as what I normally use, I can't say I could complain about anything!

-- Mm? Nana, stop sniffing at me like that. I know that I must smell odd today, but that's no reason to act like that. We can't waste a day like this after all. ... Really, I'll put you back in your ball or give you to Yellow or Diamond for a while if you don't cut it out.

Now then, where was I?

Oh yes! Today is surely going to be a wonderful day!
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Tch, yeah right! Like I'm going to fall for this. I bet as soon as you use this stuff, something absolutely ridiculous happens. Like you hair turns bright pink, or you turn bright green and smell like freshly baked cookies...! I'm getting rid of it now.

[Cue the lovely fireball + can of spray mixture! Which, naturally, blows up all over his face]

--why the hell did it explode?!
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"In his essay 'Magic, Science and Religion,' Bronislaw Malinowski contends that every person, no matter how primitive, uses both magic and science. To make this distinction he breaks up this category into the 'sacred' and the 'profane' or rather 'magic along with religion' and science. He theorizes that feelings of reverence and awe rely on observation of nature and a dependence on its regularity. This observation and reasoning about nature is a type of science. Magic and science both have definite aims to help 'human instincts, needs and pursuits.' Both magic and science develop procedures that must be followed to accomplish specific goals. Magic and science are both based on knowledge; magic is knowledge of the self and of emotion, while science is knowledge of nature."

... so with this man's ideal, anyone is capable of performing magic abilities no matter how primitive they are whether it be mentally or physically obvious. Although it does also explain how Mecs are incapable of learning the gifts of Magic yet they are considered to be at the same level as magic, as they are a product of science.

So with this can, a product of both science and possibly magic, one must wonder what sort of effects it can bestow upon the world once released of it's container. I suppose there will be no harm done if I could apply this to myself if there won't be any other volunteers. I should keep this book to the side somewhere. I still need to learn more about this island's origins... there should be a tome or grimore somewhere that would explain things further. I suppose a test around the area would suffice for now.

... hm. How odd. Nothing noticeable yet.

((Reading a book with one hand and spraying the can around himself and everything else. For the pursuit of knowledge, really.))
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[ Travis has figured out your game. He has sprayed himself from head to toe with that can. He practically emptied the entire thing, and probably stole someone else's, and used that one up too. It is time to get what he so richly deserves. ]


... Wait, wh--




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