Jan. 22nd, 2010

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[ While you are sitting, or squatting, or doing whatever odd or normal thing you're doing, you may eventually notice that someone is sitting not too far away and-- sketching you. Do you...

A. Strike a pose
B. Try to steal the book
C. Investigate
D. Use a life line ]
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[Wherever you are, you may get he distinct feeling that you're being watched. Also, there is a ~*Mysterious Mist*~ all over the place. What could it beeeee~?]

((Suika intropost. I will most likely be incredibly slow here~))
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Interesting place. But this isn't Coruscant, and I'd like to get back now.....

Anyone home? ... Guess not. You'd think some Sha'buir would at least fess up to yanking me out here. Being outdoors is gonna kill my ankle, I know it.

Least I got you, eh Mird'ika? Oh don't whine at me like that, I'm sure Walon is fine and back on Corrie, instead of god knows where.

But the question is... where are we?

((you may notice that there is a man investigating your home. And at his side is a thing that happens to be slobbering all over the place... and sniffing everything in sight while whining pitifully))

Arcana XIX

Jan. 22nd, 2010 06:38 pm
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*If you happen to be around the inn today, you may notice a boy standing in front of a bulletin board. One that has a handful of notes attached to it. One of which he just put on it himself.*

Hmm... I should recruit in person, as well. I'll have to wait until the quakes pass to actually go exploring though. Just to be safe.

((ooc: There is now a Quest Board outside of the inn! Feel free to make use of it however you see fit. ))


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