Mar. 6th, 2010

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Kuu~ ku ku kuuu~ It's about time this event came around. How many times have I been preparing for this time now, fifteen? Well, now it's time to go with a little more "homesick" feeling, da ze~ And this time, Prier can't complain about me hi-jacking the hut for it. Nothing says I can't pull this stunt right next to the house, now is there?

[the perfect bait! A HOLOGRAPHIC REPLICA OF KERORO'S ROOM! Every detail is perfect, it even feels real! Look at those gundam models! But, it's all a hologram no matter how real it looks]

Ku ku kuuuu~ maybe I shouldn't have put that many gundam models in the room, but at least it's accurate, da ze~ Maybe this time Kero-kun will actually stop by, perhaps have a chat with Fuyuki Hinata-kun~ Ku kuu~ Ah, right, should make room for curry refreshments, da ze~ I suppose I could just take someone's candy for Nitouhei. Maybe this year I'll be luckier.

[The Kero-pad for froggy fun or lack of. There is a ton of curry and a little bit of Dance Man music playing in the background. Come and build a gundam model! or just, you know, hang out. COME TO ME, MY KERORO PLATOON!]
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Oh wow. It looks like the island is starting to get crowded again. It was around this time last year that everyone from home shown up too, isn't it? Well in that case, it's a good thing I decided to take out my Funbun stash with me today!

Alright everybody! Come try the greatest snack ever made from Platina! Once you've tried it out, you'll never forget the incredibly sweet taste it has!

Oh, right. Hey Mir! Let's see if Lady Shurelia and everyone else would be arriving here too! If I remember right, there was someone I was supposed to help grathmelding with too... wonder if they'll show up too? Oh and, uh... you probably should wear a shirt today also. Or something that would cover you more anyway-- oh hey! I've got just the thing too! You don't mind wearing the Funbun T-shirt, do you?

((There will be a table near by with stacks and stacks of Funbuns piled all over each other. Feel free to take as many as you want or just stare at it's odd shape. Either works.))
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I know I was talking about getting back into cooking, but I didn't think I'd be using up most of our ingredients so soon!

Ah, well. It's for a good cause! It's no fun without a good crowd, and who knows who I might see. Admittedly, it'd be nice to see Yuri and the others.

Hello! Would you prefer the sorbet or the onion soup today?

((Judy's got food all set up and playing the part in her waitress outfit. WHERE MY TALES OF PEOPLE AT.))
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Oh boy, there's sure a lot more people here than there were yesterday...

If I heard right, I might to get to see someone from home! I can't wait! But making new friends is pretty swell too!

... And the island even got me a new outfit for the occasion! Looks like we're all going to be working together, huh guys?

[He's currently addressing a huge horde of island wildlife, wearing the outfit from this classic toon. However, what they'll be clapping their hands or beating sticks or however wild boars/chimpanzees/dingos play music isn't what is in the cartoon. What are they playing?]

And a one, and a two, and a three!

[ It's A Small World After All.Enjoy your music hell. At least it's not the Ducktales theme.]
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'Tch. It's bad enough having to deal with being "sick" the last couple of days, but a sudden influx of people too? This is ridiculous! Whatever, they'll be gone for good once the weekend is over. It's not like I'm expecting certain people to show up or anything; I need to be realistic.

Guess it's time to greet them. I might as well.

Wow... I never thought the island is that popular of a tourist attraction. If this many people show up, maybe I'll see anyone from Ashford Academy? I have to admit, it'd be really nice to see them all again.

I sincerely hope everyone is making themselves comfortable. Sorry for the inconvenience and all, I know this is a huge surprise to most of you being suddenly trapped in this place. You'll get used to it. At least the scenery is very beautiful, right?

But uh... don't mind the flag. I have no clue why that is doing here. I'll take it down and burn it later.

(OOC: Come and harass Kallen to your heart's content! Especially if you're from Geass or someone she knows. ♥ Anyone is invited! EDIT: Time to go to sleep; I'll tag back tomorrow morning!)
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[There are two things that one might notice. The first is Katara, obviously. The second is what she's sitting on the trunk of: A rather banged up car that people who know Edgeworth might recognize.]

So we're entertaining guests again, I take it? I wonder if anyone from back home is here-- well, I guess I should be happy that I got to at least see Ryoji again.

Okay then! If any newcomers want a tour of the island, I'll be happy to give you one. We can walk or we can take the car, it's your choice.

[ooc: Protip she's a bad driver. COME TO ME JET AVATAR PEOPLE or anyone else really.]
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[Just outside of the blimp, speakers somehow blaring some very appropriate music, are some duel rings drawn in the sand, some tables to the side with snacks that Crow stole off various trees, and one (of hopefully many) Crow Hogan in front of it all, holding a microphone.]

Now how did that announcer on the TV always start things...? Too bad Yusei ain't around, I could just ask him. He's actually been in a tournament. ... Okay, I think it went a liiiittle something like--


Are you bored with your life? Do you not get to duel as much as you'd like to? Do you just want to watch monsters beat the crap out of each other? Are you wondering what the hell you're doing on this island and in desperate need of something to do?

Heheh, well never fear, because the great and mighty Crow is here! As you can see, I've set up a few state-of-the-art arenas for us to have our battles in, and if we somehow need more than those, don't worry about it! I'll draw-- that is, set up, some more of them!

That's right, boys and girls! The first ever, Island Duel Tournament, is about to begin! So! Who'll be the first challenger!?

If this doesn't get somebody's attention, I don't know what will.

((ooc: COME ON YU-GI-OH (DM, GX, 5D's, whatever!) PEOPLE! Or anybody! Whether you want to talk card games, watch card games, or heaven forbid, play card games - or do nothing related to card games at all for some insane reason, it's all good! Come on down!))


Mar. 6th, 2010 06:24 pm
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[ A Tear is stepping off the Tartarus' ramp looking... confused! ]


Why was Luke just in here, and why was he shouting about being an alien...?

[ ooc; COME TO ME, TALES/ABYSS/WHOEVER YOU WANT TO SEND. edit; oh god you people are amazing, but I need to pass out. Will tag back in the morning! ]

Arcana XXI

Mar. 6th, 2010 06:49 pm
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What were you doing before the island grabbed you?


Mar. 6th, 2010 09:12 pm
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This? Again? Sheesh, and I thought last year was bad.

Okay you tourists, listen up! Rule number one? This hut here is MINE and ONLY mine. Well...okay, it's Makoto's and Sniper's and Jin's too, but aside from them, keep the hell out. The place is messy enough with just me in it, and I don't need you newbies popping in here checking out the "native life".

Rule number two? Mess with the big blue bird over there and you get shot.

Rule number three? Mess with the garden, and you get shot. Or tasered. Whichever one of us gets to you first.

Rule number four? ...

...hell, there is no number four, actually.

Anyway, if you're from home, you really don't gotta pay attention to those, but everyone else better scram. This place is crazy enough without the hundred extra folks who decided to pop on by.


HEADING TO BED tags will be picked up in the morning @_@b]
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Lot of arrivals today, huh? Haven't seen anything like this since... ever.

Hey, new people. If you see a flatchested bookworm around-- make sure you bother her. You'll get something really cool if you do.

[ you know you want to. >D ]
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"Oh, Ikki-sama! You're a genius! You're incredible! We don't deserve to stand in your presence, we're not worthy~!"

"No, no. Don't tell him something that he already knows. Still, only this magnificent bastard would come up with such a mind-blowing idea!"

Ahaha... But seriously! When was the last time we've even used this place? Come on, people! Let's unwind a little and sing our hearts out and party while this day still lasts! We're the most popular island on the block, after all. ♥

((Karaoke bar post! SERIOUSLY WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS PLACE You know the drill, folks. Anyone and everyone is welcome to tag it up.))


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