Mar. 5th, 2010

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[It's a bird! It's a plane! ... No, it's just your not-so-average crazed mafia boss in the sky, breaking down your 4th wall. WITH LASERS IN HIS EYES. Dr. Evil would be so proud.]

I always thought this device made my face look fat.

Oh well!

Ahh, I'm bored. Why don't you all play with me ♥

For those of you from another universe -- and all you fine Islanders -- I'm holding interviews for potential employees. Benefits negotiable! I'm so generous.

[[OOC: 4th Wall Day, commence! Come say hi & threadhopping = encouraged/expected etc etc]]
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Ahhh, the island was beginning to sound a bit too quiet even with the trouble that arose! It's that time of year again isn't it? How inconvenient for this living landmass to let everyone in so easily and yet it never lets anyone leave. And it would be too much to hope if I said I don't want to see certain people appearing here.

... Although I wouldn't mind if he showed up.

Also, whoever provided this drink was rather... Creative.

The hand inside the punch bowl is rather disconcerting though! )

I guess the drinks are for the guests if I'm assuming correctly... I wonder if it's trying to make a statement about something?

Anyways, you new people can help yourself to the punch if you feel like it.

[COME TO ME MY TYPE-MOON BRETHREN AS WE DRINK THE BLOOD PUNCH OF INNOCENTS Uhh, tables set up with weird looking punch that is quite normal no worries! Have a drink, threadhop, and keep breaking that fourth wall!]
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[So while all you crazy people are kicking around and generally cluttering up this wonderful island, there is a short blonde bulldozer plowing his way past everyone in quite a rush! It might be best to try and dodge, seeing as he's not really caring if he knocks people over in his rush. He does seem quite intent on finding something--whatever could it be?]

Al? AL! Damnit, you've gotta be here somewhere...ALPHONSE!!

[...oh, right. That.]

((Come, be knocked over and bitch at him and shatter his hopes and dreams. *A*

EDIT: Off to sleep now, when the hell did it turn into early morning aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhh))
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I'm still not entirely sure what's the deal with all the new people, but hey, I'm not about to turn down a chance to see people from back home! If they're actually here, I mea--

--Wait. Isn't that...? ...Ahhhh!

...It's there! A server! I can't believe it! An actual server! Could this be...the ever-so-elusive Island server?! But even if it isn't, there's still gotta be some use for it! Oh man, I gotta tell Hi--





Haaaah. I...think I need to sit down for a bit now.

[ Because this totally needed to happen sooner or later! Feel free to laugh at/snicker at/make fun of/console the computer dork. Or perhaps snatch away or blow up (again) what remains of the poor, poor fake server. ]


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