Jan. 19th, 2010

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[ Seated at an empty table in the library is a wild Kyon, idly shuffling a deck of standard playing cards and staring off into space silently. ]

'One might assume that being trapped on a sentient island inhabited by countless otherworldly beings may make it impossible to be bored at any given time. That, however, is distinctly untrue. In fact, the constant onslaught of oddities only makes it all the more mundane and wearisome. So it's come to the point now where I actually seek something a little more normal to relieve my boredom... though the only thing so far is solitaire, and it's getting pretty old by now too. I hesitate to ask, but...'

... does anybody know any good games to play around here? Card games, board games, whatever. I just can't play solitaire again.

(( ANY KIND OF GAME IS WELCOME. I dunno, maybe something with DUELING MONSTERS or PINS MADE OF TIN or well you get the idea. Even word games are fine, just ENTERTAIN HIM SOMEHOW-- ETA: Off to work because it owns my life. I'll be back later though so KEEP ON TRUCKIN' I return! Back to it /o/ ))

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Jan. 19th, 2010 07:12 am
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What the hell is wrong with these people? I can't believe they'd crack up just because of a name. 'tch, my name's not even funny!

Hey, you! What's the lamest name you've ever heard?


Jan. 19th, 2010 07:56 pm
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[If you're cruising near the forest sometime during the day, you might spot your local shonen retard chillaxing against one of the trees! However, if you get a better look, you'll see that he's actually (GASP) deep in thought. Count this as one of your lucky days, since this doesn't happen quite often.]

...I don't get it. I thought I had this all figured out! I mean... okay, I wasn't an expert at it or anything, but at least I knew the basics... A little...

What the hell do girls really like, anyway?!
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[where ever you may be, there will suddenly be a buffet table full of (leafy) platters. And on those platters are an assortment of sushi dishes. But these aren't your regular sushi dishes, no, you may even say they aren't sushi at all. They are just fruit rolls and desserts. Well, most of them are anyway. And, of course, there is a yellow frog behind the table, peddling his dishes]

Come try a Pekoponian Roll, a specialty from space. It's quite addicting and good for your skin. Or just a dessert plate, if you're a sugar-coated wuss.

Kuuuu~ Come try a Pekoponian Roll~


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