Mar. 14th, 2010

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[ Kanji's shop has been seemingly taken over by... a force not many people are brave enough to reckon with. Should you choose to walk by it and note the new floral sign that states, quite simply, AYAME, you may then notice the man cheerfully PRANCING TOWARDS YOU. ]

Rejoice, I do say rejoice! In honor of White Day, I declare I shall assist you in celebrating it to the utmost of your romantic ability! Now, come! Remove your clothing immediately!!!

((Happy White Day! If you are a girl, he is probably going to dress you up. If you are a boy and you want to be dressed up too, that's also fine. Or if you want your girlfriend/love interest to wear a maid/bunny outfit, he's your man. AYAME IS OPEN FOR BUSINESS.))
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[ For anyone close by they are bound to see a little purplish-pink canine pacing up and down along the shoreline, tugging at his ears as he whimpers and babbles on to himself. Poor thing looks to be about thirty seconds away from a heart attack. --Try not to scare him too much. ]

Arooo, this can't be right at all! I don't remember going on a trip or even being in the truck! It can't be another one of those strange contest prizes that Muriel never enters...! I can't see the barn or the windmill or the house or or or anything!

Muriel? Muriel! Where are you, Muriel?! [ Pulls at his face-- ] Ooooooh, this is not good! This is definitely not good, or my name is King Henry the Eighth! [ Overly dramatic pause goes here ] --And it's not!

What do I do, what do I do, what do I do?

I-- I have to find a way to get back! If I don't then Muriel will have nobody to protect her! And what if that evil cat tries to hurt her? Or that le Quack guy! [ Cue flailing ] OOOOOOOOOOH Think, Courage, think! You can do this. You can do this! You've been in stickier situations before! And I don't see a giant talking bananas in sight so it can't be the future... Maybe there are people here who can help m-- wait. What if this island is full of crazy volcano worshiping inhabitants? Or what if that water witch is in the ocean? She could be from here!

[ More flailing ] Oh no, what am I going to?!? I have to get home before something happens to her!

Aroooooooo --Muuuurieeeeel!

[ edit: I APOLOGIZE FOR THE DELAY IN TAGS EVERYONE. /glues self to post ]
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[So after Fourth Wall Weekend, Crow up and vanished. Disappeared. Poofed, for lack of a better term. But now he's back! Sporting a fancy red shirt he's wearing over his regular undershirt. Oh yes, and his right arm is bandaged and sling'd. At the moment he is wandering around, looking sort of lost, and muttering things like "Are they still here?" and "Will Aki be okay?" to himself. Eventually, he just stops in what is a familiar spot for him!]

This can't be real. I mean, it just-- Shit man. It really is, isn't it? No fooling? I'm not gonna wake up tomorrow back home, am I? ... How do I know this ain't a dream?

[He looks both ways, unsure at first, then bites his lip and promptly slaps himself on the cast covering his shoulder.]


F-Fuck why did I do that. Fuckfuckfuck that was stupid. ... But I'll take that as a no.

My luck's really all over the damn place lately, isn't it?

((Crow has been canon updated! As far as he knows, it's been sixth months since he's been on the island, and for those of you who can sense spiritual energy and such (namely the Soul Eater cast he, uh, lives with) there has been a pretty noticable change in him.))


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