Feb. 23rd, 2010

Catnap IV

Feb. 23rd, 2010 12:21 am
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Who else knows what today is~? ♥

It's Cat Day~!
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Ow… Goddamnit.. ouch..!

Why do all the bushes with the edible berries have to have so many bloody-darn thorns..? …Ow!.... –ch!... Fu- ….Argh! Ok, that were all that I can get a hold of. I’ll have to wait and hope that the others get somehow out by themselves..  If I end up dying from blood poisoning after having fallen into a goddamn berry bush I’m gonna laugh! Seriously ….!

But then again.. Hmph! It won’t matter anyway! If it’s true and one can’t even stay dead at this place, then there’s no reason for me at all to get upset about anything! I can do and enjoy life all I want and still nothing will have changed when I go home! Since time’s stopped there and – and-…. …Guess that means that I’m the only one who’s changing.…..

Che! That’s so damn ironic that I can’t even laugh over it!
Anyway, I better get all those pokes cleaned before something gets into them for real. Mmmmh Mm-  Ouch! Damn, wrong move again.

….Well, it's not like I’m lonely or anything. I just wish somebody 'd help me licking those wounds.

((To your left you have one homesick cat-boy who’s lost an epic battle against one of the local berry bushes and is now trying to nurse his wounded skin and pride. Feel free to laugh at him, point out that he’s still got plenty of thorns rammed into his skin or go 0_o at the  slowly fading torture marks that are visible now that his shirt’s off.))  

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We have never really bonded as an entire community, haven't we? I mean, I'm sure there's a lot of people who don't know each other...! So tell me a story or two, after all the only world's I've gone to are the worlds I read about in books that I read.

Actually-- I think it's better if you told not just me, but other people too. Who knows what kinds of things will sprout from that, right?

I'll even offer you tea.

[ice breaker post-type thing! there is tea and candy. threadhop, mingle, et cetera!! the catch: if you talk to someone you usually talk to, you'll get punched in the face by the island. build some new CR and have fun!]


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